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🌎 explorer and I point my camera to capture moments in time with my camera. @dreamphotographyworkshops guide. @wildearthaustralia ambassador.

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Probably one of the hardest spots to shoot. Only because every one walks on the dunes and wrecks the patterns 🤦🏼‍♂️. Somehow stumbled upon a semi clean section somewhere on the beach whilst


The small car park here is usually chockas. But it wasn’t this afternoon. Maybe that’s because it was raining 🤷🏼‍♂️. Oh well like the fools we are we got out and waited for a good 45-60


One of those unique spots in the world where you can see icebergs on a beach. It’s just a shame that there wasn’t too many really nice chunks of ice out. We’ve had a late cancellation to the @dreamphotographyworkshops


What I would of given to have been around the corner of Reynisfjara this morning. That wasn’t going to happen with the collapse of the cliff side recently. So, long lenses out to capture this infamous


In winter, I came here twice. Both times it was a white out and not worth shooting. This time, the weather gods liked us a little bit with a neat display of light for our @dreamphotographyworkshops crew.


Finding solace in Iceland. With myself and about 30 other people trying to cram into this little area. Big shout out to @wildearthaustralia for the wet weather gear that kept me dry this day. #mywildearth


Sometimes the wait for good light pays off in bucketloads. This was taken recently on the @dreamphotographyworkshops that we hosted in Iceland recently. The next few workshops in Iceland and Norway are


Managed a sneaky shoot before the @dreamphotographyworkshops Iceland workshop this year. After my bag turned up a few days late 🤣. #nikonaustralia #mywildearth


I’ve just returned from two weeks in the land of fire and ice 🇮🇸 with the @dreamphotographyworkshops crew. We had an absolute blast running around the country looking for the best conditions.


It doesn’t get more iconic on the Lofoten Islands than this shot of Hamnøy and trying to squeeze your camera through the fence of the bridge. I can’t wait to head back north in just over a week.


Did someone order a serving of steamed hams? They usually come delivered with a side of frozen toes and fingers. But in all seriousness that green lady dancing is one of the best sights you’ll ever


It’s been awhile since I posted here. I’ve been in a bit of a rut of late with recent events. So I decided to go over some old images to get back into it. This morning was spent slipping and sliding


I’m finally starting to get into some of my Iceland images. Now out of all the places that are often photographed in Iceland, Estrahorn, was right at the top of my list. After a lunch time snack at


This was perhaps the culmination of one of the best days i had photographically last year. I met up with @craig_richards_photography at sunrise at Gibson’s Steps and then went off for a waterfall adventure.


I swear the Otways have to be home to some of Australia’s best waterfalls. I ventured down about this time last year and had these falls in full flow. I wish there was an epic story to this but there


I find myself missing this continent across the ocean and well that led me to look through old files this weekend. And I stumbled upon this little beauty. The day before we arrived into @torresdelpainenp


Winter has finally arrived in the Southern Hemisphere. And it’s time to get out and get into some snowy landscapes soon. This was taken a few years back on a 24 hour mission to shoot The Sugar Pines


After a few days of pretty miserable conditions last year in @torresdelpainenp where we had no luck with light and a lot of rain. We decided to head off to El Chaltén for better conditions. Little did