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No one is in the right 100% of the time. I recently admitted that I was wrong about #queen @beyonce because what she did for the culture at @coachella last year was nothing short of powerful! I decided to even groove to #queenbey to open up the semester at @harvard


I have been blessed to know the towering literary genious Toni Morrison for nearly 30 years. She changed my life. She enriched my life. I cannot conceive of who I am, not just as an intellectual or academic, but as a human being without her art, without her witness, and without her very deep friendship. I love and will miss my dear sister. #tonimorrison

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#Repost @democracynow ・・・ Dr. Cornel West says corporate media outlets like CNN, which hosted the Democratic presidential primary debates this week, are an integral part of American empire. As such, they prefer not to examine U.S. foreign policy and military operations too closely. "Corporate media won't touch that with a 10-foot pole, so you end up with this very narrow, deodorized, truncated conversation that denies the reality of the U.S. presence in the world," West says. To watch Cornel West's full comments on this week's presidential debates, check the link in our bio.


Finally had the chance to sit with this brother @joerogan during a brief visit to Los Angeles today. We had a rich, multidimensional dialogue covering everything from the tragic genius of #richardpryor to the inimitable talent of @garyclarkjr and more. Stay Strong Brother Joe! (Link in bio)


Thank you to my beautiful sister @sheryldavissf for another powerful evening in #sanfrancisco as we celebrated the 55th anniversary of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission. We continue to advocate on behalf of everday poor and working people!

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A warm welcome from #universityoforegon Thank you to my brothers and sisters of the Pacific Northwest who stand in solidarity for a pursuit of constancy in love and justice.

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#democracy is actually much more of a verb than it is a noun. It's a process. It's an activity. What a blessing to spend yesterday evening with my dear Muslim brothers and sisters in #toronto. I salute @islamicreliefcanada for their work to build sustainable water solutions in resource-scarce regions in #africa. We shall continue our support this evening in #edmonton.


I have the deepest love for the beautiful students of #harambee that invited me to speak at the closing #blackhistorymonth event at #rhodeislandcollege yesterday evening. Thank you!


#Repost @jeremyjberry ・・・ "For where two or three are gathered..." #brothers #love #justice #spirit #joy #rhodeislandcollege #harambee

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It doesn't matter how it's communicated...we are all just searching for a sign of love. #lovewarriors


13 years of civil debate and dialogue with my brother Robby George! I #love this brother, and love is not reducible to politics.

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"Keep the pressure on." -CW


“The fundamental litmus test for American democracy—its economy, government, criminal justice system, education, mass media, and culture—remains: how broad and intense are the arbitrary powers used and deployed against black people.” #justicematters2018


On this day, in 1958, a genius was born. He colored the world with passion and calm. He is the vanguard forever known as Prince. #prince #music #genius #art #love #activist #neverforget #happybirthday

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Thank you to Sister Pam Sugiman, Dean of the Faculty of Arts at #Ryerson, for facilitating my first visit to the campus. We had a wonderful time wrestling with the human condition.


Some people say to me, "Oh Brother West, you sound like the 60s. It's time to move past the 60s." I say, "Please! We still need to CATCH UP to the 60s!" #ryersonuniversity #congress2017 #congressh #justicematters


With Brother Joe Brean of Canada's National Post, comparing and contrasting the best and worst of our contiguous nations at Ryerson University for #congress2017. #congressh #toronto #justice #humanities #socialscience


Percy Bysshe Shelley taught us that "Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world." #hope and #optimism #love #justice #poetry


Today, I am with a community of open hearts and inquiring minds in the fellowship of the Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church. I am reminded by this brave sister that we must never forget. #waterislife #standingrock #justice


#Preciousmoments with #students at University of St. Thomas. We must sustain the #huddle of #love.


Poised for what will surely be a spirited conversation this evening with Brother Ross Douthat. #education #dialogue healthy #debate


Let us commemorate Dr. King's "Beyond Vietnam" speech which he delivered 50 years ago today at Riverside Church in New York. This scathing critique of America's foreign and domestic policies became an ominous and watershed moment in the life of this prophetic freedom fighter. #mlk #beyondvietnam #freedom #justice #love #king #martin

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#Art as #Resistance was a powerful evening coordinated by the courageous leaders of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. #curtismayfield #freedom #music #love #justice #past #present #future


The artists, who are the vanguards of the species, are extremely important in this present moment.


Reveling in humanity with the beautiful folks of The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.


There is only one Louis Gossett Jr.


Our faces tell the story of a rich, colorful yet painful past.


Jean-Claude Legagneur


Behind the scenes of Jean-Claude Legagneur @MOCA Miami


A moment pregnant with truth expressed by the acrylic strokes of contemporary artist Jean-Claude Legagneur.


These wonderful brothers and sisters are hard at work creating opportunities in the K-12 system for brilliant teachers and administrators of color.


When did the "Golden Rule" become "He who has the gold rules?"


Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated once, but he learned how to die daily. #valpomlk


Preparing to celebrate the life, works and prophetic words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. inside the Chapel of the Resurrection.


#Repost @annahita_mahdavi ・・・ In Solidarity With The Indigenous people of America ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽 The Fight Continues ✌🏿✌🏾✌🏽 #StandingWithStandingRock #CornelWest for #peace #justice and #truth @brothercornelwest


Coach Gregg Popovich is a towering figure in the world of sports and an exemplar or integrity in our lifetime. #coachpop #spurs #sanantonio

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#Repost @natehowardbe ・・・ Soul Searchin ft. @brothercornelwest. Artwork x @studio_be_


Sister Donna Souder (@drdhodge) and Brother Sylvester Kalevela, thank you for the powerful work that you are doing on the grounds of #csupueblo with CSUPueblo_CTL

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I have many times said that I'm a blues man in the life of the mind; I'm a jazz man in the world of ideas. We must, however, remember to keep the funk in the face of injustice and deodorized discourse. #love #justicee #blues #jazz #keepthefunk #sing #dance #laugh #africanamericanyouthharvestfoundation


Listen generously and care deeply. #StayStrong