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The chase of looking for intimidating routes to get scared on, contemplate bailing half way through, eventually pushing forward after a mental break through then (sometimes) getting that feeling of accomplishment


Took one last look outside before going to bed to see if the clouds had lifted and saw this... One of the most popular places in the Dolomites for obvious reasons.

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I’ve been fortunate over the past couple of years to spend time with and learn from many accomplished mountain guides. Learning from someone more experienced and knowledgeable than you is invaluable

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The mountain huts aka rifugios in the Dolomites are on another level. This is one of the oldest in the area, built in 1883. Its strategic, birds nest, position made Rifugio Nuvolau one of the most important

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A few snapshots from an adventure of a lifetime. Thanks again @moonmountainman for making it happen.


Dusk in the Dolomites. I recently got to experience these mountains and the culture here and I gotta say my expectations were well exceeded. There’s no place quite like it and photos hardly do it justice.

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Some iPhone photos from a day of climbing towers in Sedona with @climbwritekalman. There’s nothing like pushing and challenging yourself, immersing yourself into a landscape and being able to clear

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Grateful for the opportunity I had alongside @caleyvanular to be featured on the other side of the lens for the launch of @backcountry’s adventure travel collection. We were able to put the new gear

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Looking back on images and reflecting on a trip to @visitcapebretonisland last fall. In my opinion, the island is one of the best places to experience fall colours in Canada—the landscape is made up


It’s not always big mountains and risky adventure that I’m constantly chasing rather it’s the feeling of being disconnected while focusing on being present in the moment to learn about and challenge

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It has been a personal goal of mine to do less international travel and take the time to see more of Canada and meet the people who also call this country home. While in Peggy’s Cove earlier this summer

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I was eager to edit this first photo as soon as I got back to my computer, I had already envisioned how I was going to edit it, the look, the colours, the mood, etc.. However over the years i’ve learned