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How about a Jarlsberg® Roastie Toastie? This one is definitely worth bookmarking. 😋 Check out the full recipe above! #JarlsbergToastieTuesday #JarlsbergToastie


The structure and pattern of the holes in Jarlsberg® are unique – and inseparable from the mild, nutty flavour. The super-secret formula behind Jarlsberg® contains a patented propionic acid that is the source of both the flavour and the holes. You can’t have one without the other 🧀 #jarlsberg #sweetandnutty

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Start your Bonfire Night festivities with a 🎆 BANGer Toastie with Jarlsberg®! Check out the full recipe video above and let us know how you are celebrating tonight! #JarlsbergToastieTuesday #JarlsbergToastie

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Hater, become a lover this #JarlsbergToastieTuesday with our brand new recipe and yes you guessed it, it’s a Jarlsberg® + @marmite® Toastie! Watch the video above and try to resist not making one yourself right away 😋


Jarlsberg® melts beautifully, which makes it the perfect cheese for gratins, pies, pizzas, burgers, quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches 🧀 What’s your favourite melted Jarlsberg® dish? #jarlsberg #sweetandnutty #meltedcheese

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Olga and Kegen from Mäckish hosted a private Jarlsberg® Burger Event for lucky winner Anna and 9 of her friends! The night was filled with food, laughter - and of course Jarlsberg® 🧀 Looks like it was a night to remember! Dinner curated and cooked by Olga and Kegen from @mackishofficial. #jarlsberg #jarlsbergburger #sweetandnutty

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Pastrami, Gherkins, Mustard, Rocket and Jarlsberg® Cheese. Okay you’ve guessed it! It’s the New Yorker inspired Jarlsberg® Toastie recipe created by one of our favourite sandwich lovers, @the.xandwich for this week’s #JarlsbergToastieTuesday. So if you’re drooling over your keyboard already then check out the video above to see how to make it yourself! Look out for new recipes each week on this page and make sure to tag us in the Jarlsberg® Toasties posts you create using #JarlsbergToastieTuesday. We would love to hear from you!

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We had amazing time in Wiltshire this week in partnership w/ @_oliverstravels_ 🧀❤️ We spent the night in this beautiful cosy cottage and invited along some foodie bloggers to join us. For the launch of #JarlsbergToastieTuesday we held a #ToastieOff to see who could create the ultimate cheese toastie 🧀🔥 Swipe left to see who won!? 👀 Check out the link in our bio for your chance to stay at this amazing cottage 🔗 #JarlsbergCheese #ToastieTuesday #ToastieOff @amummytoo @olivemagazine @cookinacurry @onehungryasian @the.xandwich


WIN! It’s the season to Get Toastie with Jarlsberg®! We’ve teamed up with @_oliverstravels_ to give you the chance to win a cosy stay in Artisan Cottage in Shaftesbury, Dorset. 🏡 Enter now by simply completing the form here: 👉http://bit.ly/ToastieWithJarlsberg. Ends 11.59 pm 01/11/19. T&C’s apply and are available under the entry form. #JarlsbergToastie #JarlsbergToastieTuesday #JarlsbergCheese #Jarlsberg


Cheese Toastie Fans Are You There? 📢 Today we are launching our very first #JarlsbergToastieTuesday recipe! So whether you want to seriously step up your Toastie game or just create a perfectly melting Toastie with Jarlsberg® to cosy up to this autumn, we’ve got you covered. We will reveal new recipes each week and it all starts today! Click the link here 👉 http://bit.ly/2o9xAJF for the first Jarlsberg® Indian Chilli Cheese Toastie recipe created for us by @olivemagazine It’s the perfect combination of oozing cheesy Jarlsberg®, spiked with Asian spices, chilli and ginger and will be the best thing you’ll taste all week. Please also tag us in the Jarlsberg® toasties posts you create using #JarlsbergToastieTuesday. We would love to hear from you! #JarlsbergToastie #LetsGetToastie #Jarlsberg #JarlsbergCheese


Why not try another take on your pizza this weekend? Add sweet and nutty Jarlsberg®, spicy prosciutto and dried figs for an exciting taste experience and a pizza like no other! 🧀 #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #sweetandnutty #jarlsbergpizza

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COMING SOON... Check back here next Tuesday 1st October for MORE.🥪 #JarlsbergToastieTuesday #JarlsbergToastie #LetsGetToastie #Jarlsberg #JarlsbergCheese


The nutty flavour of Jarlsberg® is perfectly enhanced when paired with sweet and tangy blackberries 😍 What is your favourite Jarlsberg® pairing? 🧀 #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #sweetandnutty

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We have had another amazing day today at @pubinthepark St Albans thanks to everyone that came down to see us - don't forget to tag us @jarlsberg_ on your social chanells and use #sweetandnutty & #jarlsbergtoastie . Who's coming over for a toastie tomorrow?

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What an epic afternoon session here at @pubinthepark St. Albans. . Our outstanding cheese toasties are going down a storm as we eagerly await the sounds of @toploaderofficial to transport us back to the 90's! . #sweetandnutty #jarlsbergcheese #pitpstalbans @jarlsberg_


Baked eggs is a super simple breakfast, made even better with Jarlsberg® 🥚🧀 Just grease a muffin tin with some butter, add a slice of ham and Jarlsberg® cheese, crack an egg and sprinkle some more cheese on top. Season with salt, pepper and herbs and bake in the oven at 180 °C/356 °F for 15-30 minutes depending on how soft or hard you prefer your eggs. Enjoy! #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #sweetandnutty #bakedeggs


Jarlsberg® Pizza 🍕with a keto-friendly broccoli 🥦 crust is delicious! Add tomato and basil for a true Margherita pizza. #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #sweetandnutty #pizza #ketofriendly #ketodiet

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How do you like your Jarlsberg®? Melted, sliced or as cheese sticks? 😍 #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #sweetandnutty


Jarlsberg® 🧀 steak rolls are Keto-friendly and Gluten-free! Sauté onions & mushrooms, roll-up inside a flank steak with Jarlsberg and spinach. Grill or roast to desired temperature. #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #sweetandnutty #steakrolls #ketofriendly #glutenfree #ketodiet

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Remember these delicious burgers from last year? 🍔 Chef George Duran made 4 beautiful Jarlsberg® burgers. Which one's your favourite? 😍 Recipe link in bio! #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #sweetandnutty #jarlsbergburgers


Summer ☀️ is perfect for a Quiche 🥚 with Jarlsberg®🧀! Add fresh peas and Mâche for your next summer brunch dish! #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #sweetandnutty #summerbrunch #quiche


This delicious cheese pan 🧀 with melted Jarlsberg®, dark beer and chorizo will give your other dinners a run for their money 😍 Get the recipe in our bio! #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #sweetandnutty #cheesepan


Need a quick dip ⏰ option for a party 🎉 or guests? Take Jarlsberg®, mayo and red onion and mix for a delicious option in minutes 👌🏻 #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #sweetandnutty #cheesedip

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The sun is setting, the lights are on and we are still going strong. Here at the Jarlsberg stand where it's all about that double layer cheese melt. . Thank you to everyone that's been to see us today there's still time to grab a delicious Milano Melt or our veggie delight the Mediterranean Mushroom Melt before you dance your socks off to @basement_jaxx . #sweetandnutty #jarlsbergcheese #pitptunbridgewells @jarlsberg_ @suncharmerband

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The morning session is well underway here at @pubinthepark Tunbridge Wells. We're having a great time handing out sliders enjoying the melodic tones of @kttunstall and @jackburnsmusic and watching some of our favourite chefs. . Who's coming to join us for session two? . #sweetandnutty #jarlsbergcheese #pitptunbridgewells @three.little.tinkers @compasseschef @jarlsberg_


We are heading to the last stop on our UK summer tour of The Jarlsberg Ultimate Cheeseburger! 🤤 Want to taste our secret burger ingredient? Head to our stand at #PITPTunbridgeWells and ask the staff to “Uncover the mystery of the Jarlsberg holes". We look forward to seeing you there! 😁 #SecretCode #Pubinthepark #pitp #piptour #JarlsbergCheese #SweetAndNutty 🍔🧀 @pubinthepark

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We had an amazing day yesterday at our London Pop up. Huge thank you to everyone that came down! We gave away over 700 burgers! Make sure you check out our highlights if you missed it and we will see you next Saturday 13th July at @pubinthepark for some more of our delicious Jarlsbergers! #sweetandnutty #jarlsbergcheese #paddington

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Things are in full swing down here at the POP UP, if you're in the city come on down and see us outside Paddington Station! Don't panic if your lunch break is over we are here till 8pm so grab some mates and head over for an after work Jarlsberger! #jarlsbergcheese #sweetandnutty #paddington @timeoutlondon

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Fancy a taste of the Jarlsberg® Ultimate Cheeseburger?! Visit our special ONE DAY only pop up event on 4th July between 12-8pm, running along the Grand Union Canal, Paddington and receive a FREE burger.🧀🍔 All you have to do, is find us and quote our secret Jarlsberg® phrase… “I’m here to uncover the mystery of the Jarlsberg holes" Remembered it? See you there! . . . . . #SweetandNutty #Jarlsbergcheese #Paddington #London @darcieandmaygreen

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We had an amazing day today helping some of our favourite Insta foodies create the ultimate cheeseburger - check out our stories to listen to this burgers delicious sizzle and see how you can get your hands on a free one! #jarlsbergcheese #sweetandnutty #theultimatecheeseburger @the_modernchef @pete_hobbs_ @simplyfoodbymandy

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Four different burgers, all with Jarlsberg 🧀 If you could only have one, which would it be?🍔🤔 (Psst! It´s OK to eat all 4, we promise we won’t tell anyone!) Get the recipe link in bio 👌🏻 @the_modernchef @mackishofficial

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That’s all from @pubinthepark Bath today! We’ve had an amazing day full of cheesy goodness 🧀🙌 Swipe left to see what we’ve been up to 😊 See you all at Tunbridge Wells 🙋‍♀️ #pubintheparkbath #jarlsbergcheese #sweetandnutty #pitp

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The sun has definitely come out to play this weekend ☀️🎉 @pubinthepark the afternoon session is slowly wrapping up, but there’s still time to try our delicious cheese samples 🧀 These guys have been enjoying them 😊 Bring on the evening session and plenty more samples 🧀🍔 #sweetandnutty #jarlsbergcheese #pubintheparkbath #pubinthepark


We are heading to our next stop on our UK summer tour of The Jarlsberg Ultimate Cheeseburger! 🤤 Want to taste our secret burger ingredient? Head to our stand at #pitpbath and ask the staff to “Discover the mystery of the holes”. We look forward to seeing you there! 😁 #SecretCode #Pubinthepark #JarlsbergCheese #SweetAndNutty @jarlsberg_

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How does an entrepreneur and Michelin-starred chef make burgers at home? With passion, a hot frying pan… and Jarlsberg®, of course! Get the full recipe in bio 😋

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People are queuing up for our little delicious cheesy sliders 🙌🤩 Not forgetting our cubes of sweet & nutty goodness. Head over to our stories to vote for which one you would choose 😍 #sweetandnutty #jarlsbergcheese #pubintheparknutsford

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We’re coming to the end of session 1 here at @pubinthepark Knutsford 🧀😋 It’s cheese & smiles all round! Check out our stories to see behind the scenes 🎉🎷 Ready for session 2! #jarlsbergcheese #theultimateburger #sweetandnutty #pubintheparkknutsford


We are officially kicking off our UK summer tour of The Jarlsberg Ultimate Cheeseburger! Want to taste our secret burger ingredient? Head to our stand at #pitpknutsford and ask the staff to "Discover the mystery of the holes". We look forward to seeing you there! #pubinthepark #jarlsbergcheese #SweetAndNutty 🍔🧀

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The secret behind this crazily good Korean Hot Bite Burger? 50 job applications, an insatiable desire to succeed and a true passion for cooking! Recipe link in bio 😋


Jarlsberg® cheese soup is warm and hearty soul food that will also please your stomach 🥰 And it's super easy to make! Get the recipe link in bio 🧀 #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #cheesesoup


Today is Norway's National Day 🇳🇴 Get in touch with your inner Norwegian and celebrate with a festive brunch or dinner with friends and family. Don't forget Jarlsberg® for your celebrations! 🧀🎊

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Olga and Kegen from @mackishofficial love SANDWICHES! But what was the outcome when we asked them to create a Jarlsberg® BURGER!?😲 The Northern Temptation Burger, of course! Get the recipe link in bio 😋


Pizza is always a good idea! If you are looking for a vegetarian option, try this meat-free pizza with lots of Jarlsberg®, delicious vegetables and a drizzle of sweet agave nectar on top. Get the recipe link in bio 🧀 #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #vegetarianpizza #pizzabianca #cheeseislife

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The secret behind The Nutty Mushroom Melt vegetarian burger? Two Swedish friends with a passion for food… and Jarlsberg® naturally 😋 @mackishofficial


Our take on the Mac 'n' Cheese is fancy enough to serve at a party - whilst still hearty and filling 🧀 Get the recipe link in bio! #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #macncheese


The original Jarlsberg® is based on a secret Norwegian recipe from 1956 – so secret that only a handful of trusted people know of its whereabouts and custodians. The combination of traditional cheese-making and modern technology gives the cheese an edge; appreciated by both world class and amateur chefs 🧀


Longing for summer? This delicious Jarlsberg® Soufflé will give you the taste of warm summer evenings 😍 Here we’ve combined the classic French soufflé with a tangy lemon vinaigrette and a fresh tomato and watermelon salad which makes it perfect as an appetizer or main course 🍋🍅🍉 Recipe link in bio! #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #souffle #cheeseislife


Try our gourmet take on the classic crowd-pleaser fish & chips 🧀🍟 Get the recipe link in bio! #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #fishandchips


A glass of wine and a few truffle shavings is all it takes to turn a humble loaf of bread into a gourmet treat 🍞🧀 Get the recipe for this indulgent cheese fondue in our bio! #jarlsberg #jarlsbergcheese #cheesefondue #fonduenight

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It’s finally Friday! How about inviting some friends over for a nice meal and some wine this weekend? Jarlsberg® is perfect for those long weekend dinners. You can add it to your cooking, serve it on a cheese board or as a starter when your guests arrive. The options are endless 🧀 #jarlsberg #cheeseislife #cheeseparty #ketodiet #paleodiet