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Creator/host NPR's All Songs Considered, Tiny Desk Concerts. My book is "Your Song Changed My Life." Also a musician taking a shot at photography.


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Nilüfer Yanya’s music at times feels as if it’s going to burst - yet at the same time there something hushed about it. See her #tinydesk @niluferyanyaaaaaa

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Rhiannon Giddens Tiny Desk Concert is intense and entertaining. The subject for 2 of the songs is the slave trade. She tackles the horribleness and the beauty that surrounds us every day. A true treasure.


Stop and smell the flowers with Daniel Johnston at my Tiny Desk in 2012. #tinydeskconcerts

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Overcoats have a new killer rhythm section and explosive new songs! #concertphotography


Tiny Desk Contest winner Quinn Christopherson and Nick Carpenter. The awkward pole on the stage at Songbyrd made for some comic relief in an otherwise potent set of songs. Love watching and hearing these


Such a wondrous new sound from Angelica Garcia, shedding much of the guitar and zeroing in on her glorious voice with vocal loops and words that speak to her heritage. Looking forward to new music. One

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Always a joy to see Dirty Projectors. There’s no one like them. And the currently lineup is a nimble bunch with members trading vocal leads moving from keys to percussions and guitars. Also some fun


Mdou Moctar is a brilliant guitarist who grew up in a small central Niger village and built his own guitars out of spare parts. His music is fire! What a show. #concertphotography


D.C.’s Time is Fire. What a thrill ride! #concertphotography