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as the december shows fast approach (only two weeks left!!!) we made this trailer for you ♥️a lot of folks wonder what my live show is like. i mean what the hell do i need a live show for. it’s not like i sing or dance. mine is a sort of one-woman theatrical performance of poetry. over music. mixed with storytelling. and some jokes at my expense. and the joy of my life is sharing it with you. 😪💛 for those coming to the portland. la. boston. and philly shows we have a ✨✨✨surprise✨✨✨: 5 random seats will be preselected before each show and my tour manager megan will go into the crowd and hand out 5 golden tickets 🎫 for you + 1 friend to come visit me backstage 💁🏽‍♀️🔮 seeee you soon and stay warm my friends @thinkingbox


bodies are containers for the soul. some of us have a habit of pushing the containers we’ve been given to the very max. until we’re exhausted and can’t move. 🙋🏽‍♀️ and now as i lay in bed sick as hell i’m like damn. maybe i should chill. you know???? we only have one body. and it does so much more than we give it credit for.

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LA. boston. philly. portland. in 2 weeks i’ll be in your city performing my heart out with this beautiful projection running behind me. it morphs and changes with illustrations and photographs over the 90 minutes we spend together. @thinkingbox and i created it last year when i was hitting the road and wanted to add a little more 🔥to the show. 💁🏽‍♀️ you can get more details at rupikaur.com/tour ♥️♥️♥️ ps i will be signing a limited number of notecards that’ll come with book sets sold by @barnesandnoble at all the shows! seeeeeee you alll soooon let me know what poems you want to hear and i will include them in the set ✨✨✨✨🦢


we are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. and that’s what i find myself meditating on in situations that are so painful that my whole body feels like i won’t overcome them. there is something magical in our mysterious and limitless minds that allows us to persevere.


1 book. 39 languages. 5 million copies in your hands. thank you for giving ‘milk and honey’ 5 years of love and life. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️to everyone at @andrewsmcmeel the greatest publishers on earth. you never compromise my creativity. to @simonschusterca @simonschusteruk and every publisher involved worldwide. to the labour of the translators. to everyone at the printing presses. the truck drivers who deliver the paper. the folks who carry heavy boxes into factories. factory workers who packaged millions of books up. to the trees. i promise i’m working on planting you all back. to the booksellers. the cool kids working at the stores recommending ‘milk and honey’ to readers. to all the poets and writers and women before me who paved the way. to my parents for sacrificing so much joy during their lifetime so i could have the privilege of living this life. to my 3 younger siblings who are my earth. my sister @prabhk_ helped me edit this book. i originally self published nov 14 2014. and the siblings (all in middle school and high school at the time) would come to every event and hand-sell copies while i performed. to the folks who brought me out to their universities and community events. to my super fineee toronto sikh community. i am because of our fire. the sikh activist network gave me space to shine. you all launched a rocketship into the sky and she ain’t stopping. to the ones who have been here since tumblr days. to my best friends who supported my becoming @jasmeetgill @birkamal @kay__ray @_keeratkaur. to EVERY friend. the best roommates. to my highschool art teachers who pushed me to use my sketchbook more often and hence i fell upon the ‘poem in top corner illustration in the bottom’ style. to @rakhi.mutta my work wife. my business partner. the woman who makes my vision come to life. to my entire RKI team. past and present. to the young people who keep ‘milk and honey’ under their pillows. to all of you my readers. who make my dreams come true. you are the best in the world. i love you. in this life our successes are not our own. they are the accumulation of what a group of people are capable of when they believe in something. @alinakulesh @nabilshash @kaileemandel @lucylarkin @bheathertownsend @maryamkeyhani @mahsa.sajadi_ @maureenjcardenas


i treat others with kindness because i know what it feels like when others have been unkind to me. i don’t want anyone else to ever feel the ways i’ve felt. happy #worldkindnessday. we need more kindness. we need more compassion for each other. and i don’t mean to sound like a prick or anything but if your everyday isn’t kindness day then you’re doing this thing called life all wrong my friend 👼🏾

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ਧੰਨ ਧੰਨ ਗੁਰੂ ਨਾਨਕ | today we celebrate 550 years of the soul who birthed the sikh way of life. taught us to question everything. said we are all students of the world who shall spend our entire lives learning and growing. the soul who came from a humble home yet saw injustice and rose against it. to question anything in the 1400s was considered ludicrous and insane. but he had no issue being outcasted because he was detached from the self and committed to the betterment of downtrodden communities. walked from modern day pakistan. all across modern day india. afghanistan. saudi arabia. egypt. across south asia and the middle east— on foot. with just a dear friend- bhai mardana (a muslim rababi musician) by his side. to educate folks against class. caste. the dangers of racism. patriarchy. misogyny. and more. today we celebrate the spiritual teacher who carried us into a more just existence. guru nanak was a rebel who believed our lives should be based on ‘seva’ (selfless service) to others. to my sikh family across the world: what gives me strength on my most difficult days is knowing we have guru nanak’s power running through our veins. if one soul could birth a revolution as big as us- well then that revolution can make this world equal and just. that is what our teachers hoped we would do. i believe that. and so today. i am humbled to celebrate 550 years of he who inspires my human journey. my spiritual journey. my feminist journey. my heart journey. ਧੰਨ ਧੰਨ ਗੁਰੂ ਨਾਨਕ 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡 @_keeratkaur


throwwwwwwback to first book event after @andrewsmcmeel picked up and published my originally self published book ‘milk and honey’. looking at this photo is getting me excited to be on the road again. performing for the best readers in the world. which show are you coming to? portland? la? boston? philly? 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️and yesss i will be testing out some new poems from book 3 cause why not 😏😏😏 @kpkaur @simonschusterca @indigo


from oct 31 to nov 4th 1984 - the indian government launched a systematic campaign of state violence to destroy its sikh population. (this was months after the june 1984 attack on amritsar’s golden temple and 40 other sikh gurdwaras where thousands of worshipers were murdered. revolutionaries and activists were labelled as terrorists. human rights agencies and the press were banned. no info was getting out. no one could get in. the perfect way to make it look like “nothing happened”.) this assault - which began on oct 31 - focused on sikhs living outside of punjab. the methodical coordination of what happened next breaks me to pieces every time. in delhi - lists were spread identifying which houses belonged to sikh families. their front doors were marked with an X. and then some of the country’s most powerful politicians inflamed and organized masses into mobs. their mission - go door to door. round up and kill as many sikhs as possible. for a lot of the sikh men - their own turbans were used to tie them up. bodies dosed with kerosene. rung with tires. and lit on fire. women were raped en masse. in most instances - police stood by. some watched. while others facilitated the killings. over the course of the next few nights - official records say 3,000 sikhs were killed. however we know the actual numbers were much higher. 35 years later - a widows’ colony still exists in delhi. comprised of survivors whose families were killed. in 2012 i wrote a poem about the 1984 genocide of sikhs in india. containing a line about the women who came out of that terror “as smooth as milk and as thick as honey”. this was where the title for ‘milk and honey’ was born. they cannot exterminate a community that easily. for that - they would have to crush our psyche. render our hopes obsolete. but we are a community born out of resilience. who have been fighting for our freedoms and the freedom of others since our very inception in the 1400s. our hopes will never be obsolete. we come from an eternal fight for all those who are stomped on. we are alive. we are thriving. we are speaking out from all corners of the world. walking hand in hand towards freedom.

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sorry but nothing is more beautiful than fall. i’ve been working nonstop for a few years and never stopped to notice it but this year i’ve been drinking it all in 😍🍂🍁sitting with my jaw dropped while leaf-watching. the red ones are my favouriteeeee. and the patterns. omg the patters. some are speckled. some are spotted. some are freaking OMBRÉ!!! holy shit nature invented ombré okay that’s willddddddd to me. anyway send this poem to your #wcw or whatever 😍😍😍😍enjoyyyyyy

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together for the first time 💃🏽 !!! we’re pairing up these beauties and housing them in a sexy little slipcase 🥛🍯🌞🌻 available worldwide in english nov 12th @palomawool @hardiegrantbooks @simonschusterca @simonschusteruk @andrewsmcmeel @bsinghh


i have this really bad habit of putting “living” off to somewhere in the near future. without being conscious of it i think things like “i’ll take a break once i do that” or “i’ll celebrate after i get that” or “right now i need to work my ass off as hard as i can so that one day i can finally sit back and go phew! i’ve done it! now i can finally relax!” i guess my question is: when does that “one day” come? when is enough enough? is the future a thing that actually arrives or is it a shadow that’s always running ahead of us. while we miss the only thing that actually exists: this moment. this very present living breathing moment right here. and no i don’t think we need to stop our hustle. i guess it just helps to recognize that we humans are insatiable creatures. always wanting more. even when our bellies are full. and there’s no more room in our bodies for more. even then our eyes are hungry for the next thing. and the next thing. and the thing after that. perhaps it’s putting life into perspective. asking ourselves if we’re enjoying the journeys we are on. teaching ourselves that perfection is not a destination. the future is not the destination. this. the everyday. is the only destination there is. the journey is all there is. and if we keep putting off living until tomorrow. well then - we will have never lived.

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jus tryna have a fun time allllll the time 🕺💆🏾‍♀️


hi canada. i woke up this morning with a sense of excitement. today is election day. as young people - one day we are going to inherit this country. and all of its hopes fears and dreams. all the things that are wrong with it. and all the things that are right. the ways we choose to tackle the issues that we are impassioned about - from climate change to racial justice to economic equity - are dependent on who we choose to lead us. by exercising our right to vote - we choose to have a say in this process. it’s so imperative that all young people vote. in a world that seems to be lurching more and more towards hate and exclusivity - i’d like to believe we have the power to show that a better ethic can exist. one based on a politic of hope. equity. and togetherness. let’s show up today. let them know we are watching carefully and listening. let’s cast our ballot and build the country we want to inherit. the country we want to live in both today and tomorrow. #canadaelection2019


@jagmeetsingh today i am full of pride for how far you’ve come. you’re running for prime minister!!!! take that in. i am in tears that we are here. i am overwhelmed with emotion reflecting upon your incredible journey @ndpcanada i know it wasn’t easy. you are something else jagmeet. thank you for fighting this battle for us. for the past ten years i’ve watched you stand for the rights you believe all human beings deserve— not just the few at the top. you’ve never negotiated what you believed in for an easy win. you taught me that nothing great ever came easy. and that i should never stop working to make a better world. that making the world better should be at the centre of everything i do. you taught me to always persevere with love. you never judged. i grew up watching you lead the community spaces that raised me into becoming the artist i am today. i am forever in your debt for providing me countless spaces to perform and pursue my craft at a time i had very little. you taught me to love our history. our people. to forever stay in chardikala - no matter what. i learned to wear my differences proudly cause of you. i embraced my identity more at the end of all our conversations. thank you for being a big brother to all of us gta kids. thank you for doing this for the people. since day one. long before you stepped into the world of politics. thank you for being a light in so many lives. thank you for being you @jagmeetsingh 🧡🧡🧡🇨🇦🗳🇨🇦🗳🇨🇦🗳#UpRiSingh


whether you think you’re going to move on or not - life will drag you forward until you overcome the pain. what a beautifully tragic gift. but a gift nonetheless. ♥️🌺♥️


general tickets are now on sale 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 portland. long beach. boston. philly. see you this december ♥️🌞🌺


ON. SALE. NOW. presale tickets are available on rupikaur.com/tour 🌝 see you in your city!!! the code for purchase is: sunset


i couldn’t help myselfffffff i know i said no more shows until book 3 came out but this writing thing is taking a while and i’m lonely and in need of some audience interaction cause the stage makes me feel so alive and i need to feel some fire at this point in the writing process so plz come see me in your city and then i swearrrrrrrrrr after these stops i am putting #thesunandherflowers to rest. 😂 think of this like the sunset tour you know? right before a new day. right before a new book. can i have an encore before that happens ?!?! love youuuuuu presale begins OCT 9 at 12 pm EST at rupikaur.com/tour. password is: sunset


when one rises we all rise. when someone else wins it doesn’t mean we’ve lost. success doesn’t work like that. success multiplies. when we celebrate each other’s accomplishments we make the movement stronger. we make more space for all. we win more together.


🧚🏿‍♀️🧚🏿‍♀️🧚🏾‍♂️BIG BIRTHDAY ENERGY BABYYYY🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️ today and everydayyyyyyy 🎈 thank you for the love and being on this journey with me 🕊🕊🕊🕊


i often get lost in everything that is not working in the moment. what i want and don’t have. this type of thought can feel so destructive. what puts everything into perspective is when i turn around and look back at my whole journey. it shows me that everything is okay. it is moving. perhaps not how i may want it to. but it is moving as it should be. today on #nationalpoetryday i wanted to share this poem as a gentle reminder to myself and all those who may need it: we are all a work in progress. there is no finish line. it may feel like there’s no progress happening. but there always is. we are not alone. we have to be grateful. and remembering that calms me.


many tried but failed to catch me i am the ghost of ghosts everywhere and nowhere i am magic tricks within magic within magic none have figured out i am a world wrapped in worlds folded in suns and moons you can try but you won't get those hands on me @vogueportugal @carlota_guerrero @lauranewton.knit



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the mad hatters tea party. i love escaping reality and going down the rabbit hole and playing in your world @maryamkeyhani 🕊♥️ @alikarbassi @frank_stueve_interiors


oh my ♥️. you damned thing. even when you break. you don’t break. you mend. you mould. you become. you close and open. you cursed miracle. you magical thing. you always take me on the craziest ride of my life. then you crash. and you burn. then you forget. when the pain is distant. when you can’t smell it anymore. you convince me to hop on and go for another crazy ride allllll over again 🌛

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@jagmeetsingh makes people feel seen. i met him ten years ago when i first began performing poetry and became a community organizer. i remember how difficult it was for me to be in this new space where no one knew me. i constantly felt invisible. but jagmeet walked right up to me ten years ago and welcomed me with open arms. he made me feel seen. cause he truly believes we all deserve to be. that is his superpower. jagmeet isn’t interested in the shiniest person in the room. he’s interested in everybody. he’s interested in the people standing at the back of a room all by themselves. the ones who have a lot to say - but are too afraid to say it. or don’t have the platform to say it. whether you’re the person in the fancy suit running the show. or you’re the person taking out the garbage after a long night of work. jagmeet will see you. no matter what colour. age. gender. or class. i have been lucky enough to have his mentorship as i grew from teenager to woman. and i often get asked: how was jagmeet before he got into politics? was he always this engaged and interested in the people? and i’m so proud to tell them: yes. he has been this way for as long as i can remember. jagmeet doesn’t know how to be anything other than real. time has passed but his politics haven’t wavered. they have further cemented. and that is why it gives me so much joy to endorse my brother jagmeet singh as canada’s next prime minister. jagmeet - when you approached me that day ten years ago. at a time when most people wrote me off as a nobody. you came over to show me i belonged. that we are all connected. that when one rises - we all rise. when one suffers - we all suffer. i knew from that day you were going to change the world. @gurkirankaur_


there is no running away. there is only staying. there is only sitting. there is only looking at the thing right in its face. and having a conversation. the two of you. you and the pain. you and the heartache. you and the betrayal. you and whatever the thing is that you are healing from. there is only leaning into it. and once it has gotten enough of your attention. it will get up and go. it will pass. and you will be onto the next sensation.

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had the best time performing at #wedaytoronto last week for the happiest most energetic audience. great prep for that book 3 stadium tour i’ve been manifesting🤞🏽😛😛💃🏽💃🏽 @wemovement


ready like ⚡️💡🌟🙃⚡️💡🌟🙃⚡️💡🌟🙃⚡️

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and this piece is titled ‘HANDS’.....accompanied by the rest of me 🐕 🖼 🎭 @milavictoria @justinchung @shilparshah @rosaliapark @cuyana @cerealmag @thefashionconspiracy


there is no finish line when it comes to looking after our mental health. it’s a practice. in the same way that we go to work on a regular basis. sleep every night. eat 3 meals a day. make time to see our friends on friday nights - it’s imperative that we also set aside time to look after our minds. this is a lesson i learned the hard way. for years i ignored my poor mental health thinking that if i drowned myself in work long enough - i’d be fine. maybe once i came out the other end with a new book or project i’d feel better. but the mind doesn’t give a crap about how many books we write or how many albums we record. at the core - our souls aren’t fed by external factors. our souls are fed by calm. joy. connection. community. and laughter. our souls are fed by looking after ourselves. seeing ourselves. lifting ourselves. our mental health is at the centre of everything. it must be prioritized.

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feeling honoured to be on the cover of @cerealmag volume 18! they are the sweetest. coolest. most down to earth people 😊 big hugs to @rosaliapark and her team for coming to my city 🇨🇦toronto🇨🇦 to shoot this. honoured to be the first ever person to be featured on any of their covers. dressed and styled by my dear friend @shilparshah @cuyana and photographed by @justinchung ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ i was so in my skin for this one thanks to @milavictoria there was ease. simplicity. and full on calm. which let’s be honest is the most ideal 💅🏽 @thefashionconspiracy @justinmin


so my entire life has been a clinical research study on ‘sunday blues’ and i am here to report that YES. it is an actual THING. and it would be soooo GREAT if we could all just admit we feel it and then we can carry on feeling it together 😭😂😭😂😭😂♥️


uhhhmmm dream superhero costume??? feel like i could save the world in this one 🦸🏽‍♀️ @namita.khade @vogueportugal @carlota_guerrero


the mood is to honour the body. the mood is to be forgiving. the mood is to look at myself with eyes full of admiration for all my body does to keep me alive and going. not with eyes that search for what it lacks. the mood is to live a little. or a lot. the mood is love. ♥️#thesunandherflowers


this excerpt is from a larger 4 minute piece which i perform on tour called ‘the art of growing’. it’s easily my favourite to share with the crowd ♥️♥️♥️♥️ cause their reaction always wakes me up and makes me come to life.

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SEPT ISSUE @vogueportugal shot by the artist of my life @carlota_guerrero 😌always a dream to make magic with you bby. this is the elevated mood i’m leaning into from now until.......forever 💆🏽‍♀️ my favourite part about this spread was that i got to wear majority student designers. and young people of colour. brilliant thinkers who are going to shape the fashion world!!!!! @eliasmakeup @fran___rios @henriklischke @sofia.slucas @sinabraetz @lisa_jahovic @hope_tom @mr.hiroshi.matsushita @y.masa0711 @lighthouse.publishing @aloise_mahe_stephenson


when we’re down it’s really easy to forget that this phase is temporary. i’m the type of person who feels like my “down” will last forever. and my “up”. when i feel good and happy and joyous - will abandon me any second. (don’t worry i am actively working to undo this). today i wanted to share this piece because it’s what i am reminding myself of all the time. just to get through the day. the week. or the month. for personal reasons - this year has been a gutting one. so today i needed this. i never go back to read any of my poetry unless i’m on stage performing it. but recently i’ve been forcing myself to try. in hopes that it may inspire future writing for book 3. and as i sit at my desk reading these words i wrote years ago - i can’t help but laugh to myself. about how i knew a couple things back then - which i’ve clearly forgotten. we are never done doing the work are we? today i wanted to share a thought: that when you’re “down”. buckle up. get excited. cause being down only means that there’s an “up” just around the corner. 🎡 life is but a ferris wheel of up and down and around and around. and i love you alllllllllll ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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when i first saw @alexgarantart ‘s art i lost my breath a little. her work was alien. yet human. otherworldly. but also from this world. in life we all work so hard to appear well put together. both scared and ashamed to share the demons which haunt us. but below the surface. below our many masks. aren’t we all just a beautiful mess. a startling wreck. this is the us that we are all working so hard to hide from each other. this photograph that my sister @bsinghh took of me years ago was taken at a time when i only understood the world in simple ways. with my two eyes i thought that most things in this life would make sense. and now - i don’t even recognize that girl anymore. i have shed a thousand skins since that photo. i have lost and found myself countless times. and only now am i getting comfortable in the constant uncertainty and unfamiliarilty that is life. i can finally accept that this life will be anything but simple. and that’s absolutely okay. in fact it’s beautiful. there will still be joy. there will still be light. there will be everything. and the only way to live this life fully is to surrender to its uncontrollable nature. now i can see that. now i have 8 eyes. thank you @alexgarantart for capturing that.

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i wanted to take a moment to send some love to the german translation of both my books. (thank you @sfischerverlage !!!) this one felt fitting today. (swipe for english ♥️) i just spent some time in berlin last week. my first time over there. and i was moved by the bareness of the city. it’s ability to not be bothered with aestheticized layers. and just be. which allows the people to be. and get what they want from it. there was no need to perform or exhaust energy in any unfitting way. which i often find is the case in other places. the many parks i sat in occupied some of the most interesting artists i’ve come in contact with. i wrote new poems in countless cafes and look forward to going back as soon as i can ♥️


siblings 👯‍♀️from oldest —>youngest. my babies. my family. my roots. my friends. my own little soccer team. kiddos that hold me downnnnnnnnn a l w a y s . @saaheb_


i’m deeply saddened by the destruction in the amazon. we should all be heartbroken. we should all be saddened and outraged. this is the only home we have and we’re watching it burn to the ground. i want action. i want us to do all we can. which starts with listening to scientists about climate change and environmental degradation. as well as reexamining corporate misuse of what little rainforest cover we have left. and how we — through the governments we elect and the companies we support — are willful collaborators of our own destruction. above all — i’m heartbroken for the indigenous peoples of the amazon whose voices have been continuously silenced. my heart shatters when i think of the ways we are wrecking our home. i’m sending support to all the environmental warriors and activists working tirelessly to build a true intersectional climate justice movement. it’s 2019 — it’s our duty to vote out any politician who doesn’t think climate justice is a priority. it’s our duty to take matters into our own hands. to make the change they won’t. we don’t have much time left.