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I got the privilege of playing with @kristenedimarco and @emmyrose_ at heaven come last week. They absolutely crushed it of course. Really thankful for every chance I get to do this these days. It’s


Track 11 Childhood This is my final song story from this record. I have had a lot of fun sharing the stories and concepts behind something so important to me. Id like to thank each and every one of you


Track 10 Minnesota This is officially the oldest song on this record. Originally written back in 2011 and ultimately never changed. I was homesick. I had moved across the country from a place with 4


Track 8 I am, I am, I am I did it again and skipped another song. My bad, my bad, my bad. Ok this song is about one of my favorite books “The Bell Jar” if you are an artist in any respect and haven’t


Track 9 The River This was the third and final song I wrote at the cabin in Lewiston. It was a small one bedroom fishing lodge on a cliff overlooking the trinity river. It had this huge 200 step staircase


Track 7 Zeal and Sword This one is kinda an odd one to talk about since it’s pretty cut and dry. I had been thinking about my life as a whole and attempted putting it down on paper which you can imagine


Track 6 Dust Bowl Hymn So I accidentally skipped this one my bad. This song is one of my personal favorites on the record. This and “Minnesota” I wrote way back in 2014 right after my “Gabriel


Track 5 Story (Would You Care) This was the second of 3 songs I wrote at the cabin in Lewiston. I had actually had these verses written for almost 5 years. I knew I wanted to write about legacy, about


Track 4 Ruthless Most of the songs on this record have lived in 3 or 4 entirely different formats before landing on what you hear now. This song was another monster entirely. From different time signatures,


Track 3 Give Up This one is a little hard for me but here we go... This was the last song I wrote for the record. Everything else was pretty much done. We were wrapping up some final changes when one


Track 2 What Is This Unto I wrote this song on a little Casio keyboard as kind of a half way joke. I had been challenging myself to write Popier songs and had written this one in just one session. I


Just over 2 months ago I released my first full length record. It took every single ounce of energy and self belief I had to get it out after 6 years of hard work. And once it did finally release I found