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Behind the scenes for Nike, 2015, Zazie Beetz.


this amazing photo mama took of sister and i which she then included in a self published book for me titled “true loves”...🥺..😭❤️

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the London equivalent of “get off my lawn” 😂 🧡

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When I’m feeling tender I close my eyes and almost impulsively the vision of a hand gently, lovingly cupping the side of my face appears. Do you use your hands to communicate with those you love? Do

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The past nearly two weeks have been surreal for more reasons than I can count. Welcomed movement back into my life, shaking the fabrics blowing the dust off drawing the curtains opening the windows. Left


haven’t shed this much hair since i was 22, disoriented with a heavy case of the blues 💔 relieved to be shedding again at 27 but this time around it feels less like running from and more like running