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#tbt to my music video for Concerning Hobbits from The Lord of the Rings! I’ve covered a few different LotR songs over the years but are there any others you guys would like me to cover or maybe remake

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Had a lot of requests for Naruto (Sadness and Sorrow in particular) so here’s a little something 😊 thanks for the requests! @johnk3537 @yurakuen @taekwondo_girl77 @jbellluvsred @adithyakili

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Saw a lot of requests for Lord of the Rings so here you go! 😊 Happy Friday everyone! (sheet music is on my musicnotes page!) @brendasdiamonds @sahbinadrigues @nancysviews @gnviolin03 @speedofthepegasus13

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Been seeing some Attack on Titan requests for a while so here’s some of that for you on this fine Tuesday! 😄 Along with that, I have an upcoming performance announcement I’d like to make that I’m

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Hey everyone, my new music video for my original song Solace is now up on my YouTube channel! Hope you get a chance to check it out 😊(Link in my bio!) Also, thank you so much for all the birthday

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Hey everyone, I just uploaded a new music video on my channel for one of my favorite original songs, The Summit 😄This is also the final video from our Iceland trip last year so I hope you enjoy it!

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New music video on my YouTube channel for Ballad of the Wind Fish from Link’s Awakening! 😄🎻 I recorded this song a few years ago and wasn’t able to publicly release it until recently so I’m

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Happy Easter everyone! ✝️ 🐣 Here’s a little something from one of my favorite Christian songs, In Christ Alone. Hope you’re all having a great weekend! 😊❤️

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Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃👻 I’m fortunate to be able to dress up in costume on days besides Halloween hehe 😅 and this is one of my favorite looks! What’s your favorite costume you’ve ever

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Ölülere acıma (Harry) yaşayanlara acı, her şeyden çok da sevgisiz yaşayanlara. (DUMBLEDORE)#harrypotter #hedwigstheme #video #cover #taylordavis


Hey everyone! We just added a brand new blog to our @musicianofalltrades website that we’ll be updating regularly where we’ll be covering all sorts of different topics to help musicians build their

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#tbt to her Witcher 3 Medley from a few years ago!😊I love this song so much. Taylor is so talented❤ - plss tag @taylordavisviolin & @musicianofalltrades and like - #taylordavis #taylordavisviolin

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this song is one of my favorite original songs by Taylor Davis " Willdernes ". I listen this song every day. I can't stop listening to it😊 - plss tag @taylordavisviolin & @musicianofalltrades and like

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this song is damn amazing❤I love this song so much!😄i can't wait for taylor davis to release a video with this song. I play the violin too and I learned this song. And I'm trying to sing this song


Reposted from @thevioliin - Good morning my frieds. 🎶😁💕 . . . . . . . . . . . #minos #violin #violins #violinist #violingirl #violon#violino #violine #viola #cello #piano#orchestra #symphony

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Simple + beautiful = amazing #starwarsfan #taylordavis

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. این سکانس از فیلم شجاع دل اشک هرکسیو در میاره💔 عاشق این فیلمم❤موسیقیشم که بحثش جداس اصن😍 (braveheart) violinist:taylor davis @taylordavisviolin


It was great to meet you!! . . #Repost @leeannarussoviolin with @get_repost ・・・ I finally got to visit @electricviolinshop after dreaming about going for so many years! It was so much better than

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I finally got to visit @electricviolinshop after dreaming about going for so many years! It was so much better than I ever imagined and I had the time of my life playing with the “toys.” I also kinda

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Sayfamıza bir göz atmadan geçmeyin lütfen sen yoksan bir kişi eksiğiz @1_kemanci_kiz #müzik #muzik #enstrümantal #music ##violin #violinist #violincover #violin🎻 #violinstagram #violins #violins

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Name song Tales of the Wind - Taylor Davis (Original Song) Credits vídeo official @taylordavisviolin #roses #flowers #loveismagic #loveislife #LOVE #MAGIC #GLORY #prayforyour #prayforourmilitary #prayforyourlife

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Name song Tales of the Wind - Taylor Davis (Original Song) Credits vídeo official @taylordavisviolin #roses #flowers #loveismagic #loveislife #LOVE #MAGIC #GLORY #prayforyour #prayforourmilitary #prayforyourlife

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Name song Tales of the Wind - Taylor Davis (Original Song) Credits vídeo official @taylordavisviolin #roses #flowers #loveismagic #loveislife #LOVE #MAGIC #GLORY #prayforyour #prayforourmilitary #prayforyourlife

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This took a lot for me to post but it’s here finally! I’ve been working on singing and playing the violin at the same time for a while now so here’s a cover I made of when the party’s over by

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Violinista de eventos Eric Dalla, músico para casamentos, aniversários, debutantes, corporativos, jantares e almoços, parcerias com restaurantes, etc.. Professor de violino e violão Telefone para

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برماسه ها نوشتم دریای هستی من ،از عشق توست سرشاراين را به يادبسپار ،برماسه ها نوشتی ،ای همزبان دیرین این آرزوی


Fala galera, de tanto me pedirem estou finalmente abrindo vagas para dar aulas de violão 😊. Valor direct Obs: pra quem não sabia eu toquei violão e guitarra mais de 17 anos e voltei a tocar faz


Hey everyone! Anyone working on anything exciting this week that they want to share? I’m super excited to be starting work on a series of upcoming beginner violin tutorials that I plan on sharing on


Daqui a pouco tocarei na cerimônia de bodas no @Buffet Paula na Mooca! Em breve vídeo dessa festa 😉

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Siempre es un placer hacer música con los demás Foto por @conservatoriovicenteemiliosojo • • • • • • • • #violin #violinist #violins #violon #violino #violine #viola #cello #piano


Quem faz o destino é você. Se quer algo, dê quantos passos forem necessários sem derrubar o próximo. Corra atrás e seus objetivos serão sempre alcançados. Quem exige demais e espera muito da vida


Taylor Davis optioned back to Triple-A Iowa; C Jonathan Lucroy added to the active roster. - #cubs #cubbies #flythew #baseball #mlb #everybodyin #ownitnow #baez #rizzo #bryant #schwarber #contreras #heyward

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Aིྀ Wིྀhིྀoིྀlིྀeིྀ Nིྀeིྀwིྀ Wིྀoིྀrིྀlིྀdིྀ (pིྀtིྀ.2) @taylordavisviolin #taylordavis #violin #violinist

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@mihuzet_t_g 😍😍 Lo hermoso de aprender es que nadie puede quitártelo. Recital de alumnos Verano 2019" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#violins #violinist #violingirl #violon #violino#violine

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Y algunas de las fotos antes del concierto • • • • • • • • • #violin #violinist #violins #violon #violino #violine #viola #cello #piano #orchestra #symphony #lindseystirling #taylordavis

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Un fragmento del concierto que presentamos hoy al público de Barquisimeto, corresponde esta grabación a la interpretación del concierto para piano y orquesta No.2 de Mendelssohn por parte de la solista

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Más fotitos de nuestro recital de alumnos "Verano 2019" ❤❤🥇🥇🥇🌈🌈🌈 . . . . . . . . . . . #CultivandoTalento | #YoSoyAdLibitum | #ADAMU#violin #violins #violinist #violingirl #violon


this makes me laugh

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I’ve received such lovely messages for my Skyrim video, I decided to do another as a thank you. Plus I really love the soundtrack. Thank you @uptalkintolkien for rekindling my addiction. Side note,

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😇🌿 ، يحتاج المرء لبيت، لطعام، لمال وثياب؛ وعليه أن يهتم بكل تلك الأشياء لكن ألا تصبح هي الكل بالكل. لا بد من وقت


BREAKING: Willson Contreras placed on the 10-Day IL with a right hamstring strain; C Taylor Davis recalled from Triple-A Iowa. - #cubs #cubbies #flythew #baseball #mlb #everybodyin #ownitnow #baez #rizzo

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❤️🌹🎻🎼⛄️🚶🏻DDDA __________________________ @taylordavisviolin تيلور ديويس ____________________ يه بار وارد اتاقش شدم روي تختش نشستم بيرون

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#tbt to my Witcher 3 Medley from a few years ago! Has anyone else watched the trailer for the upcoming Witcher series on Netflix and if so, what do you think? 🤔 I’m excited to watch it when it comes


A vida é curta. Quebre as regras, perdoe rapidamente, beije lentamente, ame verdadeiramente, ria incontrolavelmente e nunca se arrependa de nada que te faça sorrir. Bom dia 😊

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Still in working progress🎻🎻🎻🌹🌹🌹 #violin #taylordavis @taylordavisviolin

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اجرای احساسی و بسیار زیبای موسیقی فیلم شجاع‌دل توسط تیلور دیویس #video #TaylorDavis #Violin

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😇🌿🎻🎶 • • مخطئ من يعتقد ان التوازن هو حالة ثبات بل التوازن هو حاله من الحركه حركه دائمه بين المتناقضات قليل


Aprenda como se você fosse viver para sempre. Viva como se você fosse morrer amanhã.

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😇🌿 ، لا أحد أعلى من أحد ، ولا أحد أدنى من أحد ، ولا أحد يحتاجه الوجود أكثر أو اقل من أحد الجميع يحتاجهم الوجود

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😇🌿💙🎶🎻 ، ، وفِي لحظة صفاء،، ستدرك أن معظم الاشياء التي أحزنتك،، لم تكن إلا بفعل تحليلك لأفكار اختلقها عقلك ،

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Coffee and campfires, hope you have an amazing day !.. Loc : Koromong 🎵 : Taylor Davis -Wilderness- . . . . . . #indonesianbuschraft #bushcraft #woodworking #woodbuscraft #campfire #bushcraftgear #bushcraftman


Não se importe com o que vão pensar de você, faça o que você quiser e procure apenas a sua felicidade.