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Hawaii 🐲not your favorite but definitely the most interesting 🐲


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🐲back on my bullshit🐲


🐲thank u Spotify. Thank U everybody im humbled and overwhelmed this is only the beginning though. 🐲


🐲every continent except South America ( and Antarctica )this year. Keep speaking through me God ima do what I’m sent here for🐲


🐲better photos otw I’m only this happy around animals never ppl 🐲

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🐲I know I put this on my story already but I can’t believe we got fans all over the world. India’s crowd showed so much love. To be over there headlining a festival is an experience I could only imagine a few years ago. I remember when all this started. Master Manifester indeed. Gr8🐲


🐲New Zealand. Australia. U already know how the fuck we do shit. 🐲

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🐲thanksgiving w my road family @johnnyvenus @djdarkknightatl @innerviewq @simonchasalow @cozz big love to my whole team @dreamville @sincethe80s @spillagevillage 🐲


🐲God is Gr8. Blessing the stage tonight. We slick on a unofficial @dreamville tour w our brother @cozz . India tonight!!! Australia tomorrow!!! 🐲


🐲next decade I’m putting myself first. My health. My family. My money. Never been more focused than I am right now. Some times when u part of a large team U maybe more willing to be in harms way out of fear of “letting your team down” . You make decisions that no one is directly asking you to make because you think it’s the right thing to do. As I’m growing up what i had to realize is if the ppl around u r really ur family they want the best for u no matter the cost. I had to learn this myself. 2020 for me is all about keeping my best interest at heart and working harder than ever before. Keep keep gaining momentum. 🐲


🐲happy thanksgiving. Watch the game for me. Eat some food for me. Ima be in the sky all day. India See u soon. 🐲


🐲glad this nigga came along 😂 🐲 @guapdad4000 @earthgang


🐲last 5 weeks of the decade .I’m pleased with our work. Hope every one else on earth is pleased with what they were able to do this decade. Your sacrifices were worthy. Your blessings are abundant. If nobody told u this decade... I’M PROUD OF YOU🐲

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🐲Pokemon Gym Leader put what kinda Gym Badge u get for beating me n the comments🐲

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🐲ZenDay 2019 a success now back on tour. Thanks to all my family that helped. 🐲

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🐲nov 21 two years ago I started this experience known as fatherhood. Never easy but I’m blessed that Zen chose me to be his father. Lucky to have a kid with a gr8 sense of humor and a happy disposition. When I’m down U always make me feel better and Daddy always got ur back. Nothing like having a son to make u be a better man. Happy birthday Zen🐲


🐲Grammy nominated soul train electric sliding jimmy Fallon money gunning complex conning festival rocking And we STILL on tour! AND WE FINA SHOOT A VIDEO TODAY. AND IMA GO HOME AND THROW My son birthday party tomorrow. Then right back on the road. It’s a Rollie not a stop watch so please with all due respect hold my nuts lol 😂 🐲

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🐲thanks to the good folks at @jardin_lasvegas for the cannabis cigar I’m really on some player shit these days lol even though it was hard as hell to light this today 🐲


🐲come see us play tiny percussion at our shows🐲


Name this @tylerperry movie


🐲lol I told @rayj he one of the smartest businessmen of our generation. If u know u know. 🐲

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🐲the end of the soul train awards felt like church🐲

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🐲happy birthday lil mama. Proud of how much you’ve grown as a person. Since our son was born u kicked into high gear in all aspects of life. Ur amazing with the kids n r class and u hold it down for Zen. Happybirthday this days for u. 🐲 @yambosauce


🐲 s/o @lenawaithe 🐲

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🐲best sound track since waiting to exhale #queenandslim 🐲

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Catch us on the 2019 #SoulTrainAwards hosted by Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold tomorrow at 8/7c on @BET!


🐲this is s cool tat I never been stabbed into somebody skin before 🐲


🐲I was a beast. Now I’m the jungle. 🐲 @earthgang


🐲♾ @molgars.studio_19 ♾🐲


🐲♾ @local_freaking_dad ♾🐲


🐲♾Wowzard Kelly♾🐲


🐲♾ @inessabart ♾🐲


🐲damn y’all always on the road. Yup and it’s still a month left before I’m home. I talk about homesickness a lot. (V. U. L. N. E. R. A. B. I. L. I. T. Y) Not to be ungr8ful. This is all a dream. Still if u want to be somewhere around ppl u love though that’s natural right? Make a song about it. ok. Gr8 🐲


🐲oh shit it’s @questlove 🐲 @garbagetv_




BEEN TO MIRRORLAND YET?? Your chance may come sooner than you think. The #WelcomeToMirrorland Tour presents major city dates starting at the top of 20/20. This time we bringing our potna @mickjenkins. Tickets up soon. Hit the comments with your city now!


🐲go get one off the internet🐲

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🐲♾♾♾♾♾national tv 📺 ♾♾♾♾♾ spesh preesh 2 @theroots for spicing da beat 🐲

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🐲my nigga @djdarkknightatl w the big screen time🐲


🐲Jimmy Fallon. Also I’m fine now. Love my team. We worked hard for this. 🐲 @zekest80s @barryhefner @djdarkknightatl @kasturishan @jimmyfallon @johnnyvenus @earthgang


🐲tune in one hour from now to see us on JIMMY FALLON🐲

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🐲gave Jimmy Fallon the mOney gun. Shout out to Captain America in the background🐲


🐲just had a gr8 rehearsal w the Roots can’t nobody tell me shit.🐲

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🐲♾tune in tonight🐲


🐲this was cool @videomflynn 🐲

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🐲wana see a dead body? Swipe right lol. We are the only survivors from @mixedbyali birthday last night. Dreamville Parties w the open bar are more dangerous than plastic in the ocean. That’s a joke but the point is stop throwing plastic in the ocean. 🐲 @djdarkknightatl @djafterthought

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🐲Complexcon we pulling up right now!!! Come to our booth and dance on our pole. 🐲