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The ultimate way to explore hidden Southeast Asia-aboard its most elegant train. #EasternOriental


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Each evening sit down to your beautifully laid table and await each delicious course as the sun sets for another day. #TheArtOfBelmond #Asia


A green and gold gilded exterior harbours an ornate inner world, complete with French polished wooden panels, intricate marquetry and oriental silks. 📷 by @jiranarong2 #TheArtOfBelmond


Traverse through the heart of Asia taking in the unique beauty that passes by. 📷 by @mary_quincy #TheArtOfBelmond #Asia

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Introducing Good Living by Belmond, a new concept in wellbeing. It is an invitation to indulge in experiences that enrich the mind and body and stir the soul. From seeking mindfulness on a sanctuary


Embrace the old-world charm of the Eastern & Oriental Express's iconic carriages. 📷 by @peemwong #TheArtOfBelmond #Asia


All aboard for a timeless journey through Southeast Asia. The iconic Eastern & Oriental Express is a rolling memoir of a more elegant age. #TheArtOfBelmond #Asia


Trek with our expert naturalist on an invigorating hill trek through Kuala Kangsar on our Singapore and Bangkok journey. Experience spectacular panoramic views throughout the day finishing with a refreshing

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This weekend we celebrated the start of our very special journey, 'Tiger Express'. Our beautiful carriages were emblazoned with artwork by Jacky Tsai, and definitely can't be missed as they traverse

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We were recently joined on-board by chef Didier Corlou for a wonderful celebration of gastronomy. Guests enjoyed his specially curated dishes; from delicious tiger prawns to divine coconut mousse, it


Revel in the unrivaled views in the Observation Car with a cocktail or two... #TheArtOfBelmond #LuxuryTravel #Asia


"Rolling through Thailand on the Eastern & Oriental Express..." 📷 by @josephowen #TheArtOfBelmond #Repost #Asia


Step out into the observation deck and feel the cool breeze as the carriages meander past lush jungle, ancient temples and quaint villages. #TheArtOfBelmond #Asia


Bask in the celebratory atmosphere each evening in the lively bar car. #TheArtOfBelmond #BarCar #Asia


Savour every moment as you journey from Bangkok to Singapore on the exquisite Eastern & Oriental Express. 📷 by @mary_quincy #TheArtOfBelmond #Asia


Combine the unique dishes our internationally renowned chefs create with the spectacular passing views for an unforgettable dining experience. #TheArtOfBelmond #Asia


As the evening draws to a close, retreat to your cosy cabin that's now been prepared for you to simply drop into bed. #TheArtOfBelmond #Cabin #Asia