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We create Immersive Experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of story & exploration.


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BEHOLD! Our latest collaboration with @factoryobscura an interdimensional method of interacting with a world outside of Meow Wolf Santa Fe! Pick up the phone and you’ll be able to communicate with


Not our toilet, not our problem 🚽[Via: @bathpix | 📷: @parkayyakrap]

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Throw back to our installation at @lifeisbeautiful in 2017! Sad that we're not contributing this year, but we're too busy building MEOW WOLF LAS VEGAS 😱 [ 📸: @lindsekennedy ]

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Something has happened at H͎o͎u͎s͎e͎ ͎o͎f͎ ͎E͎t͎e͎r͎n͎a͎l͎ ͎R͎e͎t͎u͎r͎n͎ and it's your job to figure it out 🕖👀 Get lost in a rift of time & multiversal travel to discover


Sometimes new art magically appears in the exhibit! 😱Check out this new piece by Shiloh Heyman ✨


Everything is always wild, all the time 💥


Eazy, breezy, beautiful cover squirrel 🌰🐿️✨ [ 📸: @h_cizzle 🎨: @experience_tube ]

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Meow Wolf is proud to support @bbbs.mountainregion 💖 Head over to their profile to see how you can support them too! #horizonconfidance


Imagine - it's quiet. Peaceful. No one around. What book would you read sitting here? 📖[ 📸:@katerussellphoto ]


Where do you feel most at home? 🌈. . 📸: @katerussellphoto


When you get lost, where do you go? 💭 [📸: @katerussellphoto]


Meow Wolf Dark Palace A new party in a different place. Three nights to rave in light. Tickets available now --> meow.wf/dark Nov 22, 23, 24 in Denver, CO