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Thank you for all your messages! 🖤 I can’t express how happy and grateful I feel right now just to be alive. Thank you and I love you universe aka God aka everything. Pushing through and overcoming the dark times is where I found unconditional gratitude for life. Our hardships are secretly our blessings!! @breastcancernow @breastcancermagazine @the_breasties


The day after I got my diagnosis, I took a pen and wrote „I‘m gonna live“ on to the mirror in my bathroom. This was my affirmation, my vision and what I was fighting for, every single day on this journey. I wanted to see this sentence and read it every morning. A reminder that everything‘s gonna be ok. And I would visualize myself cancer free, in all my meditations. Now I've got the news. Surgery results came back all clear / cancer free. I'm in remission! But as I like to see it, I'm cured!!! @thegoodquote @just.lifequotes @pinkribbonschweiz @pinkribbon.deutschland @empowerwomenquotes @the_breasties @tnbc_thrivers @sexyafterbreastcancer


After #Lumpectomy Selfie. Thanks for all your messages - so sweet, I‘m doing ok. I was super nervous as this was the first time I had surgery, but at the same time I was looking forward to it, because I wanted „it“ to be cut out of my body. Treating it with chemo wasn’t enough, it had to be cut out for my mind to settle. Isn’t it funny how things suddenly align, and something you’ve always been scared of suddenly feels right? I definitely feel lighter now. The universe will always show you your way and guide you if you open your heart and listen to your intuition. @breastcancermagazine @the_breasties @tnbc_thrivers @sexyafterbreastcancer


Smoothie bowl for breakfast. But looking at the weather here in Switzerland I will start making a warm porridge from now on instead. @healthyfoodadvice @smoothie_planet @smoothiebowls @smoothiebowl


Real talk, there are days where you just can’t be all positive and full of gratitude. I always try and see the good in every situation, in every moment, but the last couple days I‘ve been struggling. Partly because I’m getting off cortisone and this comes with physical and mental symptoms. It’s kinda like a drug withdrawal but I didn’t know that it has such a big effect on me. I‘ve been feeling pretty low energy and negative thoughts sneaking into my mind much easier than usual. But I try to let them go and I know those thoughts occur as part of what my body is going to and the change of chemicals. On days like these it needs more energy and more concentration to stay positive and see the good, but my focus stays on seeing the good, no matter what. @quotes @just.lifequotes @positivevibesquotes @quotewagon


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Over the last few months I‘ve been fighting #breastcancer and I am very happy to now wear my „Remember your fighting spirit“ bracelet by @charitybands It will be a reminder of what I‘ve been through and the power and strength within me that got me to where I am now. Thank you @mantraband for creating these beautiful bracelets for me and other warriors of all kind of battles to have a little reminder of how strong we are. #mantraband #charitybands #makechangehappen #breastcancerawarenessmonth


I got nominated by @lifexofxjen to share 5 facts about me, so here we go: I am very straight forward and honest. I always say how I feel and what I think. • I‘ve got a Bachelor of Arts in media and communication studies as well as gender studies • I do not wear high heels. I‘m a sneaker girl. • I do believe that shopping is a type of therapy. You spend a lot of money but it makes you feel better. • I laught a lot and I love to spend time with people that are goofy and make me laugh. Laughing is still the best medicine. I nominate: @allaboutcarmen_ @danaancy and @desiree_vandinthen #5faktenübermich #5factsaboutme


In order to feel passion for doing something you must do it wholeheartedly. I’VE CHOSEN TO PAIR BOTH MY PURPOSE AND MY PASSION AND ALLOW THEM TO WORK TOGETHER FOR A GREATER GOOD. @quotes @thegoodquote @cancer.fighters @quote @just.lifequotes @positivevibesquotes @quotewagon


“Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.” —Hermann Hesse Standing on the beach looking at the clean flat line where the earth seems to touch the sky. That’s where I can let go of everything that’s weighing me down. The open sea makes me feel free and calm. I love this view so much!


The best view comes after the hardest climb. I mean.... wow!!


I hope you find yourself out there. I hope you figure out your heart. I hope you figure out your mind. I hope you learn how to be kind to yourself, how to embrace the journey you are on. I hope you learn to be proud of the person you are becoming, I hope you learn how to be proud of where you are - even if it isn’t exactly where you want to be. I hope you learn to fall in love with the process, with the messiness of life and the confusion of it all. And at the end of the day, I hope you find what you are looking for. I hope your life inspires you. @quotes @thegoodquote @recipesforselflove @selflovelondonuk @myselflovesupply


I always talk about how you can’t feel negative feelings while you’re in a state of gratitude. To make this experience a little easier: YOU CAN‘T BE NEGATIVE, WHEN YOU‘RE EATING ICE CREAM 🍦 It only takes a few liks to bring you joy and make you smile. Go and get yourself an ice cream today! x


I’ve been trying to be as present as possible this week, so not much happening on here. But so you know, I’ve been spoiled: Soaking up the sun in Croatia. I turned 30. Good food. Quality time with my family. A new era with a new energy. I’m ready and I’m going to truly live life. 🖤


It’s my birthday today. I received the greatest gift already - a complete remission! So today, instead of celebrating me, I wanna celebrate the amazing and encouraging people by my side, that have been here for me over the last few months. The ones that have been there day and night and carried me through the challenges. For that and a million other things I feel blessed and grateful. Love you forever! @marlonroudette @petramueller22 @andimueller007 @t.a.n.j.a.j.a.e.g.e.r @allaboutcarmen_ @danaancy @desiree_vandinthen @danybaia My Brother, my grandparents, my kids, my Family 🖤 Some say you are a reflection of the company you keep, so if I‘m able to inspire you and spread love, don’t just thank me, thank the people around me too. ✨


#FEELITONTHEFIRST October is #breastcancer awareness month 2019! Take the time for a self-examination. „If you don’t have 10mins for your life, you don’t have a life.“ Tony Robbins Know your body. Check in with yourself, ladies with your boobs, gents with your balls. Know them and you will be the first to know any changes. Feel free to tag your friends in the comments, get them to do the same and spread awareness. @breastcancernow @pinkribbonschweiz @pinkribbon.deutschland @feelitonthefirst @blogger4charity @breastcancermagazine @the_breasties @tnbc_thrivers @chargecancer


♡ Happy Monday ♡ Still recovering but feeling good so far. But I also wonder, if once I start to feel better, I will start to realize even more, what my body and I are going through... I‘ve been pushing through the last few months, fighting, recovering, fighting again and now I’m still in the middle of my treatment plan, but no more chemo. This was a pretty hard journey so far and it feels like I just started to see that, as I finished the first part... you know what I mean? When you’re in the middle of it, you want to see the light at the end of the tunnel and you push through to get there. Now that I‘ve reached it, I look back and start to see clearly how much these past few months have changed me and my life... I will definitely need some time to feel and explore these emotions. No more chemo, what a milestone. ✨


Done! I can’t quite realize it yet. The last #chemo has been pumped into my veins. I will still feel it over the next few weeks, but that’s it, no more chemo for me and my body will start to recover and become clean again. I’m soo happy, relieved and greatful, but most of all I‘m proud of my body. Thank you for being strong, for pushing through, for healing and for gifting me senses and life. #loveyourbody To all the bresties out there, are there any tips on detoxing after chemo? Hit me up!


Relaxing. Breathing. Reflecting. Life has a way of working itself out. We are rewarded with so much flow and peace if we stop overthinking. It is what it is. And we are right where we need to be. Always. Let’s accept whatever we have to work through. Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that - be the light. Be the change. Be love and gratitude.✨ You know, if you break your phone, don’t waste your energy and get frustrated and angry, invest it in finding a solution. ~ If someone is stressing you out, try and respond from a calm place. ~ If you’re facing a tense situation with a family member or friend, let go of your expectations and reach out to solve the problem. ~ If you’re having trouble in your relationship, remember that you’re not entitled to someone’s love, it’s a gift if that person decides to give it to you. Enjoy what you are given and make the best out of it. That’s what I’ve been doing. And I have so much love bubbling within me, peace and happiness, that I haven’t felt in a very long time. Sorry if I sound like a broken record, but putting in the inner work is worth it! It truly helped me to reach this new energy and I’m enjoying it a lot ♥️ @the_breasties @tnbc_thrivers


Hair is growing. It almost looks like a haircut now 🙈 When I started chemo, lost my hair and my body changed it felt like walking down some stairs, step by step I felt weaker. But there is this point in the middle of treatment, when you hit the ground. I thought it was after the last AC, but I got proven wrong, it was when I was in hospital. At that point, my body was so weak, I didn’t eat much, my energy was gone and I was mentally and emotionally exhausted. I hit the ground. The good thing about reaching this „low point“ was, that there were some stairs, but these ones were going up. Step by step I’m walking up these stairs. My body is feeling stronger again and my hair is growing back. My energy is still effected by chemo medication and chemo brain is real. But I’m walking up these stairs and I‘m not looking back. I keep walking. @buzzcutfeed @buzzcut_lover @the_breasties @tnbc_thrivers


This has been bothering me for a while now and I think I need to talk about it. People have said it to me, to fellow breasties, even walked up to my parents and said „oh, it’s ONLY BREAST CANCER - that’s not that bad“ WTF?! Of course it’s the minority of people having this reaction, but seriously, if you don’t know anything about it or someone’s story, watch your words. And the words „only“ and „cancer“ should never go together in one sentence! Of course there are many different type of cancer, and we are lucky today that some of them can be cured, some even without chemo. I have to do chemo, but still feel very lucky to have breast cancer and not any other type of it. Even though, triple negative breast cancer is very aggressive. I was lucky, noticed it early, didn’t listen to my doctors and wanted a biopsy when they said, come back in 3 months. There are many others that weren’t as lucky and my heart is hurting, thinking about them. The diagnosis of breast cancer should not be looked at as „not that bad“ at any time by anyone. This diagnosis for someone effected comes with fear, challenges, changes their life, physically, mentally and emotionally and it effects the people around them. It also comes with lessons that might bring something positive into your life BUT it is always a blow of fate. @breast_cancer_now @breastcancernow @rethinkbreastcancer @breastcancermagazine @the_breasties @tnbc_thrivers


• S U N D A Y T H O U G H T S • I thought about how we constantly create our reality in every moment, by choosing where we put our focus. Most of us are unaware of the power of our thoughts and so react to life on "auto-pilot", and therfore create "unconsciously". But when we become aware that it is our thoughts that create our reality, we can then consciously choose different thoughts, therefore creating a different reality - this is called "creating consciously". You are not your thoughts, you are the consciousness behind them. Be aware of that and start creating your life. ♡ @tiffanyandco @poshtottydesigns


And sometimes you just need to treat yourself with a piece of pie! 💛 #pie #fruitpie #yum #treatyourself


A lot of things that happen in life we can’t control. Good things, but also things that make us suffer. Trying to find comfort in the chaos can help you to push through the harder times. Ask yourself what good can come from this chaos? Even though we can’t control the things that happen to us, we can control our response to it and it gives us the power to rise above the circumstance with a peaceful knowing that this too is here for our benefit. Everything is happening to MOVE YOU FORWARD. Trust in the process. @thegoodquote @breast_cancer_now @just.lifequotes @positivevibesquotes @mentalhealthquotess @breastcancermagazine @the_breasties @tnbc_thrivers


Had my second round of #taxotere on Monday. I’m so glad I could go on with treatment. You spend a lot of time mentally, physically and emotionally preparing yourself for treatment and if you can go on depends on your blood cell count and you’re overall well-being. I was in and out of hospital over the last few weeks, had many checks done and wasn’t able to get off cortisone as the fever would just come back without. But another CT showed that my lung inflammation has cleared up and my blood tests were good too, so I could go on with treatment. I‘m so glad about that, because being told your treatment is postponed kinda throws you off your game. I guess as a cancer patient you just have to surrender and be aware that your treatment plan can change and everything might take a little longer. My plan changed too, when I had to change from Taxol to Taxotere, but I’m fine with the new plan and that I could go on with round 2.


Can you tell how happy I am about my hair growing back? It’s just a little fluff but I looove it! 🥰 I don’t miss my long hair, it’s actually great do be ready and leave the house in no time. But I missed having hair at all and that’s why I’m so excited about each one of those little hairs starting to grow back!! @breast_cancer_now @buzzcutfeed @breastcancernow @buzzcut_lover @baldbeautyworld @pinkribbonschweiz @mamma_mia_brustkrebsmagazin @breastcancermagazine @the_breasties @tnbc_thrivers


I’ve been getting a few messages from women who just got diagnosed or waiting for their results. This post is for all of you. Let me tell you, you’ve got this. It’s an intense journey, it’s scary at the beginning but you will become so confident in who you are, that nothing will shake you. Believe in yourself and your strength. 🖤🖤🖤 @just.lifequotes @positivevibesquotes @breastcancermagazine @the_breasties


It’s the small habits. How you spend your mornings. How you talk to yourself. What you read. What you watch. Who you share your energy with. Who has access to you. That will change your life. • I had to stop everything I was doing, to focus on me, my life and the inner work. Changing the small habits has had a huge effect. It has changed my energy and helped raising my level of consciousness. I‘m still doing #chemotherapy but I’m ok with it. I’m ok being in the process of healing. And lately I’ve been feeling very peaceful and calm. It’s beautiful. ♡


• Sunday Morning Thoughts • Taking a break, sitting down with a warm drink, taking a deep breath and processing all the things my body and my mind are going through, has become an essential part of the journey. Sometimes I just need to look at my situation from a little distance instead of being caught up in it and in all the emotions. It helps me to ground myself and to strengthen my confidence that I can do this. Life happens FOR us, with all its ups and downs.


Having cancer in your 20s/30s is definitely changing your perspective on anti-aging products, because if I get to have grey hair and wrinkles, that’s a fucking privilege. 💪🏼 @ameerak @barbie_bexell_erickson @breastcancernow @thepinkfund @pinkribbonschweiz @pinkribbon.deutschland @lifexofxjen @breastcancermagazine @mrs.chi_chi @the_breasties @justme_tatiana


Nothing‘s gonna take away my smile. I’m not gonna lie, this journey is not easy and I‘ve been facing a few challenges and throw backs, but the amazing thing is, that exactly those mountains that I have to climb, make me smile even more. Do you know why? Because to experience moments like going in and out of hospital, having fever or changing my treatment plan make me shift my focus on things that are good. For example being back home, spending pure quality time with my kids and appreciating that I’m alive. I feel like I’m being way more in the moment than I’ve ever been before. So even though it’s not all going well, I end up smiling, and nothing, not even #cancer is taking away my smile.


Just having a little reflection to myself after a huge few weeks about how much stronger my body is these days and how grateful I am to have come so far already. It‘s a time of transformation. I know this is an incredibly important process. And it’s not always easy... But the growth I can feel already makes it all worth it. I’m learning so much from this. Some days are more challenging than others, but I know this is all happening for me. Through this I will be able to realize how I've spent my energy on things but also people that do not serve me and will be able to release them. ✨ Happy Weekend Everyone. x


People have been telling me that I’m so strong... I guess I’m trying to be, because for me, it’s the only option when you’re going through a rough time in your life. I‘ve had a few things happen in my life that I would just as soon forget. And I bet you have too. But I’m not gonna rip out the pages and shred the memories. No. There’s this voice inside my head that says „hold up, I‘ve got a good purpose for that bad story“. So all the moments I suffered, I learned how to use them for something good. 🖤 @thegoodquote @lifequoteswizdom @just.lifequotes @empowerwomenquotes


Happy Birthday to the most incredibly Mum in the world. No words can express how much it means to me to have you by my side. I feel blessed to feel your support, your love and your strength. For that and a million other things I‘m forever grateful. I love you 💛 @petramueller22


Chemo hair, don’t care! #chemohair Listen, I feel mostly myself walking around exactly like this. I‘m bored of wearing a hat or a wig to make people around me more comfortable. I‘m doing Chemotherapy and this is what I look like at the moment, it’s fine with me because I know it’s not forever and it’s fine for the closest people around me because they don’t care. But in public places, you do get the looks, you see the people wondering, that they feel sorry for you and the questions in their eyes, even if I‘m wearing a hat... I totally understand why this happens, but hiding my look / my disease to make people more comfortable is just not me... So let me tell you, no pity needed, I‘m fine with the haircut my oncologist gave me. @buzzcutfeed @kurzhaarmaedels


It’s been a few challenging days, as I’m struggling with some rare side effects caused by the Taxol treatment. It’s not easy when out of a sudden you’re not feeling well but all medical tests and blood levels show that you’re fine. Well, I feel confident that my doctors will make the right decisions and everything they’ve decided so far has helped me to feel better again. Little steps towards the big result of a complete remission, I keep fighting. @thegoodquote @just.lifequotes @quotewagon @itsaboutmindset


🍊🍊🍊 Just making sure that I get those vitamins!


What flower dreams are made of 🌿 . Sometimes I wish I could live in a flower shop. The smell, the colours, the beauty... All of it just makes me feel calm and happy. #flowergirl


When your world moves too fast and you lose yourself in the chaos, a good thing to do is going for a walk. And on this walk, introduce yourself to each colour of the sunset, feel the earth under your feet, thank the air that surrounds you, with every breath you take and find yourself in appreciation of life. 💛 @theselflovesummit @recipesforselflove @selflovelondonuk


This was my face before my first Taxol treatment and I’m happy to say, this is also my face one day after Taxol treatment. I really worked hard throughout the last week on shifting my energy and seeing the upcoming treatments positive. It’s hard when u feel good and healthy to then go and get more medication. But I know I‘m doing it for the right reasons and I have trust in my doctors and my treatment plan. Also, yay, I really think I‘m through the worst part of treatment and I can do it and get through the second cycle of chemo therapy. Maybe even with a smile on my face. 🙂


I wasn’t raised to be a princess, my mum raised me to be a warrior. The best thing I could ever do for me, is love myself. And I want to teach my two boys to love themselves too. I can’t expect it, if I don’t accept myself. But I do! Loving me, is being free, it brings peace. And it’s gonna have an impact on my boys. 🌸 @buzzcutfeed @pinkribbonschweiz @pinkribbon.deutschland @theselflovesummit @recipesforselflove


What I fear in life is wasting my time. At this point in my life, I am definitely not in a situation I chose to be in. But time does not stop. And I know that I won’t stay in this situation forever. So I decided, that I‘m gonna commit to pushing through. There’s no other option. If I’d choose not to commit, then I would fall apart. And I don’t want to stay in a mental state where I‘m just sad and scared. I don’t like being sad. So I try to find a way to get out of this, because I like being happy. We all have good and bad times and we need those roller coaster rides to grow, but also to see and appreciate the things in our lives that are good and make us happy. @thegoodquote @just.lifequotes @breastcancer_inspirational @quotewagon @empowerwomenquotes


Eating healthy has always been part of my life, but now I spend even more time to research foods that are good for me and help me to recover. I try and give my body what it needs but also what it asks for. Açaí Bowls are definitely one of the things that make me feel better and boost my mood. Eating this lovely bowl literally made me feel alive, as I was totally in the moment and I even thought I could feel the vitamins entering my body ☺️ @smoothiebowls @therainforestco @supersmoothiebowl @beautifulsmoothies


#nohairdontcare ... ok I do care, but I care less and less with every day. What’s the definition of beauty? I found that the understanding of beauty has been created by society and less by what we actually feel when we look at someone and what attracts us. I haven’t changed only because my hair is gone, and even if I still have moments where I struggle with the reflection I see in the mirror, I know that there are many other components that contribute to what makes me beautiful. I am still the same person and I still feel beautiful. 🌸


Love & appreciate your body, because it is amazing. I was pregnant and gave birth twice, so I’ve already experienced what my body is capable of doing. But in this current situation I witness again how wonderful and powerful the human body ist. #loveyourbody #lookafteryourbody #fightingcancer @breast_cancer_now @just.lifequotes @pinkribbonschweiz @empowerwomenquotes @breastcancermagazine


I have heard so many numbers and statistics lately, but I was never really the type of person that looks at those... Moreover I just trust in life. There is no fixed rule in nature that applies in the same way to everything. Each of our stories are unique. You might wonder how I can trust in life, when life hits me with such a diagnosis... But getting #breastcancer at my age is possible and it’s part of human experience. Many women have experienced it before me. So I still trust in life, because life made me notice the knot early and gives me the chance to beat it. Also, I can already feel how it makes me grow personally.


Say hi to my #wig 💇🏼‍♀️ All my life I had long hair and I loved it. It was part of my identity and I would have never cut it off. But now it’s gone... It’s gone because of the strong medical treatment that I need to fight this #breastcancer and that’s ok with me. I am also very happy to have a wig now. It’s nice to have the option of having long hair when I feel like it. It gives me some identity back. It’s just amazing that we can get real hair wigs today, that look so natural. But to be honest, I feel super comfortable just wearing a cap 🧢 or walking around bald 👩🏻‍🦲 Because that feels the most authentic to me.


Gratitude is one of the most powerful feelings there is. If you truly feel grateful you are not abel to feel other feelings like fear or anxiety at the same time. You’re brain can‘t focus on the positive and the negative the same time and that’s why gratitude can have such a powerful impact on your life. Be grateful for the things that are good in your life and stop spending energy on the ones that are not. Meditating on gratitude is what helps me getting through rough days, because I have soo many things in my life to be thankful for. 💕 #gratitude


On the 8th of May my world got turned upside down. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I wasn’t sure if I wanna share this on social media, but I can think of too many reasons why I should - the biggest one for me is to spread AWARENESS. One in 8 women get this diagnosis. Breast Cancer doesn’t run in my family, so there were no warning signs that I could get it. I can be nothing else but grateful, that I noticed this knot in my breast early. I will not let this define me, I will fight and I will rise, because I have my beautiful boys Ray, Sky and Marlon. 🙏♥️ . #breastcancer #brustkrebs #pinkribbonschweiz @pinkribbonschweiz


Rest & Self-care are important. We’re always busy doing something, right? Lately I’ve started to be busy taking deeper breaths, calming a racing heartbeat, meditating and taking moments to myself. So, if you ask me what I’m up to and my answer is that I’m busy, sometimes this is my busy and it feels amazing. #selfcare #selflove #selfawareness @miichelemuller


Oh hello week, let’s do this! 💥 Whatever this week has in store for u, just deal with one day at the time. No need to look at the whole week and maybe get stressed already. Just look at what’s on the plan for today and do that. @quoteoftheday @motivation_mondays @quotes.of.thoughts @quotewagon @mondaymoviequotes