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‼️🆘‼️ SUPER SHADY:: The @innocenceproject just had to file yet another appeal. Texas just broke the law and brought a judge out of retirement to replace another judge that just retired. He’s not even from Bastrop County. The law states that when a judge retires the judge must be the locally elected judge. The state knows this and brought a judge out of retirement from another county anyway. This is not going to fly.


GREAT NEWS. ‼️ The man is not just an open bigot he is among the most corrupt leaders in the world. He’s also Trump’s closest friend on the world stage. Also, #FreePalestine.

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I need you to see and understand the real human costs of mass incarceration on our families and our communities. This is a young daughter going to see her father in prison. It’s so hard that she begins to cry, and so does the father. We were never meant to ever see each other like this. My friend @shawn_hartwell posted it. He spent 20 years in prison himself, and told me that just last week he had to take his own granddaughter to visit his son, who is now in prison. Shawn is now a leading voice in breaking that cycle. But it will take all of us. Repost from @shawn_hartwell ・・・ I took my granddaughter to see my son @tru_hartwell in prison and I had to watch her cry like this. That shit broke my heart because I remember my son cried to me when he came to see me when I was in prison!!! So please understand my fckprison mission is personal! SO FCKPRISON!!!!!!’n @whodafuckwannago2prison_ #fckprison.


Moments ago, had we not intervened, and had the courts not stopped it, Rodney Reed would’ve just been executed in Texas. His original execution date and time just passed. His legal team has now been granted an appeal. His execution date has been canceled. And he lives another day to fight for a fair trial and full exoneration. In spite of social media chatter, we are still standing with the @innocenceproject and we are fully behind Rodney and his family


Right now, on this day, at this very moment, Rodney Reed was scheduled to be eating his final meal before the state of Texas strapped him down and injected his veins with lethal poison. We helped stop that. YOU helped stop that. 3 million people came together. Hundreds of thousands of phone calls were made. And the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles voted unanimously to delay this execution. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals then looked at the evidence and canceled his execution date altogether, granting him an appeal. As people speculate and pontificate on what Rodney did when he was in high school in the 1980s, he lives today because good people came together to say test the evidence. Test the murder weapon. Look at the confession from the actual murderer. Look at the lies he told that his own friends now admit under oath. Look at all of the people who say that Rodney was indeed in a consensual relationship with the woman who was killed. And here’s what I know, if police and prosecutors are willing to frame a man for murder, I don’t trust those same police and prosecutors for anything else. At all.

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That’s it. The Smoking Gun. Ambassador Sondland: "Mr. Giuliani's requests were a quid pro quo... Mr. Giuliani was expressing the desires of the President of the United States, and we knew that these investigations were important to the President." This is a Trump appointee. A friend of Trump. Saying that at the direction of the President, a quid pro quo was put in motion for the government to withhold funding from a foreign government until they investigated one of his political rivals.


Yesterday a lot of you asked me why @kimkardashian was on TV so much talking about Rodney Reed getting a stay of execution instead of me, and I said something flippant to the effect of “Because she likes being on TV and I like doing the work.” That was only partly true. She does like being on TV and I do like doing the work, but my friends at the @innocenceproject let me know today that behind the scenes Kim is really doing the work. And I’m glad about that. Also, I don’t think she’s clout-chasing. I was fully convinced that she’s sincere in her efforts. Rodney’s family told me so themselves. I just wanted to make this clear.

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Did you know that more people die in jail and prison than are killed by police brutality in the streets? It’s an epidemic. And it’s hard to ever get any answers. Everybody in this country should know the name “Diamond Ross.” My friend and brother @justin.a.moore is now representing her family. A full year ago she died in jail and nobody would tell the family anything at all. FINALLY, this video has been released. Here she is almost dead, clearly in need of desperate medical attention, and she is being pulled around on the floor like a worthless rag doll. She needed to be rushed to the hospital immediately. Instead they put her in a chair and lock the door. We demand not just answers, but this family demands justice for Diamond Ross. Say her name. This is the @DallasPD.


Sister @HelenPrejean has been working on behalf of those on death row for generations now. She wrote the book “Dead Man Walking” and the movie of the same name is based on her life. Like her, my faith compels me to support those who’ve been abandoned by the whole world. Honored to work with her.


Love you so much honey. Together since 1997 baby! Repost from @mrsraiking ・・・ My love. Thank you for being such a strong advocate for others. You wade through the muck and the mess and take the hits to stand up for the issues and people you believe in. You don't wait for perfect victims because you know that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. And that we all have a right to fairness under the law regardless of what we're accused of. You know better than most that accusations are not facts. There's no one I'd rather have on my side than you. I love you fiercely. 💕💕


Thank you @innocenceproject. Let’s keep on pushing.

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🆘‼️🆘 On behalf of the family of Rodney Reed, I have to respond here directly to @AmandaSeales. We’ve counted over 20 egregious factual errors in her viral video, but NONE were more inflammatory and damaging than this one. Here, she says that Rodney Reed, who she fails to say was a high school student at the time, in Wichita Falls, Texas, raped and killed a woman there. LIES. ALL LIES. I am proud to report that only Amanda, in her rush to get a video out, killed that woman. She is thankfully still alive and well today. She was not murdered by Rodney or anyone else. And a jury voted quickly and unanimously to acquit Rodney on all charges in that case. Sooooooo many lies in this video. Rodney did not commit the crime, was acquitted, and the woman was never murdered. 🆘🆘🆘 People. Be careful what you listen to out here. Amanda called herself Google searching the case for a few hours and said a lot of factually incorrect stuff that does real harm.


Listen. I knew what I was getting into with Rodney Reed. Every death penalty case I’ve ever worked on was like this. Lawyers from The Innocence Project will tell you the same thing. We are shamed for working on behalf of monsters then they get exonerated and everybody goes silent. I’ll endure the pushback. I’d do the same for you.


Tennessee State, today :: ASU, Tuskegee tomorrow :: AUC on Wednesday :: Follow @delaneypv15 for details.


Stop falling for IG videos about this case. And know that experienced professionals have all of the facts. Have torn them apart and put them back together again. FOR YEARS. I’ve read thousands of pages of source documents in this case. The Innocence Project has studied hundreds of thousands of pages of source documents. They’ve been on this for 18 years. And folk start doing google searches and think they’ve uncovered something we haven’t already seen. STOP IT. Also, stop saying we never addressed these accusations against Rodney. I literally posted about them right here on Instagram. Dr Phil literally talked about them on national TV. And I posted the clips right here. We have hid nothing. No need.


Because here is what I know. The Innocence Project doesn’t believe Rodney is innocent because of hashtags, screenshots, and trending topics. They’ve seen the evidence. The conservative Texas Board of Pardons & Paroles looked at the evidence. The appeals court saw the evidence.

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Friends. Watch this as Dr. Phil confronts Rodney Reed on old allegations of sexual assault. Rodney openly says let’s test that evidence and that DNA. His attorneys have asked for it to all be turned over and the police said it was either lost or destroyed. Other evidence they refuse to turn over. Rodney has always welcomed the testing of that evidence and asked that they go to trial with it. You have not been duped. Not by me. Not by Dr. Phil. Not by The Innocence Project - the most respected organization on exoneration in the world.

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I saw the video from the comedian Amanda Seales saying she felt duped about Rodney Reed after seeing some links and screenshots about him across the Internet. MY PEOPLE. Do not be dismayed. You have not been duped by anyone. The Innocence Project, which is the leading organization for exonerating innocent people in the world, has been on this case for 18 years. You can't read a single random link on the Internet that they do not already know about. They know every single fiber of evidence in this case. I've pressed them on it and have spoken to their attorneys at great length. On this past Friday, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles UNANIMOUSLY voted to stop the execution of Rodney Reed, not after seeing hashtags and trending topics and screenshots, but after reviewing the evidence. A few hours later, the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals formally cancelled Rodney Reed's execution date and granted his appeal - not on conjecture, not because of IG videos, not because they were duped, but because of the evidence they saw. Read their letter. It's here on my page. Last week, seeing that the efforts for Rodney Reed had picked up momentum, conservative outlets started saying that Rodney Reed was a serial rapist. The only person convicted in this case for sexual assault was police officer Jimmy Fennel, the fiance of Stacey Stites who went to prison for sexual assault and kidnapping. I will tell you what Rodney Reed and his attorneys from the Innocence Project have said. They welcome new trials on all of those allegations. They have requested that all evidence in those cases be turned over, but have been told from both police and prosecutors that evidence has been lost or destroyed. Dr. Phil McGraw, who studied this case for a month, and went to meet with Rodney, and has put his name on the line in this case, has not been duped. He brought in 20 experts and witnesses in the case, and pressed them on the allegations, and came away saying Rodney Reed was factually innocent - then fought for Rodney Reed day in and day out - and did two whole episodes on the case. The 4 most respected forensic scientists in the world have said Rodney is innocent.


University of Chicago Law School!! You showed up!! And we see the babies there too!! Today our volunteers and staff @TheActionPAC are hosting rallies, gatherings, vigils, and planning sessions all over the country. We originally planned them to stop the execution of Rodney Reed, but opted to keep them after it was delayed. Hundreds of them all over the country have now gotten started.


NEW YORK!! You showed up!! This is one of many NYC gatherings today. Today our volunteers and staff @TheActionPAC are hosting rallies, gatherings, vigils, and planning sessions all over the country. We originally planned them to stop the execution of Rodney Reed, but opted to keep them after it was delayed. Hundreds of them all over the country have now gotten started.


Kalamazoo, Michigan!! You showed up!! Today our volunteers and staff @TheActionPAC are hosting rallies, gatherings, vigils, and planning sessions all over the country. We originally planned them to stop the execution of Rodney Reed, but opted to keep them after it was delayed. Hundreds of them all over the country have now gotten started.


Tempe, Arizona!! You showed up!! Today our volunteers and staff @TheActionPAC are hosting rallies, gatherings, vigils, and planning sessions all over the country. We originally planned them to stop the execution of Rodney Reed, but opted to keep them after it was delayed. Hundreds of them all over the country have now gotten started.


HOUSTON!! You showed up!! Today our volunteers and staff @TheActionPAC are hosting rallies, gatherings, vigils, and planning sessions all over the country. We originally planned them to stop the execution of Rodney Reed, but opted to keep them after it was delayed. Hundreds of them all over the country have now gotten started.


ATL! Atlanta showed up! Today our volunteers and staff @TheActionPAC are hosting rallies, gatherings, vigils, and planning sessions all over the country. We originally planned them to stop the execution of Rodney Reed, but opted to keep them after it was delayed. Hundreds of them all over the country have now gotten started. Also, somebody let me know how he got a an Action PAC shirt??? I don’t even have one!

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Life is hard. Laugh when you can. As much as you can. Also, follow @flipthesenate & @makechangebook & @thenorthstar2019 @thebreakdownwithshaunking & @theactionpac 🤪

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From @allthesmoke :: The question from @matt_barnes9 :: Why does @tombrady get a pass on speaking out on social issues?

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After a workout where he was described as having “elite” talent and skills, @kaepernick7 said, “I’ve been ready for 3 years, I’ve been denied for 3 years, We all know why. We’’re waiting for the 32 NFL teams to stop running.” - Colin Kaepernick

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It's called "Married to the Movement" and is not only about our marriage to each other in relationship to the movement, but our deep commitment to the movement itself. We recorded this episode late last night after getting the news that Rodney Reed received a stay of execution. Hope you listen and learn. The whole series will be available later this winter for members of The North Star.


This morning I am adding our efforts to stop the execution of Rodney Reed into @makechangebook. The final edited manuscript is due tomorrow night and I cannot wait for you all to read it. My life’s work. Please follow @makechangebook. I hope it can be a revolutionary manual for how we organize and make change together.


🤬Want to know just how wrong this is? Imagine if another country “accidentally” dropped a bomb on an American home and killed five children, then said they thought they it was empty. Just substitute Palestinian for American. Or imagine if Palestine did this in Israel. IT IS A WAR CRIME.


Love y’all. And appreciate you. More updates soon on what’s next. Our events are still ON for Sunday. Let’s GO. Organize. Organize. Organize.

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Here is the full stay of execution for Rodney Reed!


🚨 BREAKING: RODNEY REED'S EXECUTION IS STAYED. By order of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Reed's "Brady, false testimony, and actual innocence claims" will be considered by the trial court in his case before any further action is taken. WE DID IT. A major shout out to our dear friends @innocenceproject for their hard work and dedication on this case.


YES!!!!! The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles just officially recommended that @GovAbbott stop the execution of Rodney Reed for a 120 day reprieve. Would be unprecedented for the Governor to not accept this. It’s literally never happened. We made 25,956 calls to this board.

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BREAKING: District Attorney Mark Gonzalez (@markdegonz) of Corpus Christi, Texas as well as Assistant DA Matt Manning just wrote this emergency letter to @govabbott asking that he stop the execution of Rodney Reed. This is historic and unprecedented. Also, in this letter they explain why it must be stopped in clear detail. This is the second DA’s office in Texas to do so. I’ve never seen this in my life. It doesn’t stop the execution but it builds real momentum. Don’t stop!!!


ANNOUNCEMENT: On THIS SUNDAY, over 130 solidarity vigils and rallies for Rodney Reed are being hosted all over the country. Our team is standing by to help you. SIGN UP NOW. Sign up now to start one or join one in your city, on your college campus, on your job, in your home, @ FreeRodneyReed.com/events


Call now. I talk you through it. Then share. We need all hands on deck today.


This is my crew right here! Love these folk. From left to right @laley_01, @mrsraiking, @jamilatdavis, myself, my brother @mysonnenygeneral, and our sister @msladyjustice1 (and baby Justice).

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People all over the country and all around the world are making phone calls for Rodney Reed! 🚨🚨🚨🚨 Here are the 5 #ss we need you to call to #FreeRodneyReed. 512-967-0567 512-488-0698 737-214-3944 512-641-4290 770-800-0689 When you call, I'll be the first voice you hear, talking you through it.


@mrsraiking and I were super proud of @cyntoiabrownofficial last night at a big book event she had in Manhattan. Her book is brilliant. She’s a survivor and still has joy even though she’s been through so much.


🆘🆘🆘🆘 We have just 4 days left to save the life of Rodney Reed for a crime that experts all over the country believe he did not commit. In the final hours, people are now bringing up allegations that Rodney was never charged or convicted of. We knew this would happen, but his team is undeterred. Sign up now at FreeRodneyReed.com and click the link in my bio for ACTION STEPS.


(Post 2 of 2) After learning that 83 year old Judge Shaver had privately retired and expressed concerns about his mental acuity, Rodney Reed’s legal team asked a new local judge to take over their case. That judge, Campbell Carson, agreed. And yesterday Rodney was supposed to have a VERY IMPORTANT hearing. But guess what, another judge canceled Rodney’s hearing saying that the retired judge, who expressed concerns about his mental health, still has jurisdiction. THIS IS A SCANDAL. Judge Shaver CANNOT remain on this case. A stay of execution should be issued immediately just based on all of this alone.


(POST 1 of 2) On August 9th, 2019 Judge Doug Shaver, the 83 y/o judge presiding over the Rodney Reed case sent this email privately announcing his retirement and suggesting that he has a "fear that I would or would not do something that could affect the outcome of some important legal matter." From August 9th until today, to the shock of many, no judge has been presiding over the Rodney Reed case. Nobody. And the 83 year old judge who signed his death warrant suggested his mental capacities were waning just 2 weeks after signing it. So, when Rodney’s attorneys found out, I’ll tell you what happened....


Working in the studio today with @mrsraiking!


Friends! I need you to make these phone calls for Rodney Reed TODAY. Start right now ok? I’ll be on the line talking you through it. Let’s GO!

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It's 8 brilliant, meticulous minutes from Pulitzer Prize winning journalist @trymaine.lee, hosted by @chrislhayes. And they break down each piece of evidence that exonerates Rodney. Watch this, share it, then sign our petition and take our ACTION STEPS @ FreeRodneyReed.com


We need ALL HANDS ON DECK!! Almost at our goal of 3 million! Link in my bio!