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While We Wait out everywhere now. yaya’s mama. 🧡 @tsnmi.co ceo of @floralivingapp eye behind @venusin35mm co-host of #SundayGems podcast 🧿🧿


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adeya’s mom. 🤯

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Ya’s first time in Brooklyn was dope. she got to spend time with her god parents & see many things she most likely won’t remember but we forsure had fun. time to head back to the BessssstSide😇

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Change video out now @arinraycamp 🧡

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so fresh n so clean clean

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park girl summer

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a genius i’m blessed to call a sister, auntie to my daughter, rapping circles around your fav guys, and directs her assss offfff. Anytime ft myself from @thatsjeandeaux also directed by @thatsjeandeaux

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ocean in the clouds, birds and the bees... yo friends proud when they know that you fuckin wit me 🏁🌴

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“change” out now. @arinraycamp is the present and future. love this one. go check it out 🏆


california girls, we’re undeniable 🌴🌞🌻☀️🌊

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my beatycon recap, no one should be allowed to take me serious i’m an idiot. enjoyyyyy!!!!! by @gc_phoenix ☺️

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my tiny A&R is very pleased.

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how’s your heart?


favorite collaboration i’ve done in a long time. i fuckin love this song @arinraycamp “Change” on Friday. 🔒🧡 glad we finally did this. real friends real love.

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Beautycon 2019

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‪MY ASSISTANT IS SO WONDERFUL I CANT IM CRYING. i went out of town and she knew i would miss my daughter more than anything look what she did 🥺🥺🥺🥺 i’m going to bawl. wow i love you so


two taurus walk into a bar..... BULLSHIT. 😈 @lizzobeeating 4L, u know what it is.

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hey twin u got some milk on ur chin bud


i’ve been wearing glasses since i was in elementary school, & wearing contacts since i started performing at 14. i cant thank you enough @FeinermanVision for changing my life! lasik was the best decision

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my sister! my stage partner! from day 1 our first show EVER to sold out worldwide tours and watching you become a staple DJ with your own sold out shows and festival sets!!! more importantly... all your

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13 years of friendship. 13 years of laughter. 13 years of trust. 13 years of love. i don’t know anyone as lucky as i am to have a bond that lasted this long, and will positively last till the next life

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WAIT WHAT DID U JUST SAY?! run that back 🥺


nottttt a thizz face but i’m NOT complaining 😭😍


and then yaya crashed the boat in our own damn city MAN DOWN 🤦🏽‍♀️ @gradybrannan


big dickie energy

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watch how i come... this new shit sound as crazy as the new crib look in this picture.

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happy 4 months to the best thing that ever happened to me. thanks for choosing me buggy. 👑