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Husband to @aprilmun, dad to Scout and Marlin,working on the goldcoast for Topsport and Channel 7

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To this day I still can not believe just how good Josh Teskey sounded with nothing but an acoustic guitar. Two of the best people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting @han_pavlova @joshteskey you guys

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Monday’s with my boy ❤️

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Scouty has got some fast wheels !

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20 years today since we kissed under the palm trees in Mum and Dads hot tub 😂. My life changed forever that day, how lucky we were to find each other so young. My goodness we have had some fun, and

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Brotherly love ❤️

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This woman, always had my back. Through thick and thin, she is the best person I know, she is my wife. She is amazing. Love you @aprilmun ❤️

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It’s been real @chloechapman . There was a moment as I dipped you in the water when our eyes locked, my leg got warm and I realised you just needed to go to the toilet 😂😂😂. Wuv you x

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Mykonos definitely did not disappoint. Happy birfday @jackie_cross1

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No such thing as a quiet lunch when the DJ notices @followthefishtv is in the house.

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Long lunch Mykonos style

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8 kid free days in Mykonos with my favourite person in the world coming right up. See you soon @jackie_cross1 ❤️

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Fierce, strong, wild and free is how she likes to describe herself. Seven years old today....Miss Scout Munro ❤️❤️We love you so much Scouty ❤️❤️.

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Ten years married to my best friend today. Still falling deeper in love with you all these years later. ❤️@aprilmun

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5 years old today our boy !! Marlin you make us laugh everyday, you are hilarious mate. We love you so much, right now life is good,you’ve leaned to fish and can cast amazingly,you’ve also decided

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Average by South Aus standards, but for a Queenslander I’m in whiting heaven.