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AL/Briarwood Fishing 2 Time BASS High School National Champion/2019BASS All-American @drakeperformancefishing @templeforkoutfitters @mercurymarine


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Amazing video @impact_visuals was able to put together for me. Couldn’t have done it without all these great people: @drakeperformancefishing @templeforkoutfitters @nitroboats @minnkotamotors @fish_shimano_north_america

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Had a great time fishing with @amartfishing and @robbeystanford yesterday! I learned so much just by listening and watching!


Fun little night derby with @j.t._russell at good ole lay lake!

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Right in my face!😂 Fun couple hours on the water the other day with dad. Times like this I will never forget! #powertotheangler #tforods #drakeperformancefishing #minnkota #humminbird

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So blessed to say that we have won a high school national championship but to be able to say we have won another the next year back to back is such a blessing. I can’t thank all my friends and family

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@captphilwilds put us on some major amberjacks this morning and man did they take us on a ride!

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Had 16.35 in the UWA tournament today with @branchfishing . Needed one more good one to seal the deal but that’s how it goes sometimes. #humminbird #minnkota #tforods #powertotheangler #mercuryproteam


Had a good sack at lay today in the local wild cat with @branchfishing. Not enough for the win but for sure missed the right bites to get it done #tforods #minnkota #humminbird #drakeperformancefishing

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Had a great time this past weekend in the BASS nation state championship at Lake Eufala! We had a tough first day but managed to come back the second day and drop a bag on em! 18.55lbs #tforods #powertotheangler


Had a great time at the Airport Classic this past weekend with another top 10 finish! We ended up 2nd in the angler of the year points also! Thank you to @airportmarine for this awesome tournament trail!


Won a local 3 fish tournament and got big fish at Logan this morning! #powertotheangler #humminbird #tforods #minnkota


Had a little under 16 pounds in the Mineral Springs Church tournament today which had us right out of the money. You tell me how a 6lber pulls off at the boat🤷🏽‍♂️ #powertotheangler #humminbird


Daniel and I got into a little local marathon derby at Logan Martin and managed to pull off the win and big fish with 16.82 and a 5lber! #humminbird #tforods #powertotheangler

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It’s been a fun couple of days around the house catching some 8 and 9 lbers off bed with my @templeforkoutfitters 7’2 medium light spinning rod🤫

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Had a great time at the Bassmaster High School All-American tournament this weekend! Didn’t get the win but still such a blessing to be able to go out with @randypiersonfishing and learn so much. Thank