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Did anyone see Klaus on @Netflix yet?? You BEST believe I cried my eyes out


INSVISIBLE music video OUT NOW. Link in bio 🥰

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Tb to the studio recording INVISIBLE for the movie Klaus. I’m so excited for it to come out. 3 more days!!! Have you heard the song yet? @katiatemkin

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You know what? I’m about to say it... I don’t care that you broke your elbow @christopherkane

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INVISIBLE IS ITS OUT!!!!!! Thank you @zaraaccess for this Edit ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ The movie will be on Netflix for streaming November 15th.


I just took a AR tour of #klaus’s toy shop. Check out this awesome activation in all @oldnavy stores when the film goes live on 11/15 and snag a pair of their exclusive cozy socks and PJs with characters from the @netflix film! #sparksomemerry #deliverkindness

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Thank you for letting me sing for my friends last night in Stockholm, in my favorite dress. Congrats @giambatistavalli and @hm on a beautiful collection. Dont miss the launch on November 7. #project🖤 #giambattistavallixhm


Teen Vogue cover gal 📸: @yutsai88 ✍️: @michellelhooq Stylist: Martina Nilsson Hair: @amber_duarte Makeup: @sandyganzer Nails: @hollyfalconenails

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I’m so excited to share a sneak peek of my new song “Invisible” from the upcoming holiday film, #Klaus! Out on @netflix November 15th 🌟😎👌

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Heart broken about my billionaire husbands sudden death

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*never give you up plays in the backgrund*

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Thank you @iheartfestival ❤️

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Him: dance sexy for me baby 😏 Me:

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Missing tour with @teddysphotos. Iceland was my last stop so here’s some cute pics of me being a tourist @huaweisverige #DareToChallenge #HuaweiP30Pro

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Real ones know what fit im wearing and know damn well i look like mf Ronald McDonald

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good MORNING!!!!!!!! hope you have a GREAT DAY and I really really really hope youre having something yummy for dinner omg tell me what youre having i wanna know @katiatemkin

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LoverGirl @katiatemkin

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New York on a polaroid by @katiatemkin


Handle me? Who gon handle me?

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A little Apple in the big Apple snapped by @katiatemkin


Thank you @vmas for having me hosting the red carpet with the best @terrencej and @nessnitty and thank you to @bulgariofficial and @giambattistavalliparis for making me feel like a prinsess. And of course to @colbymakeup and @patrickkyle_ for making me this pretty. Hope ill see you guys on stage next year!!!


When you thought your album was coming out 2019 but due to not feeling satisfied it probably wont so youre going right back in the studio again ~sorry~ yall be like disappointed but not surprised. I try to not feel pressured about it. To not overthink too much and not listen to others opinion about what i shouldnt do i what i should do. But its really hard to be a popsinger, at least when you want to be mainstream, because you get so judged on every release. Its like every song i drop has to be a single, or at least people think it is, and its not like that. Its hard to do things "just for fun" and try things. At the same time, i dont want people to forget about me lol. I mean, ive always said i wanna put out an album a year and... Well. But besides that, i want it to feel PROUD of my songs and my work. I want to put songs on there that i LOVE and im just not there yet. I promised myself to not compromise my music and I fucking wont. @steffenvidar_jenssen

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Found a lighthouse in iceland with good acoustics. Enjoy my nostrils

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Find Ed @johannapetterssons

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Way out west!!!! @johannapetterssons

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All The time bts video out now :)

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Look prettier than i feel. Did Sunday Brunch on channel 4 this morning with a 39 degree feaver so if i have the energy to do that shit, yall have the energy to stream All The Time ok? FANTASTIC!!!! have a lush day xx

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Last night head line show shot by @robinboee and @johannapetterssons

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Riga shot by @zakarywalters

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Before the show, seeing amber sunrise everywhere #daretochallenge #huaweip30pro

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Purr Purr imma kitty cat meow meow meow @johannapetterssons

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🇸🇪 @johannapetterssons

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Have you watched All The Time yet? Link in my bio ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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It’s live!!!! Link in my bio 👸🏼💥😈✨💍🧡


All The Time out everywhere!!!!!