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African Parks is a conservation NGO that manages National Parks & Protected Areas on behalf of governments across Africa to benefit wildlife & people


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As #WorldRhinoDay approaches (tomorrow, Sunday 22nd of September) we wanted to shine some light on some of our recent rhino successes, including our work in @akagerapark in Rwanda. Endangered Eastern


Today, people of all ages are making their voices heard in asking the leaders of today to take action in support of our planet, and address and mitigate climate change in a real and meaningful way. In


Listen: @AfricanParks has been featured today on @npr #AllThingsConsidered. @liwonde_national_park Park Manager Craig Reid, Head of Law Enforcement Paul Chidyera, and Head of Operations Lawrence Munro,


Mozambique’s first female sea-faring rangers have almost completed one year of service in Bazaruto Archipelago National Park and they are making us proud! After a tough selection process in 2017, 17

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Cheetahs are individuals too! We love the way these two cheetahs make drastically different exits from their bomas!! Just over seven weeks ago, a small group of cheetahs made the journey from four reserves

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Do you know how much land is under African Parks’ protection across Africa? 10.5 million hectares! That equates to 40,540 square miles and is the same size as Iceland. We manage 15 parks in nine countries

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#FieldNoteFriday – “Biodiversity and Sahara… two words seemingly incompatible” says @elsabussiere who is our Special Projects Manager from Ennedi Natural and Cultural Reserve. “In the collective


@garamba_national_park in the DRC serves as a prime example of creating value out of a once dangerous and lawless landscape. With a history stained by conflict and armed rebel groups pillaging its natural


Liwonde National Park in Malawi has become a bright spot for African predators – a safe harbor for lion and cheetah. Prior to African Parks assuming management of @liwonde_national_park in partnership


African Parks Special Envoy, John Scanlon, made a keynote address at the Business of Conservation Conference held at the @alueducation in Rwanda this week. In order to combat the rapid loss of biodiversity,

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#thatMondayfeeling. Watch this tired little cub take a nap in a tree in @akagerapark. As top predators, lions were hunted to local extinction in Akagera in the late 1990s when refugees returning to Rwanda

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Chinko, located in the Central African Republic (CAR), an area plagued by ongoing civil war and ethnic violence, is becoming a symbol of good governance and is the only stabilizing force for the people

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Watch this gentle giant amble over to one of the many water points in @zakouma_national_park. This peaceful spectacle is a far cry from the devastation that once haunted Zakouma. Between 2002 and 2010,

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I In case you missed it - @departuresmag featured African Parks and Odzala-Kokoua National Park in their September 30th Anniversary issue titled “Visionaires” and called African Parks a “game changer”.


@cites most recent Conference of Parties (CoP) was just held in Geneva and yielded some promising results. Nine species received increased protection from the international trade, while over 130 species


Did you know that Africa’s forest elephants can help prevent climate change? A recent report by @nytimes states that if forest elephants disappeared, the central African rainforest (the second largest


Did you know that Majete Wildlife Reserve in Malawi was the first park to enter the African Parks portfolio? Just fifteen years ago, it was an empty forest with little wildlife and only 12 ill equipped


Did you know that we are protecting the last Kordofan giraffe population in the Democratic Republic of the Congo? A Giraffe Population Assessment conducted in @garamba_national_park earlier this year


As the CITES World Wildlife Conference continues to unfold in Switzerland this week, African Parks Special Envoy and CITES former Secretary General, @johnescanlon, highlights the importance of preserving


Data and innovative technology are becoming vital tools in helping to transform park management. Thanks to platforms like our partner @vulcaninc’s Earth Ranger, real-time conservation data can be gathered

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In case you missed it – yesterday Zakouma National Park was named one of @time’s World’s Greatest Places 2019! • On the heels of this exciting news, we wanted to share five reasons why you should

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Zakouma National Park has just been named one of @time’s World’s Greatest Places 2019! Situated in south-eastern Chad, Zakouma was chosen for offering something that many travellers aspire to experience,


One of the world's most unusual looking birds, the aptly named shoebill, has found sanctuary in Zambia’s Bangweulu Wetlands. Bangweulu means “where water meets the sky” and at 6,000 km2 it has been