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I. can’t. handle. it. #repost @theellenshop ・・・ Be kind. (adorableness optional). @demipaigeloveless

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It turns out @katdenningsss is an Outfander. I’m assuming that’s what they're called.

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There’s nobody better to say hello to on “World Hello Day” than my friend, @ReeseWitherspoon. @reesewitherspoon

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For everyone who loves @Marvel, I have some very, very, very, very, very big news. Get the new decks in Heads Up!

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We’re thinking about putting out a whole album. @michelleobama

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#repost @wagmorpets ・・・ Meet Chip and Dale 🐶 The newest @sallysrescue additions! Sally heard about these babies in need and jumped into action! She is paying for them to get fully vetted tomorrow so after that they’ll be available to go home ❤️ They are siblings who are about 7 months old and probably terrier/poodle mixes, about medium size. Stop in any day 11-5 to meet them! Tomorrow they’ll be at the vet in the morning so call before heading over 818-691-3466 💖 #adoptme #sallysrescue #wagmorpets #adoptdontshop

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@EricStonestreet is here tomorrow! Don’t miss what happens next. @ericstonestreet


The Democratic debate is on @MSNBC at 9PM ET tonight! My favorite little politician, Macey, is very excited to be there. #DemDebate @kristen.welker

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My producer Matt has very strong opinions about everything. Who’s with him on the paper towel thing? #SelectASizeScandal @mwright1010

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Nobody tells an orgy story like @JulieAndrews. @julieandrews

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What @AyeshaCurry did for these two young women is nothing short of incredible. Watch Episode 2 of #Fempire. *link in bio @teamworldgirls @ayeshacurry

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@BrieLarson helped make 2.8 billion dollars for Disney, and all she wants in return is a free Disney+ account. @brielarson

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Hollywood icon @JulieAndrews is here tomorrow. @julieandrews

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Some millennials don’t know how to use old technology, but it sure is fun to watch them try.

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Wait 'til you see Chapter 2 of Kate and Sarah’s wedding story. *link in bio

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Tomorrow, this couple gets the proposal surprise they deserve.

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@JayShetty makes the world better. @jayshetty

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Get ready to double tap this.

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My friend @JonDorenbos has a new game show called “Let Me In So You Can Win!” He shows up at your door and offers you a chance to win HUGE prizes! You don't want to miss this. *link in bio

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I wrote a horoscope for you this week. You’re welcome.

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Sometimes, if you’re worried about using technology, you gotta have Faith.

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Who knew superheroes could be so sweet? The sexiest superhero, @ChadwickBoseman, is here tomorrow. @chadwickboseman


If you spend over $40 in @TheEllenShop, you’re automatically entered to win our 12 Days of Giveaways sweepstakes! I don’t know what more I can do for you people. 😉 Go to ellenshop.com for more ways to win.

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My friend @JonDorenbos is hosting a new @ellentube digital series called “Let Me In So You Can Win!” Here's just a little taste. It all starts 11/18. @jondorenbos

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Started from the bottom... now we’re here.

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I will never forget @LenaWaithe’s Emmy speech. I’m so glad she was here. @lenawaithe

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@AshleyGraham was born to be the host of #Fearless. Watch the full episode for a surprise ending. *link in bio @ashleygraham

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#repost @9gag ・・・ Flowery plates IN BlOOM collection for @bernardaud - By @zemerpeled - #9gag #satisfying #painting

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Tomorrow, the Sexiest Man Alive serenades one lucky audience member. @johnlegend


It’s getting chilly in L.A.! 76 today! Brrrr. But I’ve gotya covered. #EV1

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That’s gonna leave a mark… not the paint... the falling. @andylassner @stevespangler Follow us on TikTok. Handle: ellendegeneres

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If history were always taught by @iamwandasykes, I’d know more than I do.

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@Pink, I want you to order me the same suit Jameson has, in adult size. Thank you, friend. #cmaawards @pink


#repost @theellenfund ・・・ @mariasharapova shared this singles game with one of our favorite players.


I really want these kittens to find homes. If you can adopt them, I hope you will. #repost @wagmorpets ・・・ It’s sad how long these babies have been here 💔 They deserve loving homes with lots of room to play! Please stop in to meet these 3 girls and a boy 🐈 Address is in bio! 📸: @ericaleighphoto #adoptdontshop #catrescue

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He made us all cry on @Jeopardy on Monday. Tomorrow he’s here.

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It’s World Kindness Day! You can get one of my subscription boxes for free when you sign up for an annual subscription. Use code 1BOXFREE19 at checkout. Bekindbyellen.com

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Ray Romano worked with Al Pacino in a fat suit.

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@Lil.Mushroom1225 is so talented and so adorable. And @AndyLassner gets an A for effort. @lil.mushroom1225 @andylassner

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OMG! We surprised one of my staffers in the first episode of @AyeshaCurry’s new @ellentube series, #Fempire! Wait 'til you see Melanie’s reaction. @melaniesbakeshop *link in bio @ayeshacurry

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I thought I couldn’t love this couple more. And then I could. Don’t miss this, tomorrow.

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Who knew it was Mary’s rash that broke Disney+?

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Why is this game so fun to watch?! #tastebuds

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@JayShetty talks about the importance of letting go. I hope everyone can let go. Unless you’re hanging on to the side of a hot air balloon, then definitely do not let go, and watch this later. @jayshetty

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@LauraDern is so good in "Big Little Lies," I can hardly stand it. @lauradern


#repost @wagmorpets ・・・ Allow me to introduce you to.....(from left to right) Howard, Florence, Dorothy, and Pauline ❣️They are about 3 month old huskies that were rescued in Mexico by @sallysrescue !! They are super high energy and so sweet! They are getting their vaccines as well as fixed this week so they can be ready to go home 🏡 You can stop in to the address in our bio any day from 11-5 to apply to adopt 🐕🐾 #adoptdontshop #sallyrescue #ellenxwagmor #wagmorpet


Thanks, my dear friend, for always representing. #repost @nachofigueras ・・・ #figueraspolostables #design #greenroof @theellenshop