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MΛTT KOMO Film Director Prev. Head of Social Content @GoPro Cuts x Komo Limited Edition 👇🏻


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Where you’ll be able to find me for the next stretch of time 🖥 If you know me you know how much this project means. Editing is not the most glamorous part of filmmaking, but by far one of the most important executional aspects. Just tryna use my skill set to make things that matter and put good into the world. 🌎 @daltonmisner

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Last week I posted a story about visiting my sisters classroom. Hundreds of dm’s later it was apparent the main taking points around my message resonated with a ton of you. For those that need to hear this today read below. Hope this makes you smile and reminds you that we’re all still learning no matter what stage you’re at ♥️ ——- #11 // Cultivate a world class skill set in whatever you’re passionate about. (it’s gonna take some time but the earlier you start the better off you’ll be) ——- #2 // Be kind to others always. This is a non negotiable. You never know what someone is going through so treat everyone with respect. ——- #3 // Believe in yourself and your mission. It’s going to be a long and difficult road and the inner belief that you’ll be able to do it sometimes is the only thing that’ll get you through when everyone is telling you “no”. @josephjshaw

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The support we’ve gotten on the ‘Komo Collection’ @cutsclothing launch has been unreal! We’ve practically sold out of all of our units already 🤯 Can’t thank everyone enough who purchased for being a part of this with me. I’ve never pushed any product of my own on social before so I was a little nervous to see how it would do. And since they’re almost all gone I’d say that was a pretty big win. 😊 It really means so much, I hope you all enjoy who ordered one :) @brightong

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Ahhhh i’m so hyped to finally release my latest collaboration with the @cutsclothing! We redesigned every detail for a limited edition version of their shirt that we’re calling “The Komo Collection”. It features a slightly longer but looser fit, red accents throughout, and rolled sleeves. And of course in my favorite color black haha aka the film director/creators uniform 🖤🖤🖤 Get them while ya can, we made a limited amount. :) Link in bio for the release. Available in short sleeve and long sleeve 😊 🔈 @ankimusic

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So proud of this special lil guy ♥️ we just wrapped on a 3 day shoot with my Grandpa Joe who suffers from a pretty severe form of dementia. Haven’t spoken much on social about this project but it’s consumed every ounce of my creativity and energy for the last few months. I knew if i didn’t put my life on hold now to tell this story while I still had the chance, I’d regret it for the rest of my life. Now time to focus on the edit to bring this vision to life. Thank you to my entire team for being so patient during the process. We captured magic together. @zackaltschuler @mikebenna @stephanbielecki @nicolasnicolby

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Might need to watch this one a few times 📱 Insta-Inception pt. ll 🤯 Made this for a new video that’s releasing in a few weeks. A bit of a mind maze trying to figure out how to composite everything together properly.


Some of the best creative ideas I’ve come up with stem from a few different places, one of which is driving. Hence probably why I’m am always in a car trying to come up with ideas 💡 @volvocars asked me to partner up with them for a campaign they’re calling #selfieforsafety. The goal is to encourage people to publish selfies with their safety belt in order to assist further safety research. In order to contribute just take a selfie and upload it in your feed hashtagging #selfieforsafety to be a part of their research. #sponsored @bradenstuchen

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For those of you who have seen the full campaign I directed for @michaelkors you may have not known that the final montage features a completely original music composition 😊 (the same one you hear here) 🔊🎼 Music and sound design is an incredibly important aspect to every film and this piece was no different for me. From writing countless piano melodies at 2AM over facetime with my buddy Nick, to good friend @kyletree coming in and helping clean up some of the production, you arrive at what you hear and see with this 🙏🏻😃 This is another piece for me thats working towards creating a body of work that’s truly something unique and one of a kind.

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A few months ago I got the call up from @michaelkors to direct their digital campaign for their new #MichaelKorsMens line. 🙌🏻 This was exciting for a few reasons. First off the scale of work on this one. It took a large team to pull this off and I’m so proud of everything we accomplished together. It’s cool to see worldwide brands like Michael Kors transitioning their global campaigns to prioritize their digital/social strategy. I feel honored to spearhead this one creatively for them end to end. Full film on my channel and theirs. 😃 Credits: Director/Editor: @mattkomo Starring: @austinaugie Producer: @bellnj Director of Photography: @russfraser 1st AD: @josephjshaw Gaffer: @damnhumble and @grahamshack 1st AC: @josepharthursoria 2nd AC: @georgearevalo Steadicam: @loh_mode PM: Mariah Morgenstern Sound Mixer: @jackgoodmansound FPV: @brendonhayward Key Grip: @lord.of.lights

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Such a special night for me ♥️ thank you to everyone who came and celebrated @tiana_haraguchi and I. & especially @3lau for flying to LA just to perform for us. 🎉🎉 The goal was always to get all our friends in a room together and make some life long memories. I think we accomplished just that 😃 Shootout to @jasonlandonruss for coming to shoot these clips. Grateful to have this little recap of the night. @kasey @davidsamuelko @whitneyfransway @meghan_boland @alyssalynch @ktbrealty @kristinaschulman @christineburkee @alexvalley @saadboy @lukemccrea @emmacronshaw @bellalabianca @vaughn_stoppable

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Another year around the sun today 🎉🎉 Feeling really grateful for how much i’ve gotten to experience this year. It’s been a whirlwind but I can’t help but smile looking back at it all. Here’s to another 365 days of growing, creating, and giving. 🙏🏻

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The night before this video dropped it was completely wrapped and exported minus this section. 🎞 I knew it needed a little something special towards the end so I made the decision to forgo sleep 💤 and stay up through the night to cut this together. Moral of the story, always go above and beyond because it’s the only way to truly set yourself apart and push your craft. 🎥 Shoutout to the team @josephjshaw and @_ddc for helping shoot and bring this vision to life. 🔉@lookas @djiglobal

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🎉🎉 RONIN-SC GIVEAWAY! 🎉🎉Couldn’t be more stoked to team up with @djiglobal for the release of their new gimbal the Ronin-SC. 😀 In honor of the launch we’re giving away one of them for free to one of you guys! All you gotta do is follow me and tag 3 friends to enter. Enjoy! @josephjshaw @_ddc

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Calling this one Insta-Inception 📱 A bit of mind maze piecing this one together properly. The whole video is made entirely of photos! 📷 Fun fact, the feed in this is the exact feed that you’ll now see on my page 🤯 Music 🔉 @odesza


A shot from SF last weekend 🌁 It was one of those trips where we spent almost every waking second filming for 4 days straight 🎞 Saw every single sunrise, sunset and everything in between. Wouldn’t want it any other way ☀️ @josephjshaw

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Stoked for the @mvmt release of their new field collection. Been friends of the company for a while now and it’s inspiring to see their massive growth and evolution over the last few years. Made this sequence 3D with some photos I took with my good friend @josephjshaw ⚡️ Always a fun time exploring different techniques #haveafieldday


Hope everyone had a solid weekend 🙏🏻 going through the #mattkomochallenge entries this week 🙌🏻🙌🏻 from what I’ve seen so far you all crushed it. Updates coming a little later on that. For now it’s time to piece together the next big edit 🎞🎥 @kylejetter @blainefuhs


Started the weekend at Hangout Fest and ended back in LA to celebrate a B-Day with the friends ✈️ 🙌🏻 Successful few days; so excited to hop back in the directing seat tomorrow for the next big production vid 😀🎞 // shot on a Sony A7riii with a Sigma 35 1.4 @bradenstuchen

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🎞 Changing it up and getting into shooting film a bit more 🎞 It’s a nice departure from always capturing imagery digitally where you get accustomed to rapid firing off shots. Every image counts with film so you really need to focus and line up your composition perfectly 📸 Stoked to be shooting a lot more film in the future. @bradenstuchen @mvmt

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‼️ So hyped to bring back the next #mattkomochallenge - The last few challenges have nearly 2,000 entries! ‼️ So to give context yesterday, the track “Out of Sight” that was in the Google campaign with @thatpineapplegirl finally released on Spotify! It’s a big first for me :) So in honor of that I have a special challenge for all of you! So head over to the Dropbox link in my bio for a master download of the song, some clips to help get you started and for the full details on the challenge. Much love to our filmmaking/creative family ♥️ Let’s get after this one!! -Matt


• Malibu Nights • Ventured to the beach last week on a midnight strike mission to shoot with some friends 📷 Of course we had to have Lany blasting in the car riding down PCH⚡️it’s just too fitting @rorykramer @brightong


Been working on making a bit more of a conscious effort between projects to go out and shoot photo/video for the pure fun of it! Nice to get out and make time to see a few more sunsets, does the soul good. 🌏☀️ @bradenstuchen


➕ no matter the stage you’re at it’s so important to be a student and observer of whatever game you play➕ industries can change so fast that’s it’s become essential to constantly be in a state of learning and growth in your discipline of work⚡️ @rorykramer

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When i started out one of my favorite things to do was to cut visuals to a song trying out new effects and techniques. 🎞 I want to start making more of these mini conceptual edits in between all the commercial work I’ve been doing to keep things fresh/exciting and to make sure my skills are sharp. 💻 Leave a comment below on which effect you want me to expand and do a tutorial on!


If you’re reading this please know that we’re all on our own time and comparison is the biggest thief of joy. Sometimes you’re behind and sometimes you’re ahead. That’s the game. Really the only 3 variables you can control is how well you treat others, how hard you work, and what you personally believe about yourself (i.e. the inner voice that talks to you at practically every second of the day. So be kind to yourself today) Hope everyone has a great Tuesday and a solid week 😃✌🏻 @brightong


Full send into this week! hahaha 😜 Super successful music video shoot this weekend in a location that practically looks like Dubai lol great times shooting around on the dunes 📸 @rorykramer @greymusic


Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t you’re right. ⚡️ love this phrase because it’s so true, mindset is everything. @brightong

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New video is live now!! So hyped to release this with Google for their #PixelSlate. It’s been a while coming and couldn’t be more proud of the team that helped pull this all together. Following along the lines of my Mom and Dad film, this one features a completely original song with @thatpineapplegirl So much work went into this one, hope you enjoy! #giftfromgoogle @madebygoogle @russfraser @gaberubiano @josephjshaw @rdicaro @blainefuhs @damnhumble


Sometimes the best sort of enjoyment is found in the simplest of things. Like watching the sun slowly lower beneath the horizon ☀️ @erubes1


✖️chasing new perspectives✖️ Dropping another video next week! Stay tuned 📺


Freezing nights in Poland.. literally hahaha fun fact - within 24 hours of landing here we all cliff jumped into that tiny pool of water beneath me. 🥶 another crazy life moment ✔️✔️✔️ @andreeashem

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Earlier this year to kick off 2019 my friends over at @yestheory asked me to join them on an adventure. We spent a week in Poland with @iceman_hof learning how to control our breathe with the goal in mind to summit a mountain while wearing nothing but shorts in below freezing temperatures 🥶🥶 def a once in a lifetime experience lolol the boys just posted up an amazing 45 min documentary from our adventure on their page. Go check it, already has 1M views in a few days 🙏🏻🙏🏻 @livetothemax @skycowans @ammar @zack.thecreator @thomasbrag @andreeashem @mattdajer


Wrapped on my most ambitious project to date last week 🎉🎉 this is by far my biggest piece of work in which I completely step outside my comfort zone. Can’t wait for you all to see the growth 👀 for the next little bit of time i’m head down in post production to bring all these ideas to life. See ya soon 🤘🏻 @gaberubiano @josephjshaw @blainefuhs


As each project comes up I try to keep pushing the envelope of what I think I can do. 🎞 Whether that be from a story, camera, or editing perspective each piece has an element thats completely foreign to me that I try to understand and master. With that being said I feel like i’m finally reaching a place where i’m creating my most fulfilling work to date. The projects take wayyyyyy longer to make and plan but damn are they worth creating. Stay tuned 📺 @blainefuhs

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Its finally out! 🎞 So proud to Direct and Edit @greymusic’s latest music video! About a year ago around this time the guys reached out to me after seeing my Hawaii video where I used one of their songs. A week later we left on a two week tour with @zedd all across Asia immediately becoming close friends. In a landscape that glorifies videos with disconnected visuals that have zero meaning, I’m glad to be able to tell a story with this one leaving you with a bit of a left hook at the end. *cue my obsession with Christopher Nolans storytelling devices*. The whole team pulled through hard on this one and I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of them. Hope you enjoy, let's show them some love. This is the start of an amazing calendar release of records they have coming out this year. 🎵 @dillonpena @russfraser @ryanhuffmann @kyletree @lukearreguin @alexandriarousset @anniedg1326 @michaeltrewartha @jacobcrawfordfilm @mitchell_mullins @cpross7 @bryansmaller @sunnybunsmakeup @catwennekamp @damnhumble @karlimakesthings


Sintra Portugal - one of those places that feels like a movie set. Like you’re walking through an episode of Game of Thrones. 🐺 Traveled here through the middle of last year and it quickly became one of the most unique spots I visited. @kylejetter @blainefuhs


Spent the first part of 2019 on the other side of the world in Poland 🇵🇱 with the @yestheory family! I have so many great memories and experiences in the short week we’ve been here. Can’t say too much about the entire adventure quite yet, but there will be many photos and videos to come! ⛄️🌨❄️ @livetothemax

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Wow I couldn’t think of a better way to possibly end 2018 🎉 What a week with the squad traveling to 6 different cities in 6 days. @justincarusomusic and i were talking last night about how cool it is to be able to call this our work. We’re making memories with our friends doing what we’re passionate about day in and day out. After all you gotta love what you do. Here we come 2019 👍🏻 @tiesto @bradenstuchen @jordanloyd @bender @friendly.jpg @annikaverwest @tourdesam

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A few moments from the past year 🎞 been fun digging through my old hard drives finding clips to piece together. hope everyone had a solid holidays!


Homeward bound for the next few days to take some time and enjoy the holidays 🌊🌅 @erubes1


working on something special for all of you over the next few days 🎬 headed home for the holidays at the end of this week and then back on the road we go ⚡️ @blainefuhs


I try to use this platform as a place for positivity and only when I have something to say or share. Feel really blessed the last few weeks to work and surround myself so closely with so many different groups of friends who are all insanely crushing it. It’s so inspiring to see and be a part of. We’re all rising together in our owns lanes but helping each other out in the process. Its a good time to be alive - to create a life built on meaningful relationships and meaningful work. @blainefuhs


a successful week is in the books! ✔️✔️ wrapped directing a new piece that i’ve been in pre production for the past month. really happy with it all 😀 in post on two more projects that are dropping soon! finishing up the year on a good one ⚡️ @brightong


Have been a little MIA on here the last few weeks but for good reason! I’m directing a huge project that shoots next week so i’ve been head down focused on that 🎬Couldn’t be more excited to bring these grand ideas to life. It always seems that the bigger the vision or goal the longer it takes to pull off. I try to bring the best version of myself to every project I’m on and I hope that shines through in my work. Love you all ✌🏻 @blainefuhs


🔷 winter is on it’s way 🔷 @justincarusomusic


One of my favorite reminders to keep pushing: Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow. 🌊📸 @nolanomura


it's been so fun cruising around santa monica the last few days. RIP to my car, still haven’t gotten it back haha pretty ideal to get around the city with @jump_rides #ad #JUMPbikes @uber @jumpbyuber


Spontaneous sunset mission to Santa Barbara last night with my good friend @brightong ☀️ no better way to spend the last light of the day then next to the beach


my favorite time of the day everyday 🌅 @dexterloscher @ryanjmcfadden