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Zekiel - Since The 80s @SinceThe80s. Grammy Nominted MGMT: @jidsv |@hardo | @earthgang | @notnjomza | @tischristo | @avatarbenji - 🐻NUPE👌🏿| #SinceThe80s #SpillageVillage


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Grammy nominated, but it’s back to work. My mind is currently in 4th quarter of 2020 but I had to stop myself. It’s Important to enjoy the moment and appreciate the now. It’s important to enjoy life and celebrate moments and team wins. Forever proud of you @jidsv for pushing @barryhefner and I to match your work ethic. Love you for allowing us to shine together. @earthgang y’all opened the doors and are finally seeing the world begin to appreciate your talents. I feel blessed every time I’m in a session watching you all create. @notnjomza i love how close we’ve become. Seeing you stand in your own light and confidence and stay the course through it all. Amazing to see. Look at what you’ve accomplished now. Sooo much more work to do but pat yourself on the back you deserve it. How can any of you not be smiling today. The beginning of a Grammy family, look how far we’ve all come. Blessings @anatii for the inspiration yesterday. - 80s @wowgr8deluxe @djdarkknightatl @kasturishan @johnnyvenus

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We had to run it back one time. Thank you @colorsxstudios for having @Earthgang on your platform again. #WeAreEarthgang


@Earthgang is bringing @mickjenkins on the road to Mirrorland with them. Check them out at the top of 2020 in all of the major cities. #WelcomeToMirrorland #WeAreEarthgang

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Spending some of that @dreamville money on @jimmyfallon tonight. Tune in at 11:35 PM EST. #WelcomeToMirrorland


Live TV Debut for @earthgang next week. I am @earthgang - you are @earthgang - we are all @Earthgang #Mirrorland


Down Bad video out now. Something like an Atlanta highlight film. @youngnudy @jidsv @earthgang @realcoleworld 📸 @_david_peters @barryhefner @bas @johnnyvenus

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1st song released off of @queenandslim featuring @earthgang’s own @johnnyvenus and @tianamajor9 COLLIDE. Proud to be part of such a powerful film. PLEASE go see @lenawaithe and @msmelina’s creation this November!

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New @hardo energyyyy. Plug Up The Street. Out everywhere now. 🏚🏚🏚


In reality apologies let alone acknowledging anything wrong is hard to do. However you have my sincerest apology. You have my support and I look forward to raising our son together. I’m sure fatherhood will teach me amazing things about life and it’s lessons. I’ll undoubtedly grow in a new light. People make mistakes but sometimes you realize that accountability is everything. Here’s to healing and being better than you (I) was yesterday. Here’s to providing a loving and healthy environment for our son ❤️. @breonrobinson


What a journey it’s been. @earthgang’s first proper album in 4 years. This is the culmination of a lot of sleepless nights, arguments, tours and love amongst family. These guys were one of the first to really impact my life to the point where I felt like I was on the right path after so many years of hard work. There’s so many people I’d like to thank for helping us pull this project together and I’ll be sure to tag them in this post tomorrow. For now just enjoy the music and the journey because that’s what Mirrorland is all about! @wowgr8deluxe @johnnyvenus @dreamville @spillagevillage


Thank you @a3cfestival for inviting myself, @keiopensdoors & @barryhefner to share our experiences with our peers. If you haven’t registered already there’s a 1-Day Flash Sale (ending at Midnight). "SEPT5A3C50" = $50 off

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#MIRRORLAND THE GAME IS NOW AVAILABLE @ THE APP STORE & COMING SOON TO GOOGLEPLAY. 🎮🎮🎮🎮 Choose your characters and hop from RAGS, ROBOTS, & ROYALTY defeat the scare crows, robots, and flying monkeys on your way to #MIRRORLAND where the final boss awaits! WHO CAN CONQUER MIRRORLAND FIRST! @dreamville @earthgang


@MonsterEnergy X @earthgang Present: “WELCOME TO #MIRRORLAND” U.S. COLLEGE TOUR @guapdad4000 x @DUCKWRTH x @AvatarBenji | Presale Tickets: outbreakpresents.com and earthgang.net @duckwrth @avatarbenji


@Earthgang’s debut studio album #MIRRORLAND - This Friday #WeAreEarthgang #SinceThe80s artwork by @roweart @earthgang


It’s all about the POWER OF HIP HOP✊🏾 We’re bringing the #REVOLTSummit to ATLANTA! Don’t miss your chance to LEARN, NETWORK AND CELEBRATE with the biggest names in the game. ATL: SEPTEMBER 12-14, GET YOUR PASS NOW 👉🏾REVOLTSummit.com X @att #DreamInBlack @revolttv #AD * @keiopensdoors @barryhefner @breonrobinson

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@Earthgang “Ready To Die” out on @youtube now. Produced by @tischristo - Mirrorland drops Sept. 6th @earthgang

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On the way to Moscow, Russia w/ @jidsv + @tischristo. Music has allowed us to travel the world and see places we’ve never really thought about. @earthgang has an incredible album they’re about to release before they hit Europe. New music from @notnjomza is coming and she too will be on tour overseas this fall. @iamasiahn will be singing to audiences this October. Putting @avatarbenji on his first nationwide tour. Shouts to the talented people in the burgh. Long story short thanking all of the fans who are supporting our artists and buying tickets to watch them share their God-given gifts. #SinceThe80s 📸 @_david_peters @barryhefner


As someone who’s typically a super private person I’m proud to share a moment from someone I’ve grown to love, respect and admire. Amazing to watch your growth and journey and inspiring to see you stand on your own two (really on your own two) and build your company from the ground up in little over 6 months. Thank you for encouraging me, pushing me to step outside of my comfort zone and pushing us forward. I’m wishing you all the success and promise to be your biggest supporter and a partner that I can be. Thank you for holding me down and for helping me bring a son into this world. Enjoy your moment. @breonrobinson @blueprintincc_ #BlueprintIncc


@sincethe80s will be speaking at this year’s @revoltsummit in Atlanta. Thank you for the platform @diddy let’s continue to inspire those on the ground and create bridges with one another. #SinceThe80s @keiopensdoors @barryhefner

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@aloeblacc x @jidsv performing live on the @todayshow - thank you for sharing your moment with us.

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SACRIFICES. Out now. Please go check @johnnyvenus account for the story of his inspiration. #Mirrorland On The Way.


Join @sincethe80s for the first installment of The 4040 Dinner series in ATL. We are closing the gap between the aspiring and the credible by inviting 40 established professionals and 40 aspiring talents within the music and entertainment industry. If you would like a chance to attend as a mentee apply at 4040dinner.com. 💿🎱📀🎱 #SinceThe80s


Legacy is all this is about. 📸 @griffinolis

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Mirrorland Coming Soon - iOS/Android game on the way @earthgang - #NoCapISwear

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Full circle moment for @notnjomza - Thank you @sunnyhillfestival & @dukagjinlipa for having us. Thank you Kosovo 🇽🇰 @dualipa

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Gold Plaques w/ the family. What a special moment. Thank you @dreamville

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Keeping it Going w/ @earthgang - Rap Life Cover #2 - Mirrorland OTW

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They got the East Atlanta Playboy @jidsv on the cover of @applemusic’s “Rap Life” thank you to the whole @oldmanebro and the whole @applemusic team.


We brought the gold home @dreamville

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Midnight. #REVENGE @dreamville Special thanks to the artists involved (will do separate post for the producers, don’t worry) @mereba @buddy @babyrosemusic @childishmajor @dababy @guapdad4000 @troubleman31 @earthgang @realcoleworld @arilennox @maxokream @deantevh @bas @lute_west9 @jidsv @cozz @omen @mez.heirs @yungbabytate @sabapivot @smino @skimask_stokeleyy @stbeautyband @smokepurpp @tydollasign @reeselaflare1 @vincestaples @youngnudy @davionnemusic @dreezy @fatmankey @reasontde @jace art by @tyl.art

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REVENGE: A @Dreamville Film drops 7/2/19 on @Dreamville’s YouTube. #ROTD3 #Dreamville . 🎥 @_david_peters @dreamville

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Tomorrow 6/12 at 9pm EST - “Down Bad” @JIDsv @Bas @realcoleworld @EarthGang @YOUNGNUDY #ROTD3 #Dreamville


“While working closely with @dreamville + emerging artists such as @earthgang, @jidsv, @notnjomza and more, in a constantly expanding music ecosystem. Knowledge and education are crucial to better understand today’s challenges and identify what and where the new opportunities are. Therefore I’m happy to participate in the Artist Hub initiative and program, which aligns with todays artist’s concerns.” - @zekest80s Thank you @midem.official for an incredible conference @iamdjws @lottaliina_pokkinen

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Today I had the pleasure of sharing my personal narrative, views, and advice in regards to managing in an international climate. I’ve met so many people from so many different countries. I appreciate the different perspectives and the knowledge that has been passed from peer to peer. Special thanks to @dgrospiron2018 and @midem.official for having me. Thanks to @rebeccawarfieldla @daswartzy for sharing their expertise and @murraystassen for being the exemplary moderator. Thanks to the artists I work with that allow me to have these opportunities @jidsv @notnjomza @earthgang @trapnhardo @malikonthenet @tischristo - @SinceThe80s 📸 by @breonrobinson


@sincethe80s own @barryhefner and I will be speaking in Cannes, France next week. Myself & two other brilliant minds will be breaking down strategies regarding Artist Development and will take part in a Q+A. Special thanks to @midem.official for having us and I look forward to meeting and connected with new faces 🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷#SinceThe80s #InternationalPlayersBall #NeedAnHonoraryDegree #TopNotchInternationalManager #TheyNeedToStopGassingMe

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Had the pleasure of watching one of our artists come into their own yesterday. @notnjomza had a successful @govballnyc debut. Excited to continue helping her develop into the star she is. #SinceThe80s 📸 @rhythmbhattacharje @hairbyorlandop


@Earthgang is headed out on their first run across Europe this Fall. Tickets on Sale this Friday @dreamville @spillagevillage #WhatOnEarth #TooManyToursNotEnoughAlbums @wowgr8deluxe @johnnyvenus @earthgang

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Another year around the sun. I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday and the love you all gave. 28 was filled with plenty of celebration, love, heartbreak, success and hardships. Looking forward to what’s to come and being better than I was yesterday. Cheers to being 29 and constant progression 🍾 @rodneyking @barryhefner @realcoleworld @diontegoodlett @johnnyvenus @waboosh @jidsv @breonrobinson @syddroc @mvinestream

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Family Affair. Brick by brick. Got to see Irving Plaza roof come off last night. Night 1 of 2 was special. Word to @jidsv + @earthgang. @wowgr8deluxe @barryhefner @johnnyvenus


Taking a moment to say happy birthday to @trapnhardo - always been amazed at the growth and perseverance you’ve shown over the years. Proud of the work you’ve accomplished thus far and looking forward to continuing.


151 Rum| Video| Out Now - Everywhere. Starring @jidsv + @tischristo | thank you @scott_lazer - poster made by @fredlozanojr

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Mood: it’s my brother @barryhefner’s birthday! Wish him well. Taurus Season. Gang Gang.


Team Wins. Pittsburgh Wins. Champagne Therapy @tbhits 🍾🥂🍾 cc: @blueprintincc_ @breonrobinson - thank you @shirju @variety @barryhefner


Future Grammy Family: @dreamville - word to @realcoleworld @bas @arilennox @jidsv @omen @earthgang @lute_west9 @cozz - Shouts to @xxl @vsatten @youngjfk - On Sale April 9th 🧙🏿‍♂️🧙🏿‍♂️🧙🏿‍♂️ shout out the hitters behind the scenes: @kingofqueenz25 @mk_ohyeah @scott_lazer @feltonamus @tbmattyp @oakshades @moneymakinmatt @barryhefner


Dreamers. April 6th 2019.

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Last week myself, @barryhefner + @jidsv had the opportunity to speak in front of students at both @yale + @harvard about our journey as label owners/managers/artists thus far. It was a nice way of being able to share experiences along the way, before we all get to what we’re aiming for. Special thanks to @nolabel.live (which is ran by current students) for being progressive in creating a way for some outside of the box programming that helps provide different experiences for students at these universities may be looking for. Thanks again for having us. Special shouts to Atri for taking notes and to Vivien L. Tran For writing this article in @theharvardcrimson - Link in Bio. @sincethe80s