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. Sergey Rachmaninoff Trio élégiaque No.1 in G minor - Lusine Khachatryan, Piano Sergey Khachatryan, Violin Narek Hakhnazaryan, Cello . . . #conductor #classic #classicmusic #trumpet #concerto #recital

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My teacher told me that this piece is “...the Cirque de Soleil of the violin literature, so get fit for it!” 😂. Coordination is a work and progress, but I’m quite content with the way things

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🎶🎈🎉Wow, thanks to everyone who has supported me on Patreon so far! ❤️It’s overwhelming to see everyone’s generosity and kindness. 🎶Here’s one of my favorite encore pieces to play

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🎶😊🎈Happy Thursday, friends! 🎉Here’s a classic for you! Guess the name? ☺️ Full version is up on my Patreon (link in bio)! 🎶Have a lovely day!! ❤️

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🎶🎉🎈 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Claude Debussy! 🥳🥳🥳 Couldn’t miss an opportunity to celebrate. This is his Second Arabesque! 🎉🎶🎈

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DAYS 62-66 • Back to practicing! A little sunny Leclair for this rainy day. 🌧 Been practicing what’s in my binder and it’s been nice to just exist with my violin for a few days, not for the sake

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🎉🎈🎊I’M SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE my Patreon account! 🎉😃You have all been so supportive in all my endeavors to make the harp better known and loved. Now, you have even more opportunity to

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Nikita Boriso-Glebsky @nbglebsky performs Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra conducted by Tao Lin in 2017. Here, Boriso-Glebsky performs on his c.1730 Matteo Goffriller. ____________________ Born

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Had the privilege of listening to my composition, "From the Ramparts," performed by @symphoriacny a few weeks ago and I was blown away by their performance. I originally wrote this piece for the @fredbrass


The powerful collective force of @orchestredeparis with The @edintfest Chorus and @nycoscotland National Girls #Choir take the applause following a tremendous #britten War Requiem @usherhall as part of


Join the #CSOLatinoAlliance for their 5th year anniversary celebration on Thursday September 05 @ChicagoSymphony >> https://cso.org/support/get-involved/latino-alliance/ #Chicago #symphony #music #culture


It’s always nice to see Eric Silberger and the Magico family.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #hawaiicmf #classicalmusic #music #piano #musician #classical #orchestra #violin #pianist #concert #opera #cello #violinist

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How did audition season sneak up on us SO FAST? Well, it’s here, and we brought out all the fun new toys for Austin :-)


I love this gallery: from the art to the acoustics to the wine it’s a good time for all! Thanks @cameedavidson for asking me to play again. Can’t wait to do it again soon!

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Our 2019/20 season is around the corner! Visit sfsymphony.org to learn more about our upcoming lineup of concerts at Davies Symphony Hall.


So this happened!! Thank you, @illharmonic.orchestra for the impromptu gig. I’m so excited to be a part of the Chicago premiere of this ensemble tonight!! 🎶✨

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more hindemith! decided to practice in my room today and in this session I just wanted to stylize the third movement with more dynamics. played with some ideas shortly and ran through it a couple times.


I wrote a small composition for a competition. Watch and listen on youtube. Link in bio. . . . . . #stalktheowls #composer #producer #mixing #nativeinstruments #metapop #originalmusic #digitalcomposer

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My absence on Instagram was much needed. My new job has been a lot of work, and social media has been the last thing on my mind. I’ve started to reevaluate a lot of things in my life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In

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Day 6 - Today is an excerpt from Hindemith’s Symphonic Metamorphosis, an absolutely beautiful piece of 20th century music! The two standard excerpts from this piece really show off the flute’s contrasting


These hot summer days have us swooning over our First Note! ☀️🥰 Notes of citrus, honeysuckle, and sweet apple, this wine invites you to sip on our patio. Open Friday-Sunday from 12pm-5:30pm. 🙌🏻


“Every glance is killing me” ~ ~ I love the story of David and Bathsheba from the Bible so much. It’s very sad yet very romantic in a way😭

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El domingo pasado magiamos en @symphonydeli🎩🎩 Agradecido con el personal por el recibimiento💪 . Excelente público, excelente lugar, excelente comida😋👌 . Vestuario: @oswaldoescalantedesigner👔 . . . #restaurant

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Symphony Live Band along side @jaydev_gosai_official at the bhaishri #katha in #Manchester Making your event memorable!! www.dholplayersbandbaja.com BOOK NOW 07988790697 #symphony #liveband #music #musicians


Symphony Live Band along side @jaydev_gosai_official Making your event memorable!! www.dholplayersbandbaja.com BOOK NOW 07988790697 #symphony #liveband #music #musicians #livemusic #garba #raas #classicalmusic


Symphony Live Band have been accompanying renowned artist from India @jaydev_gosai_official Making your event memorable!! www.dholplayersbandbaja.com BOOK NOW 07988790697 #symphony #liveband #music #musicians

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Sometimes I casually blast some excerpts in my basement and play along. (my family aren’t really fans of this😂😂) •• Prokovief’s “Classical Symphony” (ending of 1st mvt) •• #violin

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Under the military might of Emperor Taizong, the glorious Tang Dynasty, with its divinely inspired arts and noble character, flourished, reaching a cultural zenith. Listen as Tang warriors train in battle


Symphony Live Band Making your event memorable!! www.dholplayersbandbaja.com BOOK NOW 07988790697 #symphony #liveband #music #musicians #livemusic #garba #raas #classicalmusic #indianclassical #sanjee

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HCS is back for its 52nd season! We held our first rehearsal for the upcoming September 20th concert last week, welcoming back many longtime members and several talented new ones. . Join us at 8pm, Friday,

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Tchaikovsky: Romeo & Juliet / Gergiev · London Symphony Orchestra · BBC Proms 2007 For zalibekiiian😍😍😍😘😘 #romeo #juliet #romeoandjuliet #symphony #orchestra #classic #music #relax #london

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They’re baaaaaack! Our first day with Philharmonia really flew by! Thanks for joining us and we will see the rest of you on September 8! ‪#youthorchestra #musiceducation #fvso #foxvalley #foxcities

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day 20/100 one of those days... woke up on the wrong side of the bed and i’m so stiff that i have to spend my time just reminding myself of how to stay grounded, connected to the bass, and free in my


Brahms Piano Trio No.1 with Hawaii Symphony Orchestra cellist Josh Nakazawa.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #hawaiicmf #classicalmusic #music #piano #musician #classical #orchestra #violin #pianist #concert #opera #cello


Meet the #ASO75 guest artists: Malaysian-born #TengkuIrfan has appeared around the world not just as a pianist, but as an award-winning #composer and #conductor. Irfan has been praised by The New York

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These are a few stills from a new short film I produced called, "River Music For All". It's a soothing film that explores the impact that nature can have on our creativity, featuring the Alabama Symphony


Episode 2 now on YouTube! Thanks to @vanlunalander for kicking it and recording an episode of the podcast! Had a lot of fun catching up with an old friend. — #podcast #thecameronleachpodcast #percussion


happy weekend y’all:)) • • via: @bach.street.girls • • • • • • • • • #violin #orchestramemes #orchestra #strings #band #viola #twosetviolin #cello #bass #doublebass #violinist


Just finished listening to a live Beethoven’s IXth Symphony played by the Berlin Philharmonic under their new chief conductor Kirill Petrenko, at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin. ‘For Dumle Happy ‘90!’ My


Beethoven Complete Edition Vol 1 ... just about to work my way through this fabulous DG complete edition! #beethoven #ludwigvanbeethoven #ilovebeethoven #classicalmusic #classical #symphony #symphonies

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Playing both Mahler 6 with Eschenbach and Tchaikovsky 6 with Honeck in the Elbphilharmonie has been definitely among the best musical experiences I had so far in my life! Miss all of you guys ❤️


A Roses Symphony - Sheet Music Paper Rose . More exciting designs to come so please follow to keep in the loop! . Available now! . #shopsmall #smallbusiness #roses #music #sheetmusic #symphony #paperflowers


We LOVE questions about our mutes!! Seriously, you can't get me to shut-up about them so please ask! 😍 I wanted to answer a few FAQs today and figured what better place to start than to introduce our

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Singin’ in the Rain with the San Diego Symphony . . . . #sandiego #symphony #cinema #sunset #california


"To achieve something you’ve never achieved before, you will have to think in ways that you have never thought before." - Brian Tracy #softwaredeveloper #softwaredevelopment #webdevelopment #webdeveloper


*read the caption* . Har ek safar ko hai Mehfus raston ki talash Hifajaton ki rivayat badal sako to chalo, Kahi nahi koi suraj, dhuan dhuan hai sama Khud apne aap se bahar nikal sake to chalo.... . . . #live#love#fantasy#you

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#Italian #Symphony @alfaquadrifoglio 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🍀🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻 @alfaromeo_mx @alfaromeoracing


Bi ömür yeter mi böyle güzelliklere . İyi ki tanımışım seni , iyiki karşılaşmışımda yürümüşüz bu yollarda ☺️ 1. Yılımız kutlu olsun @duyguogretmen29 . . . . #classicalmusic

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Im definitely giving this song my love. _ 🎼Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love

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The best Cruller I’ve ever tasted in my life. 😭😭😭😭😭 Major dieting is needed when we get home ❤️🤣🙏🏼 A few images of the most epic breakfast buffet after this morning’s sunrise