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i’m @ly__christine ♡ restocks are EVERY Friday at 5 pm pst! INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING 🌎 DMs are closed, please email us :-)


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RESTOCKED ♡ click the link in my bio or go to www.ogslimes.com

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restock at 5 pm pst ♡ swipe to see some videos of the new slimes also ask any questions below ↓

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bubblegum bubble tea ♡ scented like bubblegum! has anyone ever had the sea salt jasmine green tea from @85cbakerycafe the foam beads are supposed to represent the foam part of that (if they made a

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꒰∗´꒳`꒱ kawaii clouds ꒰´꒳`∗꒱ ♡ scented like pink sugar literally reminds me of a pink sky with clouds, but in a jar also has the cutest glitter mix from @happykawaiisupplies p.s.

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susuwatari ♡ inspired by Spirited Away & @thesweetheartsclub ✨ scented orange creamsicle! has a bunch of cute add-ins: susuwatari fimos, flower fimos, star fimos, white sprinkles, & matching iridescent

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passion fruit unscented clear with fake seeds n magenta foam beads how pretty is this slime 🥺 ♡ have you guys ever had a drink with passion fruit in it?? it’s so good & refreshing

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lavender latte 🌱🥛 ♡ new diy butter slushee comes topped with a stem of fake lavenders :-) smells similar to lavender squish! the clay top is a mix of two clays so the end result is super soft

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***TRYPOPHOBIA WARNING*** sneak peak of a new gummi ft. Danny how hard did this make you cringe?

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new jelly cube! what do you think we’re going to name it ✨

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liquid jade ♡ scented green apple! this looks exactly like those jade bracelets every viet person has I’ve always wanted one but was scared that it’d somehow get stuck 😅 ♡ BIRTHDAY RESTOCK

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under the jelly 🐙🦀🐋🐡🐠 ♡ super, super soft jelly slime with sugar beads, teal fishbowls, blue chunks, a bunch of different iridescent glitter, diff seashell charms! one of my fav jellies

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bubble bath 🛀 🐤 ♡ the base has a little of pearlescent pigment, tiny clear beads, & iridescent sparkle glitters it’s so pretty 🥺 also comes with 1 bb duck charm! ♡ baths or showers?