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💥Hill Bounding💥 . An amazing exercise to build strength and explosive power in the legs while simultaneously improving stability 🔥. In addition to that, this will improve sprinting mechanics,

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🔥Lateral lunge to high knee march🔥 . A complex, multiplanar exercise to increase performance 💪🏾👊🏾✊🏾! . Great for: 🦵🏾Inner & outer thigh strength and flexibility • 🏃🏾‍♂️Quickness

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💥 Band Resisted Pull-up 💥 . Here’s an amazing exercise to build explosive pulling power. The bands provide an accommodating resistance that is less at the bottom and greater at the top which forces

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💥Deadstop Explosive Pushup💥 . The deadstop is a great addition as it takes away the stretch reflex found in normal pushups and requires more strength to push yourself up. This will help build more

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💥Single-Leg Box Jump Bounds💥 . A great unilateral plyometric exercise that puts emphasis on the lower leg. This will help build reactive strength of the calf muscle and ankle 🦵🏾. . This exercise

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Improving your vision will improve your performance! Here’s a fun proprioception drill to improve your vision, balance, coordination 🔥. .. . I’m using the @hecostix to call out a color to catch

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💥 Swiss Ball Lunge Jump 💥 . A great exercise to build unilateral strength, balance, and stability. The jump will help teach your body how to properly absorb force when landing as it requires a great

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🔥 Force Absorption & Exertion 🔥. . My man @younes.mma has a fight coming up in a few weeks and so he really needs to take his game to the next level 💯. As an mma fighter, he needs to be able

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Another medicine ball core challenge 👊🏾✊🏾. This one is a little tough as the mind to muscle connection that is required is even more than before. Also, because my hips are higher than the shoulders

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🔥Super Mario Splitter Jumps 🔥 . #tbt to one of my favorite landmine variations. This is an advanced plyometric exercise that will build incredible unilateral strength and power. Add these in and

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🔥 Rebounding Lateral Broad Jumps 🔥 . A great exercise to develop serious power and agility. For athletes, it is critical to incorporate exercises that focus on building power and stability in lateral

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💥Single Leg Ball Slam💥 . A great exercise that requires a high power output and a significant amount of control and stability. This will teach you how to harness your power, a critical aspect of

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🔥 💀 Battle Rope Killer 💀🔥 . Here’s a battle rope variation that will truly have you gasping for air 🥵. Not only that but you will really reap its benefits of strength AND conditioning.

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💥Sprinter Pushups💥 . Want to sprint faster without having to sprint? Here’s a wonderful exercise that combines upper body power and sprint mechanics to improve the explosiveness of your arm swing

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🔥Plyometric Running Man🔥 . A great and easy to do exercise to build that explosive single-leg power. An amazing exercise for athletes as it improves unilaterally triple extension which means an

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🔥Kettlebell Swing Lateral Walk 🔥 . The kettlebell swing is already a great exercise to increase power in your hips. Add the lateral walk and this will improve your proprioception and transfer of

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🔥Core x Coordination 🔥 . Great exercise to improve hand-eye coordination and rhythm all while getting a good test of core and shoulder endurance. Not as easy as it seems! 🥵. Try these out! . . . . . . #plyos

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💥Balance for Athleticism💥 . Having great balance will put you at a reduced risk of joint and ligament injuries as well as improve joint stabilization and body control which will put you an an advantage