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Home of 18 rescued❤️miniature horses❤️and one, Marvelous Dwarf, named Martha❤️Tours on website


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Martha & The Goldens...we’re gettin’ the band back together.....sound🎷 . . . . . . . #miniaturehorse #miniaturehorses #miniaturehorsesofinstagram #horse #horses #horsesofinstagram #beautifulhorse

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Eleanor has been with us for nearly three weeks. Because she had been quarantined @mylittlepeepers before we got her, we only kept her in quarantine for another two weeks•Our goal was to add her into


Quite humbled, a little bit shy and completely overwhelmed to be turning 1 and being the most loved little girl in all of the world❤️ . Thank you @packedparty for making for making my day so special


Dear Franklin•I have put you in an uneasy situation•You have the dubious position of following what I would call, two, once in a lifetime bunnies•In all my years, I never would have said I was a

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Em (Emma) doesn’t get the attention that her sweet soul deserves•Like Eleanor, Em was sold at an auction, along with her baby, Stanley, who was just four months old•We bought them both•I had no

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This is the first picture we saw when our hearts sank reading that there was a 19 year old mini taken to auction•Who does that?What has her life been like for nearly two decades and why on earth did

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Martha learned at a very early age, that once she feels secure being drawn in next to me, she can relax her body and lay down in order to have her feet trimmed•She has progressed from weekly trims,

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Part of having a good therapy program is knowing “when to say when.” On Banks’ most recent visit to a local nursing home, he was fidgety and less than patient while residents interacted with him•Many

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You’re Saturday night just got infinitely better💥We are offering you a chance to win a FREE Martha t-shirt, R&R Ranch t-shirt and R&R Ranch hat, all in the name of good ol’ fashioned fun😊You