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In 2018, an aspiring actress vanished in LA. There are many questions still. Help find the answers on my new #1 podcast, To Live & Die in LA.


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You attract partners who are at your level of maturity and emotional intelligence. So instead of constantly shopping for the person you want to spend your life with, become the person you want to spend


Healing your traumas is one of the most important missions you can take on in your life. But if you are trying to get over the wounds of your childhood, particularly the limited beliefs that parents have

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Caveat: As long as it doesn’t threaten your physical survival or that of anyone else.  #TheTruth #DeepInnerGrowth #InnerGrowth #DeepInnerGame #InnerGame #advice #instawisdom #lifeadvice #wisdom #growth


I see these stories destroy relationships. If you ever say “you never” or “you always” about someone, that’s a good sign that you’re stuck in a story about them. Because I bet that those absolutes


Pia Mellody calls this unconditional positive regard (an appropriation of the Rogerian term wonderfully defined in the comments below). And expecting it from your partner is a hallmark of a dysfunctional


A reader asked, "What if you treat it as a craft or an art?" Answer: If it’s a craft or art you feel a responsibility to that’s so great and meaningful, you make it a commitment and priority. #TheTruth


One of the biggest gifts you can give your friends and partners is the ability to see yourself and be seen as you are, not as you’d like to be seen. #TheTruth #DeepInnerGrowth #InnerGrowth #DeepInnerGame