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Marina The Electra Heart Collection, a retro range. Out now!


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It’s a Classic Bitch! When you watch too many episodes of ‘Real Housewives’ + are in desperate need of a hat that explains your new personality to your family. ⁣ ⁣ One size fits all star signs ✨👼🏼🛍💕⁣ ⁣ Go ask Santa for it on marinaofficial.co.uk. #TheElectraCollection @hannahpaulmakeup

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100,000 fans, 40 cities. The love + fear tour is over! Thank you to all of you who came and made it magical. It was my best + biggest tour ever. ⁣💗 and the happiest touring experience thanks to the beautiful people in my team. ⁣ I wanted to create a show based on contemporary theatre - fusing piano moments with dance solos and bubblegum pop moments with darker, diy songs in my records. I really hope u all walked away from it with love in your hearts! Til next time. Big Thank you to my team for helping me create this. @hannahpaulmakeup @itspoofy, @mollymoll12, @ikaylastarr, @thegayngster, @fabegger, @mercedesnatalia, @jesskeeley, @benfletcher, @gribiche, @olimastudio, @alliex @lpx @broodsmusic + @daya for opening the show, WME, @paradigmtalentagency and many more who aren’t on Instagram. You know who you are :-)

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Omw to steal your man but not really cause it’s 2011 and I’m surfing Tumblr for goth pics that sum up my exact level of existential depression. ⁣ ⁣ The ‘Homewrecker’ Apron! Pre-order now and get cookin’. 💕🍳 marinaofficial.co.uk/ ⁣#TheElectraCollection ⁣ All items are ethically made and climate friendly. All cotton is organic. @kristinakeliris

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The Electra Heart Collection. A retro range designed by me + dropping right now on www.marinaofficial.co.uk/ 🛍 All clothing is climate friendly and made ethically. @kristinakeliris


Buenas dias, Madrid! Esta es la noche de clausura de mi gira aquí en La Riviera! Mi primer espectáculo aquí. Estoy deseando volver a veros de nuevo. <3 @mercedesnatalia @hannahpaulmakeup

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Sang a Greek song for the first time last night in Athens. Best tour of my life hands down. I love you 💗 ⁣ ⁣ Song is ‘Etsi Einai I Zoi’ (Mosxoliou) @ccconstantineee


Αθήνα! Aύριο στις 9:45. Πειραιάς Academy. Aνυπομονώ να σας δω.


Motto for life. Along with “il dolce far niente”, the sweetness of doing nothing. Milan, I have no words yet to describe tonight. The best welcome of my dreams!

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Ciao, Milano!!! Tonight is going to be very special for me because it’s my first Italian tour date ever, and the first time I’m meeting my darling Italian fans! I’ll see you at Fabrique - 9pm. After tonight, Athens and Madrid will be our final stops on my mini Mediterranean tour. Love 💓

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The Electra Heart Collection. 💕 It’s happening. Pre-order coming soon! @hannahpaulmakeup @kristinakeliris


Amsterdam. See you on the milkyway this Sunday, at Melkweg! 🥛✨ @hannahpaulmakeup


You know I love bright colours... So happy to be part of the @KurtGeiger #CharacterfulStyle campaign! Go see the video in my stories. My favourite piece is the rainbow coffee flask...🥤✨

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‘If I Left The World’. 🌎 New song w/ Gryffin. @modelchild_____ @gryffinofficial

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Je viens à Paris!! ⁣ 8th November at Zenith. @kristinakeliris

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Felt so good to be back in Wales last night. Thank you so much, Cardiff! I need to come back more often. You were a truly wonderful audience. ⛅️♥️ PS I saw Dolly Parton in the same venue 5 years ago :) @hannahpaulmakeup @nadyadzyak

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Welsh diamonds, it’s ON this Friday! It’s your favourite Catherine-Zeta playing at Cardiff Arena. 😝

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They filmed Jurassic Park here! Swipe to see the exact spot where they find the Dino eggs 🦖🥚 allow Jack to demonstrate @jack_fdt

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Very well rested & ready to tour the UK. 🕊💫🇬🇧 I cant wait to see you <3 @jack_fdt

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Just got back from Kauai and it was WONDERFUL. Stars, passion fruit, angel fish, swimming in a waterfall, pink coral, mai tais, driving a pick up truck, hiking 16km, snorkelling, turtles, monk seals, phone dying in seawater on day 1 & the longest break I’ve ever had from the internet. @jack_fdt

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I’m featuring on @gryffinofficial 's beautiful new song “If I Left The World” and it’s out today! Go listen ✨🌙 and special thanks to @spotify for the love


Tag a friend you're going to Love + Fear Tour Europe with. ✨ @harpdigitalmedia

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Party’s over, balloons. You all need to go home.

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I love seeing fans wearing my merch so much... You all look so beautiful in my new ‘love + Fear’ shirts! I don’t know if you can tell but I’m very, very obsessed with designing merch. I’m currently working on the ‘Electra Heart’ Retro Range... I’ll show you what’s UP soon!!! 💗🔥🖤 #ElectraHeartGrowsUp @glowlngz

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What 5,653 balls of energy full of love look like. ☄️ ⁣⁣⁣ Europe, the ‘Love + Fear Tour’ is coming so soon! Which city are you coming to? ⁣⁣ #LoveandFearLosAngeles⁣ Video by @stevenleebuzz @flanimal_kingdom @mollymoll12 @itspoofy @joejaniak @fabegger @thegayngster @ikaylastarr

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Jupi and Mavis at the Greek. @olimastudio + @mercedesnatalia surprised me with this corset that had a silk printing of my cats on it. I actually shed a tear. This is the best tour outfit of my life! . Photographs by @stevenleebuzz @hannahpaulmakeup

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We love you all so much. Performing this show every night has felt like such a breeze. It’s been my most loved tour to date, a perfect balance of creativity, movement + music. I am so humbled every time I stand on stage in front of fans who have supported and given me so much love over the years. This is what dreams are made of! I never forget that all of this could just as easily not have happened for me. To go from growing up in a small village in Wales, to following my intuition that I should be a singer (despite no experience!), this tour has made me see the surreal opportunities + gifts that Life has given me. The best thing about my career is the opportunity to spread love + positivity through our shared experiences, and this is something I truly honour. I feel so much love for the audience I literally pray for good things to happen for everyone. Music has healed many parts of my soul and I would be a completely different person today without it. Forever grateful for the opportunity you have all given me to grow! 🌷The greatest gift. Love, Marina @jus10h @mollymoll12 @itspoofy @fabegger @thegayngster @ikaylastarr @just10h

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The ‘Love + Fear Tour’ comes to Europe October 28th... I cannot WAIT for you to see this show!!! ♥️⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ • Edinburgh • DUBLIN • Cardiff • LONDON • Manchester • BRIGHTON • Paris • ATHENS • Tilburg • AMSTERDAM • Antwerp • MADRID • Milan • ⁣ ⁣ Get tickets at marinaofficial.co.uk ✨ VIP packages almost sold out. They include early entry, access to the Selfie Booth where you can pose in original props + accessories (like the cherry headband!🍒) and a beautiful goodie bag from me. xxx @gotophotography

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“True” 🏳‍🌈🦋💗 We had some little tech issues last week but here’s the final Acoustic Video. Enjoy xxx Directed by @nikkolamere

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Fan pit moments in Minneapolis. 💗 Houston + Dallas, I’m on my way. And @broodsmusic are joining me on tour! It’s gonna be epic. *correction* BROODS are supporting. Go listen their perfect album “Don’t Feed The Pop Monster” before the show. @elctrahrt

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"Karma" Acoustic Video. Directed by @nikkolamere Big thank you to Nikko, @mercedesnatalia @marissa.marino + @katelingan for creating these and bringing these visuals to life with me! Link in story.

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Fresh from production! New on merch stand next week - this oversized ‘MARINA’ shirt, plus a pink-green yin yang t shirt, designed by me. 🖌🎨 Available on tour only. Edit: unless you all ask @atlanticrecords + we stock it online. ✨ @hannahpaulmakeup @gotophotography

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Best Chicago show ever. And it was a Monday!?!? @gotophotography

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For those in need of some fluffiness today. I’m going to cuddle them so much this winter. ☁️ @gabryelsampaio_ @jack_fdt

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“end of the earth”⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 📹 by @gotophotography

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Shot by @gotophotography.

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Biggest show I’ve ever done in Washington! We had so much fun last night. Thank you for giving us so much love + warmth ✨⁣ ⁣ Nashville, you’re next. 🤠 @hannahpaulmakeup @olimastudio @mollymoll12 @itspoofy @fabegger @thegayngster @gotophotography @ikaylastarr