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#RedTableTalk brings intimate, honest, and thought-provoking conversations to the table, exclusively on @facebookwatch.❤️


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Breathtaking. 😍 Thank you @Kiingjaja for this beautiful work of art. 🙌 #RedTableTalk

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We’re back with an all-new episode Monday — and this time, it’s an emergency Red Table called by #WillSmith himself. Only on Facebook Watch. #RedTableTalk

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Because we all deserve unconditional love. ❤️ #RedTableTalk


Jada with the REAL TALK. 👏 RTT Fam: how do you keep the intimacy alive in your relationships. Join in on the conversation below. ❤️ #RedTableTalk

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Happy birthday to the QUEEN of the Red Table! ❤️ #RedTableTalk

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BIG NEWS, RTT FAMILY! ❤️ See you Monday, Sept 23, for all-new episodes of #RedTableTalk

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In our episode “Young Boy Molested," #KeyonDooling and his amazing wife opened up about re-learning their own love language after trauma. They're putting in the WORK. ❤️ #RedTableTalk


There's no other family like this family. ❤️ 👑#RedTableTalk


The 👑 of the Red Table. Thank you for the beautiful art, @yourillustrators. 🙌🏽 #RedTableTalk

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Gotta love Jada and Gammy. 😂 RTT Fam: How do YOU work towards marriage longevity? We’d love for you to share your tips and tricks below. ❤️ #RedTableTalk

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“If I wouldn’t have gone through those things, I may not have appreciated the man that I have in my life.” Ciara shared her lessons on love, motherhood, and more when she joined our ladies at the


Men need room to be vulnerable, too. 🙌🏽 #RedTableTalk