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I was in Nairobi, and there was a group of women that were the life of the party—I’m talkin Lizzo energy. I asked someone who they were, and they told me “that’s the Big Girls Crew.” So I made


Video almost ready. 🎥


Y’all heard my new song “Big Girls”?⁣ ⁣ Prod. @jaykurzweil ⁣ ⁣ Additional vocals from @vanvanjess⁣ ⁣ Creative Direction: @AlexanderJulian ⁣ ⁣ Artwork: @cas.tle⁣ ⁣ ⁣

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I can’t sum up Afropunk Brooklyn but love to y’all. Yall look GOOD! I pray the person that needed the medic is doing fine, shouts to @niarasterling for that amazing after party and love to my brothers


Who do you all think I should collab with next?

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REEEEEMMMIIIIX! In celebration of 1 million views on Queen Tings, the king @cruelsantino blessed the song. Big ups. Listen in my Bio! 🎬 @cas.tle


4PM!! Sunday Lollapalooza 4PM!!! If one of y’all’s aunties slide in my DMs after the show, I perform performed!

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QUEEN TINGS FILM OUT NOW!! Forget me, let these queens know how they represented: 👑 @illbrill ~ Director 👑 @evangeli_anteros 👑 @torinastun 👑 @marzyjane 👑 @callherHelen 👑 @TiffanyGouche 👑

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QUEEN TINGS DROPS IN LESS THAN AN HOUR! This post will vanish at 9am pt: click the link in my bio and chat with me until the drop. Q&A only happening at the link!

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That “Anybody” tune from brutha @burnaboygram 🔥💪🏾 #SegoSundays 🇳🇬

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🎷 TrapHouseJazz and I did a #TinyDesk! Link in my bio! 🎷

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Which song of mine do you wanna hear the backstory behind? 📷 @john.marq

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“Oh it’s a black girl”

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Off day in Amsterdam 🎥 @coogimamaa

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I woke up for some mooooooooneeeeey