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#RethinkingTravel 👦🏻:Just found @waktu.in ✉️:Agusleo.halim@waktuin.com I made an App for you travelers! Give it a try👇🏻


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I’ll tell you this : the Instagram lake didn’t disappoint a bit. It was indeed very serene and peaceful. This would be the perfect place to spend your autumn 🍂 #Hellofrom Italy

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Im having mixed feelings about Bali these days. Obviously I’m happy for the locals that they could boost their economy with so MANY Instagram spots. But it feels every hidden gems now adays are too


Just book my next adventure with my little one!! Can you guess where? Hint : it’s humid and futuristic at the same time


Appreciation post. I just want to say that i am grateful that yall still following me/liking my content through my journey as a “starving artist” Here some thoughts that linger in my head for a while.


Not a stairway to heaven. But I don’t mind if this really it. How r u feelin this midweek? Any cool weekend plans in mind?


Who do you got me or @ninjarod game to 21? All jokes aside. This is what I love from travel; rod and I found this random island for lunch. Little did we know that it sparked random thoughts like how

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As a travel photographer, it’s really hard to come to mainstream place and find new angle. Especially if you trap in IG game. Where the algorithm limits your creativity. That’s why @lnovum tag line


Is it just me or this twin lagoon telling us something? It looks like double love 💙💙 can u see it too? #Hellofrom Coron


Well, just a postcard from coron #hellofrom Philippines Kindly rate rod’s diving form😝 from 1-10. I would say it’s a solid 8


It’s officially dry season in Philippines!! Who else planning to go there?! Even though I just went there, I’m still counting days to be back here. Maybe I’ll visit siargao and elnido. Any other

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Here’s a problem with editing Philippines’s photo, the water is too blue😂 people are goin to think it’s photoshopped even though I don’t edit anything. Anyway I was using pocket WiFi from


Just letting u know the owner of this crib is looking for a collab DM me now for his fax number • • • • • #itsmorefuninthephilippines #djiglobal #fromwhereidrone #hellofrom #voyaged #discoverearth


I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect anything from Philippines trip. But seeing this still water in early morning; heaven!! Tell me a better spot to spend morning 📸@ninjarod • • • • • #itsmorefuninthephilippines

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Rod and I were so tired from all the island hopping. We figured let’s just stop by this random island and chill. Which probably the best decision I ever made, how cool is it that they built b-ball


Rod and I were scouting for a retirement home here. I think I’m pretty content with this spot. Anyone else wanna chip in? • • • • • #itsmorefuninthephilippines #mavicpro #djiglobal #fromwhereidrone

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Swimming with this creature was UNREAL!! Definitely made me feel so small. #RethinkingTravel Side note: I’ll have a surprise for y’all next week😎 can u guess what it is? . . . #itsmorefuninthephilippines


Trust me mate this is real. And after seeing this in real life. I was convinced that Jurassic Park isn’t a fiction. Would you dare to visit here if there’s a 50/50 chance you might get eaten by a