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Editor-In-Chief @voguechina @vogueme #VogueFilm Speaker on China/fashion/millennial Mother of @hayleygraham19 Weibo: angelica张宇


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The #vogueme dance campaign that’s going viral, 72 hours 200million impressions. Post your own #coolpeopledance Thank you #罗志祥 for taking the lead for us, thank you #李汶翰 #姚明明 for your

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#vogueme dancing campaign going viral, launched 72 hours, 200million impressions. Let’s dance... it’s easy😃 Thank you #罗志祥 for taking the lead for us🙏 @showlo @vogueme

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#frejabeha in China last night, together with #yangmi for MO & CO #杨幂 @yangmimimi912 @voguechina

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That very hot day in Paris in July #dujuan #杜鹃 #voguechina

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There’s me and there’s Natalia... spot the difference!😄😄😄 @natasupernova @koche #nataliavodianova #voguechina

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From @vogueme cover to all-round collaboration in China...an innovative project. More to come! @voguechina @noonoouri

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Our campaign promoting Chinese models received 460million hits within two days of launch. My own Weibo post alone generated nearly 100million reads. A very happy day for @voguechina and #chinesemodels

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A day in Cambridge (Bat safari, punting on River Cam) before Hayley heading off to a film camp. #hayleygraham @hayleygraham19 @markredversgraham

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The biggest thunderstorm/flood in 30 years in #yorkshiredales. A month of rain in 20 min... We survived. What a day!


Sunrise over the Baltic sea. #regentcruises #sevenseas


20-year-old heartthrob #caixukun and #sarahbrannon on @vogueme Aug issue #蔡徐坤 @prada


Sunset in the Baltic sea

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The most amazing church, built directly into the rock in Helsinki. Temppeliaukio Church aka Church of the Rock. Lutheran.

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Beautiful chandeliers in Winter Palace and Summer Palace of St Petersburg #stpetersburg #regentcruises

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The throne where the Tsar received dignitaries who all had to stand, no seat. Hermitage, formerly the Winter Palace, has a vast art collection from Da Vinci to Rembrandt. St Petersburg day 3 #hermitage

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So lovely meeting top Russian ballerina Alina Somova, a mother of 2 who takes only 1 day off a week from practicing and rehearsing👍 #alinasomova @alinasomovaofficial @hatu357 @voguerussia

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Evropa, Belmond Hotel, St Petersburg, the place for the best and most creatively presented Russian caviar. (Mr Arnault just bought the hotel)

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Connecting with the fashion community even on holiday... so enjoyed spending time with Hatulia Avsadzhanashvili in St Petersburg and learn all about her Fashion District/ Babochka that started by her

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St Petersburg day 2: Peterhof summer palace #stpetersburg #hayleygraham @hayleygraham19 #regentcruises