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The Breasties A place for women who move mountains 🏔🏔 Free retreats, events, and community for women affected by breast and reproductive cancers.


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Thank you @sambrods and @popsugar for sharing our stories and giving voice to this incredible community 🏔🏔 if you haven’t yet, check out the article linked in bio! @popsugarfitness


We see you rocking your Breastie merch! @lexrae4 🏔🏔 Repost of her beautiful words: __________________________________ Hey Breasties, yes you, you matter. Every waking moment, second, day, You matter. . You see, the thing about this organization is what we all have in common is cancer (but that doesn’t define us), the difference is our journey. No matter or less, the greatest thing of all is that we have each other, friendship, and love. Our stories they are different and we all come from near and far but it feels like we are so close and what brought us together and made us a community is the sights set before us, that mountain and the past that we’ve seen many family members go through. . We knew we would/will/going to climb it one way or another, whatever worked best for each of us and our current paths. We knew that while we were on these different paths we’d be okay because we have this community, this sisterhood, full of other women (previvors, survivors, caregivers) who finally understood us, understood what it was like to be in our shoes. Our family, our friends, bless their hearts they care and want to show support, but sometimes it’s very difficult as they just don’t know what it’s like to actually experience it. So to all the Breasties out their today here is a continued reminder that you are beautiful, you matter, you make a difference in someone’s life (I know many of you have in mine), and the mountain you chose to climb is powerful. 💕😊💪Lexsie


You are a mountain mover. Own it. Rock it. Made to celebrate this incredible community, this limited edition mountain mover necklace and earrings are the perfect gift for yourself - or for a Breastie who is in need of a pick me up. Necklace: 18K gold plated over sterling silver, 16 inch chain. Earrings: 18K gold plated over sterling silver. Designed and handmade by the incredibly talented Tina Tang of @ironstrongjewelry 🏔🏔 @ironstrongfit

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MERCH IS BACK JUST IN TIME FOR #GIVINGTUESDAY!! 💃 . Warm up for winter in your Breasties merch! From fleece quarterzips to comfy crops and long sleeves - we’ve got you covered with our best merch drop yet!! In the spirit of #GivingTuesday, when you make a $10+ donation to @the_breasties you get a free move mountains tote (while supplies last)! Head to the link in our bio to start shopping . Proceeds from your purchase will directly fund programming, support and resources for our community! Thank you for helping us move mountains 🏔🏔💗 #WAHTMM @baronvonfancy @ironstrongjewelry @lauren.pagan


It’s officially #GivingTuesday! Join us in kicking off the holiday giving season by helping us raise $20,000!! We are raising funds to ensure that our 2020 programming is better than ever. We are so proud that 100 percent of every donation goes directly towards keeping our retreats and events free and ensuring Camp Breastie tickets are below the at cost rate. If 400 Breasties come together today to each raise $50 we can reach our goal! You can help by: 🏔donating to help us reach our goal (Head to the link in our bio!) 🏔following @the_breasties on social media (and asking your friends and family to do the same!) 🏔shopping our merch! (That’s right, our merch store is back up and running with new styles just in time for the holiday season!) Thank you for your constant love and support and for helping us move mountains!💗 #WAHTMM


#GivingTuesday is almost here! Join us in kicking off the holiday giving season by shopping with a purpose. This year, we're partnering with @furtherfood , an all-women owned & operated company that gives back to chronic illness non-profits and healthy eating programs. This year they're donating 100% of their proceeds from #GivingTuesday to The Breasties! And they're offering up to 30% off sitewide to YOU! (we highly suggest trying their chocolate collagen! 😍) Tis the season of giving back, moving mountains, and #goingfurther with Further Food! 🏔🏔💗 @givingtuesday @the_breasties


Today and everyday’s inspiration via @trish_newyorkcity 🏔🏔 __________________________ In his Walk of Fame acceptance speech, @snoopdogg was sure to give proper credit to the one person who's been there through thick and thin. "I want to thank me for believing in me, I want to thank me for doing all this hard work," he said. "I wanna thank me for taking no days off. I wanna thank me for never quitting." . So, in this season of Thanksgiving, I'd like to give props to the real MVP .... ME. . . I, too, wanna thank me for never quitting. Sometimes "hanging in there" is all you can do. And that's okay. @newyork_breasties


We can’t believe it’s already December! Tag a breastie to remind them its time to #feelitonthefirst 🎨: cute graphic by @rockdoodles

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Happy Thanksgiving Breasties 🦃🍂 We’re immensely grateful for all of YOU! Not only did Breasties gather far and wide these past few weeks to break bread, share circles and lift each other up, they met to host movie screenings on behalf of a fellow Breastie ( @florida_breasties) they met to make their own sugar face scrubs (@starcity_breasties) and they met to challenge their bodies and hike mountains in sunny San Diego (@sandiego_breasties). . Swipe to see just a few of the incredible Breastie gatherings this month 🏔🏔 @newengland_breasties @philly_breasties @arizona_breasties @chicago_breasties @dc_breasties @wisconsin_breasties @seattle_breasties @minnesota_breasties @jersey_breasties


That business you’ve always wanted to start. That book you’ve always wanted to write. That hobby you’ve always wanted to learn. That language you’ve always wanted to speak. What are you waiting for? #MondayMotivation 🏔🏔 Repost @stephjgilbert


That’s a wrap on the third annual Breasties Friendsgiving 🦃🍂— three years ago @paige_previvor hosted the very first one. . When @princesslesliee got stuck in traffic and couldn’t make it she offered her family’s house for a weekend in the Poconos to everyone. Not too soon after, the first ever Breasties’ retreat in the Pocono mountains was born 🏔🏔 . As many of you know, after a year and a half of pouring her heart into this community, a few months ago, @princesslesliee took a step back in her role with the Breasties. But @princesslesliee was determined to host Friendsgiving this year. . In her words, “I’m grateful that this community is here when I need it and when I don’t.” . We couldn’t be more grateful for this community, for all of the meetups and potlucks going on this month, for the first timers who come with open arms and open hearts, for the hugs in circle time, for the shared fears and hopes. Here’s to moving so many more mountains together in 2020 ✨ @newyork_breasties


Hey Breasties! One of the biggest requests we receive is “Can you connect me with someone; this age, this stage, this diagnosis, this treatment, this surgery, this location, this gene mutation..” . We’re working on a special project to help all Breasties connect but in the meantime we’re starting IG chats around various topics; egg harvesting, tamoxifen, mastectomy recovery, hysterectomy, salpingectomy, etc, etc. . Really anything that you’d like to have more conversation about and connect with more Breasties about. Let us know in the comments what these topics should be and we will get them going! 🏔🏔

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Breasties what’s a time that you’ve had to listen to your body? To your intuition? Repost @breastcancerportraitproject of our fearless @sandiego_breasties leader @yasminsep 🏔🏔 ———————————— Yasmin scheduled an appointment with her OBGYN because her breasts felt “off”. They didn’t ache, there was no lump, she doesn’t know how to describe it besides an intuition that something was wrong. Her OBGYN felt no abnormalities and reassured her she was fine. She was only 31 years old, why would cancer be on her radar? . A month later, Yasmin accidentally felt a lump. Within 10 days she had a biopsy and a diagnosis — Stage III breast cancer. . Yasmin’s story confirms the power of our own intuition. Cancer has to recruit a lot of energy within the body to grow a tumor and provide a blood supply. Perhaps that’s what Yasmin was feeling, an excess of energy. . Know your bodies, ladies. You are your best advocate 🙏. . Yasmin now heads the San Diego chapter of @the_breasties where young women affected by breast and reproductive cancers can socialize and support each other. She has asked me to co-lead with her and I’m honored. If interested to join we’ll be announcing monthly get togethers through @sandiego_breasties 💗💗.

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GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Congratulations @alavanaestar ✨✨✨✨ . Happy Monday Breasties! To start the week off with some good juju and in honor of gratitude month, we’re giving away a special box from @jujubegone 💗 . To enter: 1. Tag a friend that you’d like to send some extra love to — aka this special box! (The more people you tag, the better your chances!!) 2. Must be following @the_breasties and @jujubegone 3. For extra entries, share a reason you’re grateful this November - national gratitude month! . Winner will be announced next Monday!! 🏔🏔

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Shout outs to the @austin_breasties and @jersey_breasties for their first meet ups this month 🏔🏔🎉


Breastie event alert! @paige_previvor and @bperformer will be hosting a breastie brunch this Sunday in Santa Monica followed by a fun day at the beach! We can’t wait to see you there! Link in bio to RSVP 🏔🏔💗 @socal_breasties


Breasties send all the love, good vibes and good juju to cofounder @ajbrudner, who has surgery today to reduce her ovarian cancer risk through a salpingectomy, removal of the Fallopian tubes. We love you, Allie!!! No Breastie work and only healing vibes 🏔🏔💗


We loved dancing the night away with NYBRA @nybra_plastic_surgery at our move mountains gala. We are so grateful that the New York Breast Reconstruction Associates generously sponsored six breasties to attend. The team of surgeons at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, PC has performed thousands of breast reconstruction procedures and is among the most experienced groups in the nation offering state-of-the-art breast reconstruction. To get more information about them, head to the link in our bio! 🏔🏔💗 @jonathanbankmd @the_breasties


“You are free to rest in the uncertainty.“ — @morganharpernichols 🌾


A very powerful Monday motivation via @notarigoldd 💪 Breasties send lots of good vibes for her surgery today. Repost @notarigoldd _______________________________ I’ve been thinking about tomorrow since I was diagnosed with BRCA1 in 2014. Knowledge of this risk can be terrifying, but it can also be empowering. Tomorrow I turn my knowledge into power- the power to nearly eliminate my chance of breast cancer. It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but I know my mom would’ve done the same if she had the knowledge of her risk in advance. It’s my life, my body and my choice so I choose to do this tomorrow for every person in my life that I love, and most of all for myself. Ya girl has a lot more life to live, and an 87% chance of breast cancer isn’t going to be a part of it. Angelina Jolie wrote an incredible piece in the New York Times on BRCA1 in 2013 and her final words always stuck with me- “Life comes with many challenges. The ones that should not scare us are the ones we can take on and take control of.” . It’s time to take control. 🏔🏔 . 📸 @stephcraigphoto


New event alert!!! 🍁 Join us at the 3rd Annual Breasties Friendsgiving Potluck! 🍽 Breasties Friendsgiving has become a yearly tradition, that started back before the Breasties became a nonprofit organization. When cofounder, @princesslesliee got stuck in traffic with all of the pies for the first ever friendsgiving, she had the idea of using her family's home in the Poconos to make it up to the group. Two months later, the first Breasties wellness retreat was born. 🏔🏔 . Come celebrate this year's friendsgiving with all of your Breasties, hosted by @princesslesliee. ✨ . Please bring a dish, snack or drink to share! Out of respect for good juju, pies are forbidden. ❌🥧 . RSVP at the link in bio! @newyork_breasties @jersey_breasties


Here’s to finding more joy and reasons to celebrate ✨ Repost @chickvscancer ______________________________ All bodies are beautiful. Bodies with scars telling tales of triumph over hardship, showing signs of a fight. Beautiful. Mine, as is the case for so many of my fellow BC warriors, show a story of courage, loss and pain. But the smile you see above those scars is mercilessly victorious. It’s never perfect. Some days the depression hits so hard, I find it difficult to shower. Some days I’m wallowing. But some days those scars don’t bring sadness. They bring joy. Joy because today I’m conquering the depression and fear. No one day is alike when you’ve been through cancer. But each day we look at our scars and see strength and beauty is a day to celebrate. Today I see beauty. I see life. I see ME. .


Fear, doubt, uncertainty. Breasties, what are you letting go of today that no longer serves you?

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Last month, our incredible Breastie ambassadors threw back to back phenomenal events. October was a bit too hectic for us to be able to repost them all and we’ll be bringing that back this month, but we wanted to take a moment to shout out two very special events that happened over the course of October — the @ohio_breasties and @arkansas_breasties threw their very first weekend getaways. 🎉 . Shout outs to @victoriouslyhopeful @brcajourney @kelsiebeeler and @kristyheath for creating such special weekends of healing and connecting for your communities. We’re eternally grateful for our Breastie ambassadors! 🏔🏔 . Where should the next weekend getaway be? Where should the next retreat be? Let us know! 👇


What are you doing today to take care of you? Art by @jaymieraefta @consciousills


October may be over but as many of us know that when you’re affected by cancer it’s never really “over.” . Taking a moment today to reflect on this past month, and all of the awareness and important conversations that have been happening. . Most of all, feeling so proud of this community and how resilient it is. We made it through, Breasties — now let’s all go take a nap and then get back to work 🙏 . Throwing it back to Camp Breastie to remind everyone its just as important as ever to #feelitonthefirst. Repost @browngirlbrcaplus I'm super late to the party, but y'all know the drill! 🍥🍥 Feel it on the fiirrssttt! Don't forget to remind a friend to #feelitonthefirst. Set a reminder on your phone to #feelitonthefirst. Take a long shower and #feelitonthefirst. Early detection can save your life! It's too important not to do it. ⁣⠀ ⠀ 📸 ❤ : photocred : @sbhonest⠀ 🌼🌺 : courtesy of @campbreastie and @the_breasties ↧ @camp_lindenmere @browngirlandbrcaplus

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We’re back with more about the founders in partnership with @intimissimiofficial . Meet Allie, one of the cofounders of the Breasties 🏔🏔 . “When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I felt like the only young person going through this. I had no idea how many young women are affected every single day and I think that is a huge misconception… this isn’t a disease for young women, it’s a disease for men and women, it’s a disease for anybody. — @ajbrudner


Not Too Young. . “Young women need a voice in the breast cancer community. We need each other. I have so much life I want to live. I'm not preparing for death. I'm just getting my life started. I have so much I want to see and do and experience. Hell, I have eggs in the freezer I hope to thaw one day. But for now, I'm going to keep trying to live as a young woman, one that is not too young to have had breast cancer." . Repost @2sweaterpuppies featuring a special partnership with @jaanuubydrneela to get cancer #offourchests that we’re so proud to be a part of. A huge shoutout to these empowering women for sharing their stories as Breasties and medical professionals in the community. For more information check out Jaanuu.com. Read @2sweaterpuppies full blog Post on the challenges of being diagnosed with cancer in your twenties @jaanuubydrneela and on her blog: 2sweaterpuppies.com @mini_goddess85 @topless_yoga

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We’re back with more about the founders in partnership with @intimissimiofficial . Meet Bri, one of the cofounders of the Breasties 🏔🏔 “The Breasties is a community of women of all different stories, all different backgrounds, all ages and different journeys…and we all have just rallied together knowing that there hasn’t been a space for us before.” — @brimaj


This month, we are proud to have partnered with @shopoventure, a female founded business that hopes to provide beneficial products to those who embrace living optimistically! A portion of this month’s proceeds will be donated to The Breasties to support our mission, and programing for 2020. #Oventure #MoveMountains

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This week we’ll be sharing more about the founders in partnership with @intimissimiofficial Meet Paige, one of the cofounders of the Breasties 🏔🏔 . “I remember looking at my scars for the first time and feeling so beautiful and so strong and sexy. And I thought to myself, if I feel like this, other women can feel like this too. None of us should have to be afraid of cancer, of these surgeries — and if anything we should feel empowered by these decisions. And I’ve made it my mission to help other women feel like this too.” — @paige_previvor


Hey hey Breasties, Allie here 👋🏼 . October isn’t over yet. As you know, we partnered with @jaanuubydrneela on a campaign all about getting cancer #offourchests. . I want to get off my chest that breast cancer is not pink and pretty - it’s hard, scary and flips your world upside down. . I think about my journey and all that I’ve been through, every single day. All day long. This hardship is a part of me. But October is a different kind of HARD. Suffocated by pink, there is this unspoken pressure to be a super survivor. People look at you, telling you you’re brave and strong - so you think that’s the only way you can be. If you’re not brave, if you fall apart, you failed. . I feel weak when my body can’t do what it used to do. Yet I feel strong because of the resilience of my body and what it has proved to be capable of. I feel scared of the uncertainty of the future but brave because of all that I have overcome. It’s a real mind game - but I am proud of my story. My unique, confusing yet empowering story. , When you have people on your side who see you - understand your fears, feel your pain, celebrate your milestones, and just get what you’re going through - it gets easier. @The_breasties has been such a huge part of my own healing, as I navigate this post cancer whirlwind. You all mean more to me than I could ever express. . We are so grateful for @jaanuubydrneela for helping @the_breasties share our stories, engage in honest conversations, and move mountains! @ajbrudner @brimaj @paige_previvor


Keep going 🌻 . 📸: @safiinmotherland


To our amazing gala committee: Thank you. Thank you for dedicating endless time and energy to this cause. Thank you for believing in this community. Thank you for stepping up to the plate to ensure this night was a success. You book activations, organize spaces, spread the word and sell merch like it’s no ones business. We are forever grateful for this group of women (some not pictured) for pouring their heart and souls into the 2019 Move Mountains Gala and for being leaders in this community. —— Also, models! Look at these gorgeous beauties rocking the new @easyspiritofficial #moveforpink kicks! More info in stories

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“Underneath it all, underneath our scars, diagnoses, our surgeries, everything that we’ve been through, we are still us. Every one of us is still the same woman that we were before our diagnoses, before our surgeries, if not more of a woman.” — @paige_previvor . This October, we’re proud to partner with @intimissimiofficial to share what makes us, us #underneathitall. . We’ll also be taking things offline with Breastie chapters from Boston to Florida hosting meetups at Intimissimi store locations. . Check them out: @newyork_breasties @florida_breasties @dc_breasties @newengland_breasties. . Tell us what makes you, you #underneathitall and watch our stories for more behind the scenes! ✨

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We can’t believe that’s a wrap on our second annual Move Mountains Gala. ✨ Our hearts are full of love and gratitude for every single person who helped make this night possible. A huge thank you to @totalentertainmentnyc for hosting the move mountains gala for the second year in a row. Camp Breastie would not have been possible without your vision, support and generosity. We are so excited for how this year will allow us to grow and serve the community in 2020 🌱 . Thank you to our phenomenal gala committee who worked day-in-and-out and throughout the event to make the evening beyond special 🏔 . Looking around the room Thursday night, you would have never known that cancer was the common thread bringing all 400 of us together. There was dancing, eating, taking photos, people meeting offline for the first time, trying new things and overall celebrating life. Celebrating community. Celebrating not feeling alone. . Before the Breasties there wasn’t a space for survivors, previvors, thrivers and carevivors to come together. It is our mission to create these spaces, online and in-person, for women affected by breast and reproductive cancers to feel like they belong. This is just the beginning. We are just getting started. Thank you all for helping us move mountains. 🏔🏔 . If you’d like to support 2020 programming text “BREASTIES” to 44321. . . 📸: the incredibly talented @daphneyoureephotography @jess_bonilla_ @ajbrudner @brimaj @paige_previvor


For those of you that may not have known @sydd_2611 , Sydney Heersink came on the very first Breasties Retreat. She flew all the way from Ireland to the Poconos to meet 20 other young women in this community -- after having lost her mom to breast cancer at age 14 and finding out that she carried a high-risk gene mutation. Syd left that retreat full of joy, feeling supported and like people finally understood her. She returned home and started a Breasties group in Europe. Last summer, she headed into surgery for a preventative mastectomy feeling empowered and strong. We were heartbroken to hear that 2 months after surgery, she was diagnosed with stage 4 endometrial cancer. The incredible women from that first retreat rallied behind Syd - they brought her to NYC, got her into Sloan Kettering and found her an apartment nearby. It’s with extremely heavy hearts that we share that Sydney passed away last month. One of the last conversations we had was about what she wanted to wear to the gala this year, I know she would have looked beautiful and it was something she was really looking forward to. It is important to share that Syd really struggled to be a part of this community after being diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly she was known for her diagnosis and for the tragedy that it was, instead of the full person - the beautiful person - that she was. We are creating The Sydney Fund to honor Sydney’s LIFE, who she was before cancer, the Sydney that  was traveling the world and studying international law -- her beautiful, passionate and impactful life. Starting in 2020, we will be celebrating Sydney by providing a $1,000 grant to a Breastie in the community. This grant can be used to pay for travel to Camp or a Retreat, for groceries, medical bills, school expenses - it will be up to the sole discretion of the grant recipient. Our dream is that this fund can bring life and light to someone who needs it. If you would like to donate towards The Breasties or this fund, you can text BREASTIES to 44321 to make a donation. Thank you for helping us move mountains 🏔🏔💗


Our annual Move Mountains Gala is TOMORROW and we can’t handle our excitement!! We can’t wait to celebrate with all of you, to move some mountains, meet new Breasties and dance the night away. If you haven’t gotten your tickets already, head to the link in bio ASAP🏔🏔💃💗


So proud of cofounder @ajbrudner for sharing her story with @bustle. . “I’ve reached a point where I’m grateful. Although cancer has brought me darkness, it has also brought me connections with amazing people. When I was diagnosed, I felt like the only young person with the disease — only around 5% of breast cancer cases occur in women under 40 years old. I would check in at the doctor's office, and the receptionist would ask me for the patient's name. I would respond, "I am the damn patient. Not my mom, not my grandma. It's me." . Thank you @morganbellock for sharing these stories and bringing awareness to young women affected by cancer 🏔🏔 Link in stories for the full article!

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Closing out this year’s #imovemountains gala giveaway with these three incredible women. 💪 @cakelinsworld — “whether its a tattoo, an abortion, a mini skirt, a mastectomy, or whatever; everyone deserves the right to bodily autonomy.” — thank you for sharing this important message. . @dali_ferro — thank you for sharing how dance has helped you heal and trust your body again. . @mrsmariefredrickson — thank you for shedding light on what it means to be a mother and be facing a cancer diagnosis. “Your past is just a story, and once you realize this, it has no power over you.” . For a truly mindful Monday, check out these powerful posts and people. Thank you to everyone who entered the #imovemountains gala giveaway. See you on the dance floor! 💃 . P.S. Breastie at-rate tickets are still on sale using the code “WAHTMM2019”


Gala merch sneak peak 😏 Thank you for helping us move mountains @baronvonfancy 🏔🏔


T-minus 5 days until we’re all grooving on the dance floor at the Move Mountains Gala💃 What are you looking forward to most?! Tell us in emojis below! . • CBD sampling and hemp accessories @tonic_cbd 🌱 • Tarot readings by @tarotbymaisy 🔮 • Acupuncture and ear seeding 💆‍♀️ • Bra fittings by @intimissimiofficial 👙 • Haiku creations @thehaikuguys 🎩 • Temporary tattoos and crystals ✨. • Beauty and braid bar 💁‍♀️ • Photo booths 📸. • Silent auction 🙊 • Special surprises 🙈 • Live music, open bar & lots of dancing with @totalentertainmentnyc ! 🎶🥂🕺 . P.S. It’s not too late to get your tickets! . 📸: @daphneyoureephotography

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“I hated my body for the longest time. I didn’t want to hate myself.” — @bperformer In awe of all of the important campaigns and conversations happening this month. So proud of @bperformer and all of these thrivers! 🏔🏔 —————————————————— Repost @bperformer October is such an important month. It’s a chance to bring much-needed attention to breast cancer, but this October is even more special! ⁣ I’m working with @badgalriri’s @savagexfenty to bring awareness to THRIVERS – a lesser known group of young women living with aggressive forms of breast cancer. I’m so excited that I’m able to share my story along with other amazing and inspiring #SavageXThrivers. ⁣ ⁣ Be sure to follow the hashtag and visit savagex.com/sxfthrivers to learn more about what we’re doing to make a difference. 🌹


The second annual Move Mountains Gala is almost a week away and we could not be more excited to celebrate the resilience of this community. . 🏔 If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, use code “WAHTMM2019” for a special at-cost Breastie ticket. . 🏔 If the at-cost ticket is still too pricey please consider entering our giveaway — it’s going until Friday and all you have to do is share how you Move Mountains with the hashtag #imovemountains. (Full directions in previous post) . 🏔 If you can’t make it next week please consider donating: thebreasties.org/gala or by texting BREASTIES to 44-321. . The gala is our primary fundraising event for the year which allows us to keep retreats free and Camp Breastie at the lowest possible rate. Your help this year truly makes a direct difference in what we’re able to do in 2020 🙏 Art and words by @christianbosse_


Hi Breasties, Bri here 👋 Following up from Paige, here’s what I’d like to get #offourchests this October… . Going through with genetic testing after losing my mom to breast cancer made me want to come out on the other side with relatively definitive margins — “your risk is XYZ, your options are XYZ.” But, that’s not what happened - I tested positive for the MUTYH genetic mutation. . There’s a lot out there about the BRCA genes and acting preventatively but things can get really confusing when you have a familial risk and / or a lesser known gene mutation. . Instead I was told to wait and see what the MUTYH gene might mean and possibly get retested in the future. I struggle with this feeling of being in limbo and not knowing what the “right” thing to do is. . What I do know is that I’m so grateful to this community for bringing together different gene mutations, stages, ages, and overall journeys to help us all learn from one another as Breasties. . Most of all, I’m eternally grateful to now know that it’s up to us to advocate for ourselves and for our bodies — for that genetic test, for that biopsy, for that surgery, for that second opinion. It is in our control and you can’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. . Thank you @jaanuubyneela for starting these conversations and for helping us move mountains this October. 🏔🏔 @ajbrudner @brimaj @jaanuubydrneela @paige_previvor


EVENT ALERT!! . Join us for a fun and festive happy hour on gala-eve to celebrate our amazing community and to mix and mingle over light bites and drinks with your breast friends! This will be a fun way for out-of-town Breasties to come together before the gala! . Link in bio to RSVP for this exciting event in partnership with @ezbra 🏔🏔 @newyork_breasties

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Congratulations to these 6 mountain movers for winning tickets to the Breasties’ Gala Oct 17th! Thank you for showing us how you move mountains — we can’t wait to dance the night away with you!! . @jaystachbeard @dralexea @rachfont @cheriefahy @dapperewe @lev.cat Check out their posts for some real inspiration and don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway! 🏔🏔 #imovemountains


For anyone who needs this today. Keep climbing, Breasties 🏔🏔 . Repost @decade2doodles


Hey Breasties, Paige here 👋🏼 This month we have partnered with @jaanuubydrneela on a campaign all about getting cancer #offourchests. So to kick it off, there is something I want to get off my chest... there is a huge misconception that once you’re finished with treatment or once you’ve recovered from a surgery, you’re “done.” Often times friends stop checking in and you’re expected to go back to “normal.” The reality is that once you’re a part of this community you are forever changed and there is no “going back.” Instead of allowing that to overwhelm me or break me down, I’ve released the notion of the old me and the new me and I’m just embracing being ME. What’s worked best for me, is finding a group of women who have gone through similar things as I have and who just get it. I’m so grateful for my cofounders and the lifelong friendships I’ve made from @the_breasties, I wouldn’t be the ME I am today without each and every one of you 🗻🗻💕 . We are so grateful that throughout the month of October, @jaanuubydrneela is donating 20% of the proceeds from their pink products and graphic tees to @the_breasties! @ajbrudner @brimaj @paige_previvor

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Kicking away cancer with @drkristifunk ✨ Thank you Dr. Funk for joining us this week for a conversation all about women’s health and cancer prevention. One of our biggest takeaways: “Your breasts, your body, your call.” (With regards to decision-making). — @drkristifunk 🙌 A big thank you to @intimissimiofficial for hosting this special evening and for the #UnderneathItAll project that we’re so excited to share more of. @carolyngl @ajbrudner @brimaj @paige_previvor