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♔Jamaican Canadian♔ Living w/ integrity: Speaking ur truth tho it might create conflict or tension Living in harmony with ur values Making choices based on what u believe


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I’m so sorry I won’t be able to be in London today to meet you all at the @stevemaddenuk store! London is like a second home to me, so not being there to celebrate the launch of my collection with Steve alongside my fans is truly heart-breaking To collaborate with Steve and his team has been the most amazing experience, they have helped me bring to life creative visions I have always had for my own shoe collection. Despite my absence please enjoy the incredible new store and the designs Steve and I have worked so hard on, we are so beyond proud. There is so much more to come, so watch this space! I will be in London very soon to celebrate with everyone in style ❤️🥰😘👠👢 @tomasherold @stevemaddenuk

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“Success with @moiraforbes” thank you Moira for helping me open up, this interview was so refreshing. For once the main question in a powerful interview wasn’t “so you were bullied, how was that?” Why do we naturally choose to focus on the negative? I think what @forbes just did helps the future narrative of “growth” for so many. Its not just about where you started, but where you are and where you’re going 🙏🏽❤️


Drove two and a half hours with @lelepons to see @karolg KILL IT last night; So worth it! Thank you K for the invite... Mexico next Sí? 👑💋🎉 @kerbito @pyermoss


Shake Shack > Chickfila ..... don’t @ me thanks. Furthermore if you don’t wear your seat belt your opinion doesn’t matter lmao 🧡🥤🍔🍟 BYEEE!


“Get in loser, we’re going shopping” name that movie 🎥🍿 //📸🎞 @almostguilty

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CAPTION THIS 😭 mine: Me and @herapatra probably chattin shit as per usual 🙃🧡 (& @thelilmisse my tiny mama bear 😭🦄) 📸 @almostguilty


When you’re sick but you still try to slay 🤕🥴😷💄💋 Also!!!! Light eyeshadow beat with my @kkwbeauty x WINNIE palette I’m so proud of 😭🎨💖😍 available now KKWbeauty.com @wenaildit

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“But I prefer a man who lives And gives expensive jewels” 💎🥰 @sanchezzalba

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Song: @kashdoll Photography: @sanchezzalba Videography: @visualsbymrjames Styling: @jamiemcfarland Hair: @hbjbofficial Makeup: @adamburrell Assistants: @__ashabriana

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“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” -Marilyn Monroe 💋💋 • this was The original look for diamonds are a girls best friend, our version made with feathers gifted to us by @ditavonteese herself 🥰❤️💎 @jamiemcfarland @adamburrell @hbjbofficial @sanchezzalba

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Did you know this black and bejeweled look was Marilyns test shoot for Diamonds are a girls best friend (the original look for the video)! But they decided to go with the iconic pink gown you see today and I’m obsessed with Both 🥰💖💎😍💋 @visualsbymrjames

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“Pear cut or Square shaped, these rocks don’t lose their shape! DIAMONDS ARE A GIRLS BEST FRIEND” 💎🛍💖💎 // 📷 @sanchezzalba @__ashabriana @jamiemcfarland @adamburrell @butlerandwilson @marilynmonroe @hbjbofficial @sewnright

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“Happy Halloween Mr President” 🎃👻💋 Recreating an iconic Marilyn Monroe look has always been a dream of mine. My obsession runs deep 🥰🥰🥰So being able to have such an amazing team help make this dream a reality blows my mind. Thank you @jamiemcfarland for creating each custom look. Thank you @hbjbofficial for slaying the hell out of this blonde moment!! Thank you @adamburrell for literally giving me the embodiment of Marilyn through beat! Thank you @__ashabriana for killing the planning for this whole idea. And of course a HUGE Thank You to @sanchezzalba for not only offering to shoot this look, but opening your home studio to me, my team and friends to make this all come to life. Each of you know I love a Halloween moment & this idea would’ve been nothing without any of you!❤🥰💋🙏🏽 @trueindianhair @marilynmonroe

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I found a baddie last night.. she’s mine now. 🐉💚 @nikita_dragun

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Gimme a W I N . . . N I E 📣😻👊🏽🤸🏾‍♀️🏆 Cheerleader Barbie @princesports @davegrutman (omg you guys! I look like Lola bunny and I didn’t even know! Thanks for letting me know😂❤️) @adamburrell @trueindianhair @hbjbofficial

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Organization is VERY difficult when you’re never home! I built this bedroom into a walk in closet when I moved in but you can see it was no where near a dream closet with everything spilling out. Not to mention every other room and closet! To be able to come back from my travels to an organized home now is a dream come true. Thank you @doneanddonehome for turning this chaos around! @dyson @dondefleurs

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What girls mean when we say “on my way” 👀🙇🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️💗 @tomasherold

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I had a chance to join my @maccosmetics family to present a special award to @jdemsey for all the work he has done to support @godslovenyc which is a charity organization that helps prepare meals for those living with severe illnesses. Through the Mac Viva Glam fund they have raised over $500 million supporting causes such as GLWD. I still can’t believe I had the honour of headlining the years MAC VIVA GLAM 25th Anniversary. Thank you for having me I’m so proud of the work everyone does! ❤️💋💄 @sarasampaio @tiffanyhaddish @imaanhammam @pete.buttigieg

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@tiffanyhaddish couldn’t let me live last night 🤣 heckled my whole age in my speech bruh!!!!

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Happy Birthday to this living legend ❤️ @kimkardashian you’re the big sister I always wanted and now have, how crazy! Thank you for teaching me about business and the life advice you keep blessing me with. Grateful for that first day you randomly called me and every day you’ve called me after that lol. From being a fan at 16 years old to having a @KKWBEAUTY collection with you, it’s all been a dream come true! May god continue you to bless you on your incredible journey of life, love you so much! 🎂💝🎈🎉

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First time in India and I receive an award from @vogueindia Women of the year?!?! How is this even real!?! I can’t say enough how blessed I am to be welcomed into your country so warmly 🇮🇳💚 My first time but definitely not my last!! Thank you 🙏🏽☺️💋 (makeup by me💄) @julienmacdonald @lilly @hbjbofficial @priya_tanna @huda

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Thank you to my Fashion Godfather @nick_knight for having me as a judge for your @showstudio Fashion Film awards I love you to the moon and back 🌙📽 In head to toe @prada 💙 @kennethsohmakeup @harrods @hbjbofficial

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Ball room or die 💃🏾🏆

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Thank you @yusefhairnyc for having me at my first Ball ❤️🥰 the return of PORCELAIN! The creativity and sense of the ball room scene is so inspiring, y’all turned it out!! Congratulations to all those who SNATCHED Trophies and thank you for welcoming me in your community 💋 @iam_newyorkmade


Mamacita💋 @kkwbeauty x Winnie lip gloss in the shade Tiger Eye 🐅👁 @kahhspence @adamburrell @dsquared2

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The Tina Boot from my @SteveMadden x Winnie Harlow (named after my baby sister Chrystina) is my take on a classed up cowboy boot🤠I love the pointed toe and the silver detailing... for a likkle extra hit of vim 😏🤩 available now stevemadden.com/winnieharlow @stevemadden @dsquared2 @walterwbrady

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My skin has changed so much in the past 6 years.. it’s incredible. Evolution of Vitiligo is beautiful 😍 Don’t be ashamed of what makes you different. My skin changes all the time, I relearn how to do my makeup all the time based on what suits it in that time. Skin is just skin. We shouldn’t judge based on it, condition or race. Like our minds and souls, my skin is ever evolving ❤️


November 2019 @BritishVogue issue in @MaisonValentino Photographed by @Nick_Knight ❤️ and styled by @Edward_Enninful ❤️ hair by @Jawaraw, make-up by @TheValGarland on newsstands now! @jawaraw @nick_knight @thevalgarland @maisonvalentino @britishvogue @mariannewman @edward_enninful

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My Forever @DiorMakeup and @dazedbeauty shoot #diorforever #LoveMyDiorSkin 🥰💥 @dior @diormakeup

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Ouuuu @KKWBEAUTY x WINNIE palette, highlighter & Tiger eye lip gloss beat by Me 😍💄 @fendi @kendalldorsey1

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R.I.P. 😪❤️ So hard to write this but your strength pushes me through. This has been a very difficult year and an extremely difficult month. Miss Hope you may have been Shannon’s mother, but you’ll always be a “mom” to me. We always said my mom was @badgyalshanshan twin and you were mine, so I promise to get through this with your resilient spirit. I love this video of you and Shannon. She’s always trying to save the moments we’re living. Now I’m happy she does. Thank you Hope for your relationship with my mother and I. I remember me, you, my mom and Shannon standing in your living room praying. My mother thanks you for your strength. You are our inspiration. I can hear you now “Winnie guh tek Shan Shan wid you!” I will mom, forever. You were just here. I was just rubbing your feet and asking how you were. Your response “still pushing through Winnie”. You stayed so strong for everyone and it’s our turn to do the same for you. Your fight is over, the pain is over, and now you’re pushing through the gates of heaven. You’re our angel, I love you 🙏🏽💔

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Back to blue because I’m blue? 😔🥶


I know you’re hurting right now but I want to remind you in a time like this that god has a plan for your life. Through the heartache and pain, your destiny is written and no weapon formed against you shall prosper. God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. He didn’t wake you up this morning for no reason. Everyday we start a new journey and this current season is apart of the journey you’re on. I know it’s so hard but hold on to your strength. 👼🏾💛


The “LISALOVE” boot from my @stevemadden x Winnie Harlow collection, named after my mother Lisa. Shot by the legendary @stevenkleinstudio Designed after the boot I wore everyday growing up, on the bus to work, to party, every where!! Available now stevemadden.com/winnieharlow


Too much fun at the @kkwbeauty x Winnie collab dinner 💖 available now at kkwbeauty.com @kimkardashian @parishilton @lavenueatsaks


One of my favourite shots from my @kkwbeauty x Winnie campaign! This beat! These Natural baby hairs! 😂😍 this look was created by wetting Atelier & Confidence to create a line in the crease💖 @hoshounkpatin @rebekahaladdin