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Dwight Howard The change I wanna see must first begin in me!!! 💯🙏🏾🙏🏾 20/20 vision


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Brings tears to my eyes every time I see my kids wearing my jersey. #grateful #39


20/20 vision. 🦍💯🏆🙏🏾


Humble and Hungry. 🦍🦍🦍🦍💯💯

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We all have a purpose. Find your purpose and be the greatest at your purpose. Special thanks to @greenranger14 @insidegreenroom for the love. Be Great.


I’m so proud of @javalemcgee. Keep growing bro. Kareem Abdul McGee. You doin a great job bro. I’m so happy to witness you growth. Bless up. This our season 🦍🦍🦍🦍💯

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Man I been playing basketball for 30 years. And I have never felt so much joy. The joy of the most high is my strength. Let’s keep it goin fellas. 🦍🦍💯💯

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Humble + Hungry = champions Shout out to pops he throw the jersey on during the games. 💯🦍🦍


Kintasukuroi. Man the inner G at the United Center was epic. Great road trip fellas. Can’t wait to get back HOME to hear OUR angels aka laker nation.

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All praise to The Most High Heavenly One for giving Me the Spirit of the Lion of the tribe of Judah. And my earthly guide doctor Gibson for awakening that spirit within me. 💯 #humble&hungry


Proud of you dog. I really enjoy watching you thrive. @antdavis23


Lakers nation. Let’s stay together. One goal. One mission. United. Humble and hungry. Every moment every day. 🙏🏾TMH 💯


I’m so grateful. Thank you laker nation for supporting our team. Let’s stay together. This is Our season. There is nothing we can’t accomplish when we are on one accord. The fans the organization and the players. One goal one mission. Thank you to The Most High for giving us this opportunity. And @antdavis23 you are amazing keep going man. I got ya back more than ya spine do. 💯💯 @troydaniels30 @lakers

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Year 16 underway and I couldn’t be more excited. Big shoutout to the team at @bwcarsla for always getting me to games in style. Check em out for the best inventory in LA 🎥: @swishcultures

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Great time getting in the ring this week with @Xbox and @WWEgames. 🥊 #XboxSessions #XboxPartner #WWE2K20


In spite of calamity. He has a PLAN for ME. Great team win . Laker faithful thank you . #39 #begreat #walkingreatness


Be great. Walk in greatness.


I made it thru!!! Let’s go man. This the year. 🦍💯 I speak positivity for all my brothers in the NBA this season. Be Great💯


Amazing time at universal studios and HHN. @unistudios @horrornights #UniversalHHN


Whatever it takes. No matter the cost. Sacrifice. WE all in. #20/20vision #39 #redemption @lakers @acfresh21 @caldwellpope @vontae_15

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Happy Bornday to my beautiful sister. I love you. @tthoward

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Grateful to the Most High. To go from not playing for a year to back with the purple and gold is the most humbling experience in the world. #39 #redemption #20/20vision.


Don’t try to change the wind or the sea, just change the sail!!

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Never stop believing. Keep fighting!!Keep standing!! No matter how tough your situation is your breakthrough is right around the corner. #39 📸 @ursula.vari @veniceball


Be great and walk in greatness. #39 redemption💯 @breakingtco


Man I’m so excited to be apart of the @lakers. Thank you @neweracap for blessing us with these laker hats. Redemption #39