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FAMILY. Today I met Brittany in the courtyard. It’s only her second week at @vouschurch and she was walking into Growth Track! GT is made up of four steps that equip you to follow Jesus, connect at church, discover your purpose, and serve others. I’m inspired by people like Brittany who don’t waste any time moving from a spectator to a participator in what God is doing in our city! I’m honored to serve alongside hundreds of faithful men and women each week @vouschurch . It’s the love of Jesus inside of them that makes this a community, not an event! Still 2 more services left today. 5pm & 7pm. Let’s do this!


Rest and Praise. It’s Saturday ❤️ #WildeWesleyWilkerson

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My boys. Had an epically exhausting showdown with Wyatt at dinner. He ate but I’m not so sure I won, haha! Now snuggling and staying up a little past bedtime because isn’t that the best part of Fridays? #thankyouJesus @richwilkersonjr

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Psyching up for Sunday worship... or John Mayer concert?! Shoulder glance got me good! This kid isn’t even 2 yet. Wilde isn’t ready for big bro Wyatt. #dontsteponmybluesuedeshoes #heissingingouttamyheadbymayerkhalid #ooowaaahhh #everymorning #whoputthemirrorinhallwaywhileiwasatthehospital #richsecureitplease @richwilkersonjr

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Too blessed to be stressed

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Saying bye bye bump and hello baby today! Keep ya posted fam. This miracle is in motion xx @simplylively @richwilkersonjr

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Some of my fave memories this year have been preaching with my boys. One in my arms and the other “beneath yet in my heart” (as one of my Dad’s songs profoundly states). Being pregnant while sharing the truth of Gods Word is a treasure and I don’t ever take it for granted. Every promise of God I have spoken over a congregation I have also spoken over my sons lives and destinies. God loves your family. His promises stand true for your home and generations to come. Thank you Jesus.

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“Mama’s got a pumpkin in her belly” 😂 Honestly, I’ve been trying to get across to W that he has a baby brother on the way for several months. I think at 1 years old he’s just too young to understand. He’ll understand when he experiences it. And so it is with Gods plan so often. We want to know before hand exactly what’s coming but really the experience teaches us all. When it comes to my new journey that begins this week, the same could be said. Tell me all you want that things will change with two kids (and yes I want all that wisdom!), but only by experiencing it myself does that flesh out to my reality. And much of my experience rests on my response. So what to do when you are expecting but you don’t know what to expect? I think the verse of today @youversion is perfect for us all. “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.” (Heb. 10:23) Life for me has been about holding on while hoping and watching Gods faithfulness revealed in time. I’m not gonna stop holding on to faith and rejecting fear, holding to love and releasing bitterness, holding to hope and refusing despair. Hold on. Have the best Monday xx


I’m committed to celebrating every day like it’s the best day ever, but truthfully there are plenty of restless moments along the journey of life. Overwhelmed by the future, stuck in the past, stressful relationships, sleepless nights and worry filled thoughts aren’t the only options for our weary hearts. Today we start a new collection entitled “Restless”. There IS rest for our souls. There is joy. There is community. All because of Jesus. Let’s gather today. Who are you bringing? See ya soon @vouschurch ! @richwilkersonjr

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Sisterhood of strength for every season. Grateful for these incredible women (and many more not in pics). They inspire me. You don’t have to do life alone. Community is worth the effort, sacrifice and vulnerability. We serve, pray, celebrate and trust God together. What are you doing tomorrow? There’s a place for you @vouschurch or find a local church in your community! #JESUS

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Prayer is the greatest gift my son could receive. He has plenty of hand-me-downs from his big brother to meet his other temporary needs haha! It was important to us to gather before our little man arrives to celebrate the grace of God, to recognize the value of his life and the gift of another miracle in our home. And that’s exactly what we did. Thankful for our community. If you’re believing for a miracle today, know you’re not alone! God is able. @vouschurch

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You’re a great man @richwilkersonjr . Lover of Jesus. Lover of people. That smile is everything to me. Xx


She’s steady sunshine. @anawolfington love you a lot. #7days


I found a good umbrella holder for the rainy days ❤️ @richwilkersonjr


In the courtyard this Sunday I saw some of my fave people on the planet. Several children from a local group home were leaving VOUS Kids and flooded me with hugs and kisses that made my entire month. As they pressed their ears to my belly, asked questions and put their hands on top of one another to try and feel a kick, I was humbled and grateful to share such a moment. My heart continues to intercede for these tiny world changers. Community is real. Moment by Moment. God is building all of our lives together. Each of these hands represent lives that are discovering their phenomenal destiny in Jesus at such a young age despite the brokenness they are facing. Their joy, kindness and strength was like a tsunami of love. I pray they are filled with that love and confidence every time they are at @vouschurch . Afterwards, their incredible Home Mom sent me this photo and I will treasure it.


If you know what Rich is holding, you prob have a snot nosed baby that you want to keep well, too! We can’t live without Frida baby :) One of my fave highlights from TEAM CONF @vouschurch was Rich interviewing our dear friend, Chelsea Hirschhorn. Chelsea is the CEO of @fridababy & @fridamom and she inspires me! Her innovative products and honest narrative to motherhood is literally changing the Baby and Mom landscape. I didn’t interview her because I prob would have never stopped talking about how great their team and products are! A staple in our house. Grateful that our VOUS community got to soak up a little of her incredible wisdom and meet the mighty Mama behind such an awesome company. We’re cheering you on @cmrh ! @richwilkersonjr

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Faithful. Sacrificial. Focused. Purposed. I cried happy tears all day today at @vouschurch TEAM CONF because I just can’t believe what God is creating in our community. Wow. Each life so special, each story so powerful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to every servant leader. We serve for an audience of one! You are loved and surrounded. I loved every minute of today. Can’t wait till tomorrow!!!

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Grateful to have my Louisiana family here this weekend! It’s been the best day @vouschurch . Wyatt loves his Great-Grammy and Susie. And I’m crazy about @dakotaduron1 ! Come hang with your VOUS fam tonight at the 5pm & 7:15pm! @francesduron @susieregadams

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This IS everything. Last night we celebrated the life of our dear friend Lisette Gonzalez who went to be with Jesus at the young age of 48. I worked with Pastor Lisette and her incredible husband for 8 years in ministry here in Miami. She pretty much served in every possible role at one point or another at Trinity over 20 years. She approached every responsibility with the same passion. Location pastor, food bank director, executive assistant, special event coordinator, marriage counselor, worship leader, kids pastor... there was nothing she couldn’t do. She raised her two phenomenal kids in Gods house. - - Always a smile on her face. Always an encouraging word on her lips... and when she worshipped... her love for Jesus lit the room ablaze. We had CHURCH last night in her honor and sang all the songs we loved to hear her sing. We’ll sing with her again. - - Pastor Marcus, Jocelyn and Jonathan, we love you so very much. Your strength is remarkable. Your confession didn’t waver when the storm surrounded. I can hear Lisette declare with a twinkle in her eye, as she often said in every season, “FIX your eyes on JESUS”. @jocii_gabrielle @marcusgonzalz

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It requires us to be honest with those we trust about the stuff we’re struggling with. On the flip side, it requires us to ask, “How can I serve you?” when a sister is going through a tough time. You can watch the rest of the @vousconference breakout on YouTube!

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I’m grateful for my Mom who constantly put the promises of God in my heart from a young age just “along the way”. It’s the 5 minutes here and there throughout the day that add up to real impact. Don’t give up! You’re the right parents. — “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” ‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭6:5-7‬ ‭NIV‬‬ @vouschurch

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Tell someone you love em today. See you tomorrow @vouschurch family. We love you! Ps. Swipe left for some good laughs & then one hilarious face @kristen.wilkerson @richwilkersonjr @tdwilkerson @robynwilkerson @dezduron @blaireduron @deanzaduron @alli_rp87 @dakotaduron1 @richwilkerson @pdennyduron

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Today we had 515 Servant Leaders across 19 projects love on Miami. Thank you VOUS! See you tomorrow at church! #ILoveMyCity #VOUSchurch


It was 75 this morning... perfect time to break out these babies (it’s 86 now but whatevs). How great is this season change in Miami?! Feels amazing. Go outside. #MiamiMom #WorkWarm #4weeksleft


Happy Monday, friends! Grateful for this man and the message he shared yesterday. If you haven’t heard it, check it out. It will encourage you. #summerarchives @richwilkersonjr

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Sunny days created by the greatest artist of all.

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God doesn’t waste a thing. He’s always speaking. The Holy Spirit wants to use every part of our life to remind us of who we are in Christ. Watch the full message on YouTube.


Feel like you’re traveling through life alone? Tomorrow we start a new collection entitled Hearing God’s Voice! Love you @vouschurch . Is it Sunday, yet?!! #JESUS #youarenotalone #crazyaboutthiskid

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For the last few weeks Wyatt has air strummed constantly and played his baseball bat like a guitar. So Sunday before evening services we surprised him and put a kids ukulele in his tiny hands. For the next two services he stood through the worship set and strummed passionately every song. Thankful he already has heroes to look to on our worship team and an example to follow. He’s already watching, learning and growing. Blows my mind. Love my men. Love our community. @richwilkersonjr @wyattwesleywilkerson


Brick by Brick. Our lives living stones. All for His glory. 4 years down. Thank you Jesus. @richwilkersonjr @wyattwesleywilkerson


It’s been a party all day at @vouschurch! We’re celebrating all that God has done these last 4 years and all that he’s yet to do. You’re invited to our last 2 services! 5:00PM and 7:15PM

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VOUS is grateful to partner with 3 incredible organizations for disaster relief in the Bahamas. CitiImpact Disaster Relief just sent their first barge over with 20+ containers packed full of supplies. We’ve been gathering supplies all week, and it’s not too late for you to contribute! Check out the list on the next photo and bring to any service today @vouschurch


Tomorrow we celebrate 4 years of @vouschurch . You’re invited! Gonna be such a special day with so many incredible individuals who make VOUS possible. I’m personally grateful to participate in this community. Our kids will grow up knowing there is a God who loves them and created them for a purpose larger than themselves. Thank you, Jesus. Only one thing left to say... Is it Sunday yet?! @richwilkersonjr


Starting this morning thankful for a moment from last night. Bedtime stories with GiGi & W’s fave book! Grateful for family. @robynwilkerson @erika.vazquez

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Tonight we gathered to pray for those affected by Hurricane Dorian. Believing for this path of destruction to not move forward any further. Miracles happen when the church prays. Many people brought supplies to be donated to the Bahamas and you can bring more on Sunday. For more info visit vouschurch.com

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I want to remind you today that the strength of God rests powerfully on our lives in the midst of our brokenness. God is not waiting on your strength, He’s waiting for you to surrender to His. Watch the full message on YouTube.

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Sunday is here! We won’t be meeting today due to Hurricane Dorian and the public school system having to close the doors. However, we’re still having church ONLINE. Head to vouschurch.com for a special online message. See you next week as we celebrate our 4 Year Anniversary on Vision Sunday! @vouschurch

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Due to the reports on Hurricane Dorian, and our concern for your wellbeing, we will not be gathering this Sunday. Our Governor has called for a state of emergency and the school board has closed both of our locations. For this reason, we are combining our Vision Sunday and our 4th Year Anniversary services. Join us on Sunday, September 8th as we celebrate and look ahead at the year to come. We encourage you to prepare for the severe weather conditions and join us in prayer for all our neighbors across Florida, the Caribbean, and any other area that may be affected by the storm. For hurricane readiness information and updates please visit: vouschurch.com

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Tonight’s Prayer Gathering was special. Grateful for moments to encounter God as a community. It’s the strength of @vouschurch.


My people. This was 1:30am after being deplaned off a canceled international flight. Even simple schedules don’t always go how we plan. Don’t give up. My mom wrote a song for us called “let’s make a memory while we wait”. I don’t always get that one right but with the right people around you, you’re reminded how to smile in the stretch. #family @thebestbuddiesmusic @richwilkersonjr @deanzaduron @wyattwesleywilkerson

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Hope this encourages you today. Watch the full video on YouTube. #LiveTheDream @vousconference