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Definitely a surreal moment for me. I’m a super focused person, always thinking about what’s next, but sometimes you just stop and celebrate and just be thankful! I just realized that the 2020 Grammys are being held on Jan 26, MY FATHER’S BIRTHDAY 🤯🤯🤯. I know he’s proud; proud of me proud of us. Making music is a blessing, it ain’t easy, and no two days are ever the same. We’ve been grinding for over a decade. This is only the beginning. Energized to keep at it, keep practicing, keep studying, keep working with this magic, and to keep healing myself and others. ✨ 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 love y’all. And big love to the team at @dreamville and @spillagevillage. @earthgang

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IM NOT CRYING RIGHT NOW! It’s the spicy ramen!!! 😭😭😭😭😭. ITS THE SPICY RAMEN. ✨✨✨ Just want to tell @arilennox she’s a legend anointed by the most high. And that nothing can stop what God has for her!!! @reeselaflare1 @realcoleworld @guapdad4000 @dreezy @deantevh @omen @bas @buddy @jidsv @lute_west9 @earthgang @mereba @theslumpgod @stbeautyband @yungbabytate @dreamville @davionnemusic

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#COLLIDE Out now on all streaming platforms from the sound track for @queenandslim. @queenandslim OUT NOV 27! 🥰🥰 #queenandslim @tianamajor9 @bet @earthgang @soultrain


Your fly ass momma at the PTA conference.

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✨Follow Your Passion.✨ Who Knew “COLLIDE” would be such a hit with the world? We just went in to do what we love and to have fun. We ended up with a timeless song!!! So blessed to bless others. Soul Train Awards was crazyyyyyyyyy!! Celebrate US. Celebrate YOU. @bet love to everyone at @sincethe80s and @motownrecords for making this happen! @queenandslim put NOV 27! 🥰🥰🥰 @wowgr8deluxe @tianamajor9

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ZONE 4, WEST SIDE BABY. #Atlanta #Detroit in the hoooooouse. Soul Train Awards was crazy. We was electric sliding in the isle to the S.O.S. band with @kirkfranklin No 🧢. @zekest80s @wowgr8deluxe @barryhefner @bet @earthgang @queenmaiathomas

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“Take a picture of me walking without my heels. Cause Instagram gone get all of this!” - @queenmaiathomas #SoulTrainAwards19


@BET Soul Train Awards tonight.......That’s it. That’s the caption. #SoulTrainAwards #SoulTrainAwards2019 @simonchasalow

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Tonight I’m buying my mom a ticket to Las, Vegas for the soul train awards. Pretty sweet right? She’s coming and we’re doing a number for the people. Feeling a whole lot of emotions. Lots of questions that don’t have answers right now. Practicing stillness especially since we’ve been on the road. But as my dog @barryhefner would say “Well quit then!” And that’s never going to happen. Going through it. See you on the other side... ✨

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Who’d a thunk that life would choose me to write songs? They say play the roles in life that you’re given. Play them truly and they’ll develop into greater things. Things we could never imagine. I always wanted to take voice lessons, piano lessons, music lessons but it was never a priority of mine or my parents. I was more interested in sports, travel, girls. I hurt myself in high school playing those beloved sports. I love to draw and color. But something about sound always stayed with me. Now my parents, they can sing. No secret to that. My Mom don’t play NO games and my dad had the smoothest voice ever. Seeing myself follow in their footsteps unconsciously, but truly and honestly is amazing. I know my pops and my mom live through me everyday every time I open my mouth. And I’m thankful ✨💜. “What my Grandma Dreamed Of.” #ThisSide as performed on @colorsxstudios by @EarthGang #Mirrorland produced by @natraaverage and Me. | Link in the bio. ✌🏿 @earthgang


💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿So happy to be able to release this performance! Coming off the high of performing on @fallontonight w @jimmyfallon x @theroots. We linked up with @colorsxstudios to make some magic on #ThisSide. Click the bio 😉. @wowgr8deluxe @johnnyvenus @earthgang

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✨WE HAVING FUN ON THIS SIDE ✨ Check out our NEW @colorsxstudios performance of “This Side” produced by @natraaverage & Me. | LINK IN THE BIO 😇😇 @wowgr8deluxe @johnnyvenus @earthgang @dreamville


Ran into our famous OG at Long Beach Airport last weekend. 😂😂😂 @brothercornelwest.... So I’m sitting at the bar in Long Beach Airport and out of the corner of my eye I see a gentlemen dressed in a black three piece suit reading the news paper. No one else in the airport is reading the paper. He’s tucked off in the corner absorbing the sun with his legs crossed. I literally lost it. Took off to tell everybody cause I couldn’t believe it myself. He immediately started calling out the names of great who have inspired us, “Curtis Mayfield, Billie Holiday, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Duke Ellington” and tells us that they are “proud and are smiling right now.” You May have seen him on Joe Rogans podcast, countless interviews, lectures, or read some of his essays. He’s still cultivating young minds in Boston and has been doing so for over half a century. Blessed to meet you brother. Keep trail blazing!!! @zekest80s @wowgr8deluxe @earthgang

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Sups. Just me and my friends. Wishing you a beautiful day. Take ya time. Enjoy every moment. Ask your spirit guides to look out for you. Do something nice for someone today. You look beautiful. See yas 😘 oh and go to YouTube and watch our performance if you get a chance✨✨ #EarthGang #jimmyfallon @zekest80s @wowgr8deluxe @barryhefner @djdarkknightatl @fallontonight @kasturishan @jimmyfallon @earthgang


We just performed on @fallontonight / @jimmyfallon with @theroots. My 93 Year Old Grandma is staying up in Alabama and watching with her Baby Sister in Detroit to see us rock. I’m a bit self conscious about watching my performances so I don’t think I’m gonna watch it. But everyone says it was monumental and legendary and so many other sweet things. Hopefully you dig it. And hopefully we’ll all reach 93 and watch our grand babies on TV. They’ll probably be holographic or robot versions of them by then. Anyways, I’m still practicing. Wrote a few songs with it but still got A LOT more practice to go. See yas 😘. @simonchasalow

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Damn Shawty What a weekend! @questlove @jimmyfallon X Captain Evans. @teamcevans


We’re performing on @jimmyfallon tonight with @theroots at 11:35 EST. This pic has nothing to do with that except I took it in New York over the summer time.


If you’ve fallen, get up. If you’ve failed try again. Love through your mistakes and keep living my friends. - Dr. Seuss @alannaholtonrose @achauer @calvinklein @simonchasalow

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OK. Its @kidcudi . I can transition to the other side now. See y’all later ✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿 | @wowgr8deluxe @earthgang

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Hours before this picture was taken my voice flew away on a little dragonfly’s back. Idk where, maybe to a beach in the Caribbean to take a break. We had a set that day where I sounded like microwaved garbage lmao. We’ve been on the road for two months now and have one more to go. It’s a blessing to be able to travel and spread good love around the world but it takes a real toll on your body and spirit. Some days get tougher than others. I miss my family, my father, myself, my space, my down time. Other days are lit as hell!!!! This day my friends stepped in and helped me up. Shoutout to @DenzelCurryph (literally one of the funniest dudes I know) for bringing me some tea while I couldn’t ask for any lol. @nitaaasmile sending me over the counter remedies, @dionne.osborne for always checking in on me! So many people just sending their prayers and energy. A few hours later we were performing with Cole. And by the grace of God it came back and came back strong! Not a crack in sight, notes were hit, crowd was amazing!! I just want to say thank you. Thank YOU! to everyone who helped and all the spirits that assisted me from the other side. Got a chance to stand on stage with my brothers @dreamville and one of the greatest to ever do it @realcoleworld Hella blessed. Hella thankful. The Wings made a return!! And the dragonfly came back with my voice. 💚 @lute_west9 @simonchasalow

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😂😂😂 PULL UP TO our @complexcon Booth. Ladies FREE before 12 🤣🤣. We got prizes and Merch and Games, oh and we’ll be there!!!! #WelcomeToMirrorland #Mirrorland #EarthGang

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Everyone go tell the Birthday Boy @jidsv Happy Birthday!!!! One of the hardest working Little Nappy Headed East Side niggas I know. We just getting started. #SpillToTheCaughin @wowgr8deluxe @earthgang @spillagevillage @bxlyfe


POLAR BEAR BUT MAKE IT AFRICAN . . Sup y’all. Cozy weather is coming and I know lots of us start to get that feeling of wanting to connect and bond with eachother. It’s kind of different than the summer time dance and party, tameless vibes. Maybe it’s a survival thing, you want to stay warm and preserve life/ maybe even create it too. It’s about to snow in Kansas. Just wanted to ask what your idea of intimacy is? Is it sex, touch, sharing secrets, asking about the things below our social media surface? And is intimacy only for your significant other? How do you decide whom to be intimate with? Maybe some wine helps with the conversation ha! Ps. We’ve been goin so fast lately. Everything is just spinning spinning spinning. Learning how to settle and be still and constant in the midst of the hustle is a gift and a practice, been missing my hot yoga classes and my walks. Thanks for the shows and the love! We’re working hard so y’all can receive the blessings. We’re coming to a city near you Tickets: www.earthgang.net OH! @smino got me that scarf for my Bday in S. Africa. He gives really good gifts ladies, check him out. @earthgang @simonchasalow


What happened to the people you ask? Hell if I know. I wonder why we think we’re better than animals. Does God see us that way. Does God wish to save the ones who think they are closer to it? Are we his favorite? The disobedient ones, the baby that always talks back. The smart mouth, the troublemaker. Aren’t we it’s favorite. What about the rabbit. Who minds its business. Eats, shits, fertilizes the world and fucks some more. What about the Ox? Breathing the Manchurian air. Moaning in gratitude as the breath crystallizes in the mountains. Is God not pleased with that simplicity? Why can’t we just eat and shit and fuck, where did we get the audacity to write and think and draw and drive? To curse and flirt, and believe and lie? What an ego. Could we just maybe just maybe be animal like for a while? Remember when Nelly slid that credit card through that girls ass. Now if that ain’t art idk what is... - Random thoughts from a journal entry months ago. Night ya’ll. . . We’re in Louisville, KY #WelcomeToMirrorland TOUR coming to tooooooown. @tischristo @jidsv @bxlyfe

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#Duality Shout out to Atlanta man. No other place in the world like you 💘 @grizzleearts


Y’all go wish my brother @wowgr8deluxe a happy ass birthday. One of the most charismatic, funniest, rappingest dudes I know. We done came a long way from the Shade Tree at Mays High School. We traveling the world blessed to do what we love. Blessed to see the world. Blessed to see you. ✨✨🥳🥳🥳🥳 Idk who’s random Middle Finger that is. But yes we with the fuck shit. PS. We turning up tonight. Shutting down Emory U. Then we hitting the club and the Afterparty 😍😍😍 @johnnyvenus @earthgang

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HEY MOMMA @queenmaiathomas WE IN MOVIES!!!!!! Y’all! Havin a record in a film has always been a goal of ours. And for us to accomplish this so early on has been a beautiful blessing. Excited to announce the @queenandslim OFFICIAL SOUNDTRACK feat. @mslaurynhill (we on the same album as Lauryn Hill 😭🤯😭🤯😨😱😱) @theestallion @burnaboygram @6lack @mereba @syd and so many more drops NOV 15!!! Love to everyone who made this record happen. BLESS YALL!!! @tianamajor9 @bennycassette @sonyae @lindseyseason @theethiopiandream @iamstacybarthe @lenawaithe @msmelina and everyone else (I know I’m forgetting some names. Charge it to the head and not the heart; and thanks to the Home Team!!! Pre Order Link in my Story Shawty.

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This sweet lady came up to me the day we shot “Down Bad” in front of the West End Mall and asked for my autographed. Y’all know she doesn’t know @earthgang or @dreamville but she felt that positive energy. She asked for some of my Hot Cheetos and I told her she shouldn’t be eating these! I told her I only eat them like 4 times a year. Anyway. I grew up on these blocks, walked to the Marta train station, Maxway, Afrocentrics, Foot Locker, Bought some Fake Jordans from the Flea Market, was always staring at the mirrors on the ceiling in the Mall, went to Soul Vegetarian always at Q Time, Might catch me at Peaches, always at the Shrine of the Black Madonna. Before Ft. Mac was @tylerperry Studios. And shout out to TP for combating gentrification in a great way! Put flowers in front of the same mall when my brother Omari passed. It’s really a full circle moment. We love our city. I know we’re still being recognized in Atlanta cause we don’t have what some people deem a “typical” atlanta sound, but we call the same places and same Zones home. Thats why linking with @thuggerthugger1 was so special. And shout out to the Underground ATL scene. The place we sprout from. And YES the West End is suffering from Gentrification. But it takes everybody on all levels (government, citizen, business owner, shopper, bus driver, grandma, cousin, stripper, college student, drug dealer) to see the value in your home and poor your resources into it. And stop littering 😭. I know we got a lot of work to do but I can’t wait until I see them brother who used to stand outside the store and make money actually own the store and Make their money! When I’m home you can catch me at @localgreenatlanta or @tassilisraw or @qtimerestaurant or working with my babies at @alkebulannation cause this is my home and I’ll always give back. Bless Up and go see that #DownBad video. And don’t let your grandma eat Flaming Hot Cheetos!!! @realcoleworld @bas @jidsv @youngnudy

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DOWN BAD VIDEO OUT NOW!!!! They said I looked like a Burrito 😭😭😭. What’s your favorite part?!. @realcoleworld @jidsv @bas @youngnudy @dreamville @earthgang @barryhefner

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DOWN BAD VIDEO OUT NOW!! We placed flowers in this same spot for partners we lost. Now we shooting videos for the West End to show the world! 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿. And yes we on the Olympic torch downtown. ATLANTA STAND UP!!! @realcoleworld @youngnudy @bas @jidsv

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DOWN DOWN BAAAAAAAAD 😫😫😫😫🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 DROPS TOMORROW!!! Who can rap all the verses??!!! ✋🏾✋🏽✋🏼✋🏿✋🏿| @earthgang @jidsv @youngnudy @bas @realcoleworld @dreamville


Your BF could never... 🍬

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What’s your Love Language? Mine are ✨Acts of Service & Physical Touch✨.... and Puppies🐶. . . Love languages are actually things you GIVE and RECEIVE naturally. Do you think you and your partner’s should match exclusively? Or could there be mismatches and room for growth. Quality Time is creeping up on my list since I’m always on the road hahaha. . . . 1. Acts of Service 2. Quality Time 3. Words of Affirmation 4. Gifts 5. Physical Touch @iamveronicaking @thefiends @simonchasalow

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I wonder what beavers dream about sleeping in their cozy dams.... Anyway we have another SOULDOUT show today in College Park, MD. Don’t Sice Me Moe, love Me. #WelcomeToMirrorland @stussy @louisvuitton @earthgang @simonchasalow @off____white


#UP Music Video is out now babyyyyyyyy. We rented out @fernbankmuseum for this one. If you grew up in Atlanta, you know how special that is. Shoutout to @resolvemediagroup & @raiannacbrown for choreographing the dance moves. @wowgr8deluxe @johnnyvenus @earthgang

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SPOOKY SEASON BABYYYYYY #UP OFFICIAL VIDEO OUT TOMORROW | 12 PM EST | #MIRRORLAND @wowgr8deluxe @johnnyvenus @earthgang @resolvemediagroup

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#UP OFFICIAL VIDEO | 10.16 | 12 PM EST | #MIRRORLAND 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️👻💀👽👻 Love This time of the year!!!!! @wowgr8deluxe @johnnyvenus @earthgang @resolvemediagroup


Felt fly. Might delete later.

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S P R E A D MY W I N G S. . . . First off I wanna thank @alannaholtonrose!! I texted her with this idea prolly way back in March like 2am. I wanted to wear wings for AfroPunk NY. Wings and flight (physical, astral, spiritual) have always been a special gift to me. From doves to Falcons, Eagles, The Phoenix, Angels to Lugia my favorite Pokémon. I wanted to pay homage to the spirit of flight and freedom!!! She worked with me tirelessly even when we had to postpone in to AfroPunk ATL because we needed more time. She went and helped pick out feathers (All Cruelty Free) while I was on FT. She got the mesh. She took them to the seamstress @achauer and helped me design the whole concept! She a real one. Death and rebirth are all things we go through constantly in this life. So cherish each transformative moment ✨✨. And take the time you need to come out of that cocoon and Spread Those Wings. Love you!! 📸: @nikonpapi #AfroPunkATL #afropunkatlanta

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Funny story. I 📝 this hook with @AriLennox in mind. This song only exists as an @EarthGang record because Ari, being the beautiful, creative, authentic artists she is, stayed true to her self. So THANK HER. That’s our sister, so act wrong and we coming for your Head Top!! Groove made the beeeat!!! @cedbreeze set me up downstairs in “The Sheltuh” so I could record myself and test it out. It was like 4am, everyone was going to sleep. Fast forward a year later on tour in Europe we asked @tischristo to put his signature spin at the end🔥🔥🔥. He sent it back like 4 hours later with that crazy twist. I added that 808, Guitar, and did some arranging at the end to flush it out. And shout out to Cole with the subtle coaching comments. It’s the little things. THIS SUMMER after we sent the record to some of your favorite artist and got no responses 😭, We pulled up on @kehlani session with @Jid, @6lack. She was so sweet y’all. So inviting, we poured up kicked it listened to her stuff. Before we left I thought, lemme play this shit real quick. And she loved it! Sent her verse like the next day!! And that’s how you make magic. I Wrote it when I was single lol way back in 2017, still single lol. I wanted to express feelings that we all go through when we’re trying to make things work. Feelings that I was releasing from an old r-ship. First lines are just something I live by. “I don’t need no part time love. Got no room for one night stands.” Not a casual sex guy. I once was 😝. S/O to y’all that are✨ I just realized I love intentionally and deeply so I curate my space. Sometimes I take things too serious, sometimes I am controlling. But we’re all trying right? That’s all that matters is that you try. I’m constantly on the road, doing what I love so you could only imagine how difficult it may be to date someone who isn’t always there. But it’s the little things that stick out. Being present, consistent, open and honest, communicating, remembering special days and anniversaries (even tough ones like death). That’s what matters to me. And patience cause it takes TIME to really get to know someone even B4 y’all official. So S/O all y’all TRYING, and 🙏🏿 for all y’all TRIPPIN 🤣🤣 @wowgr8deluxe @realcoleworld @groovesince1989 @timtypebeat

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😍😍😍 “COLLIDE” | @tianamajor9 X @earthgang | SO MUCH BEAUTY! Check out the video and the movie @queenandslim in stores NOV 27!


“Everybody’s got opinions on our thing.” . . . What’s your favorite line from our song “COLLIDE” @tianamajor9 X @earthgang | Check the video out now and go see that @queenandslim NOV 27. #queenandslim #queenandslimmovie #queenandslimthemovie @alannaholtonrose @johnnyvenus @annelintrup @remybourdeau


“COLLIDE” @tianamajor9 X @earthgang OUT NOW From the sound track for @queenandslim | Written by Me, @iamworldwidefresh, @sonyae, and @iamstacybarthe and Prod. by @bennycassette! | Love to @lenawaithe @msmelina @danielkaluuya @jodiesmith | This is an Amazing Film you don’t want to miss!!! @alannaholtonrose @simonchasalow @annelintrup

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DAMN GOD YOU SHOWING OUT!!! YOU GOING LOCO ON EM!! | Y’all we in MOVIES! Check out our newest SINGLE “COLLIDE” @tianamajor9 X @earthgang from the film @queenandslim Written by @lenawaithe and Dir by @msmelina. A daring film about the Power of Love 💛💛 💛. Joust hopped off two 9+ hour flights to this news. #AFROPUNK ATL SATURDAY tooo. You going LOCO on Em!