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Мы с тобой точно не знаем, куда держим путь. Да и какая разница, если идём мы вместе... ⠀ Ты не отвечаешь ни на один


Ginger is such a saint for putting up with all of our antics😂 And yes it is definitely as fun as it looks! Thanks @eqbelah for joining us at the beach, and for playing with the devil kangaroo (Billie)!

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Finish the week out strong. 💪 When life tries to pull you down hold your ground. 😂

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Ren was on a roll this morning! 🏋🏼‍♀️ she was due for a good mane&tail wash .. check out how perfect they both are😍

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start them early 🤩🤪 no watermark bc who would even steal this mess ew literally just posting because i really want to finish up this theme ahaha they’ll probably be another post or two today


🌸𝔽𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕡 𝕚𝕤𝕟’𝕥 𝕒𝕝𝕨𝕒𝕪𝕤 𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕤𝕖𝕖𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕖𝕪𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕖𝕪𝕖, 𝕚𝕥𝕤 𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥

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All three settled for the night. We will check Penny in the morning. Pretty sure she is pregnant. We are going to put her in our maternity ward here at Mini Angel Eyes. So many babies!!#lovewhatwedo


We are thrilled to announce that Myst products are now available at Dover Saddlery in Winter Park, FL! If you’re in the Central Florida area, stop on by and stock up on your favorite products! . Happy

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You’re Saturday night just got infinitely better💥We are offering you a chance to win a FREE Martha t-shirt, R&R Ranch t-shirt and R&R Ranch hat, all in the name of good ol’ fashioned fun😊You

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Sinttura oli eilen oikeen pätevä ohjasajaen riimulla! Tehtiin paljon siirtymisiä ääniavuilla. Vaikka pientareelta olisikin ollut kiva välillä napata evästä, niin Sinttu siltikin keskittyi täysillä

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Much needed Baby Kai lovins' today. I couldn't ask for a better tempered pony. So sweet and gentle even at 6 months old. He loves to be loved, but isn't demanding. I have so much love for this little


Best morning ever or best morning ever???


They are so precious 😭😭😭


If your day didnt start with ponies then i feel sorry for you.

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Many lively and lovely horses here..💥 Wow!! 😃 How many horses can you see here? 🦄 Lol I gave up after 20 haha.. Share with someone who might know 💙 . 🐴 Follow 🐴 Follow 🐴 Follow . 📷


Cashman’s a little skeptical of bucket cleaning .. 🤔 Ren has another party to go to tomorrow, she’ll be giving pony rides and cart rides again :)


have you guys ever ridden or driven in a sunflower field? this was from a few weeks ago but my moms are planning on taking me back there this weekend possibly so i’ll probably get some new pictures


Feliz día internacional del caballo para todos nuestros hijos que hoy viven con sus nuevas familias. .-. #horse #horses #horseofinstagram #pony #ponies #poniesofinstagram #miniaturehorse #mini #fedeponis

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Herald got the staples out of his knees today! His knee surgery and castration surgery are both officially behind him! Woohoo!!! His friends, Melanie and Cassandra, work at the vet clinic and since he


Come on over to @doversaddlerymedina and shop the Fall Tent Sale and meet Calvin, Dover’s newest tent sale employee! #doversaddlery #workinghorse #earninghiskeep #doverslittlebuddy #thislittlehorse


What it feels like to have my world in the palm of my hands...💝— The horses and I are doing fine! I’m just so bad at posting. I’ll try to change that again from now on 🥰— Tell me something

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We LOVE when photographers come out and get wonderful pictures of our crew! Check these out that really portray Huck’s beautiful blue eyes! And yes, both are blue! The one that looks black in the second

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Definitely not the world’s best Spanish walk 🤣💕🦄 but I love how relaxed and happy he is. Such a clever old boy #arabhorse #arabianhorse #arabianhorsesofinstagram #straightegyptian #straightegyptianarabian

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As if you need another reason to love Milton❤️....sound . . . . . . . via @randrranchminis #miniaturehorse#miniaturehorses#miniaturehorsesofinstagram#miniaturehorsetack


Who thinks this little urchin will keep his wraps up for the last night? 🤣 We see Dr. Warnock tomorrow and hopefully he says the staples can come out! #rallycranch #heraldthewondercolt #wrapsuperapsdown


Preparing for weekend show. Mr.Pepper 1991 born and still helping youth in the show ring #equinetherapy #miniaturehorses #miniaturehorsesofinstagram #givinghope

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The lazy Ren 😴 I had some time to do some hillwork with Ren and Cashman today 💪🏼 they both were not as thrilled as I was about it though🤷🏼‍♀️


Be happy. It drives people crazy.🌞♥️ ps.no I don’t wear this outfit every second of the day... but I do love the photos from this shoot and the outfit😂🙌🏼 • Use code “𝗠𝗜𝗡𝗜”


Voi Capo... mikä jääräpää😤 Hän veteli tänään meitä ympäri metsiä ja peltoja🤦🏼‍♀️. Ens kerralla lähdetään maastoon suitset päässä. Uskomatonta että 70cm miniponilla


Can't really ask for more 🥰🙏 I'm blessed with love 🙏😭


Many supreme champions from EBF!! 💜

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Horse AND dogtrainer at the same time 😜 Be sure to surround yourself with animals! 💯👍 @r.andersson.86 Addi 😂❤


I'm getting my new shoes on today. The last thing they do is put my foot in cold water to harden the shoe. I like that part best. 🥶 . . #pudgethedwarfminihorse #footcorrection #dwarfpony #dwarfhorse

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Libertytraining with my boy Zlatan ❤

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Martha your energy is contagious! 😍😍👏🏼👏🏼 Video by @randrranchminis . "Here she comes and there she goes....•sound•” . . . . . . . #miniaturehorse #miniaturehorses #miniaturehorsesofinstagram


I’ve been an admirer of for many years. And I’ve also had many pangs of jealousy of how fabulous Cynthia’s life in the country looks on Instagram.... But nothing has made me more green envious


Como amantes de la genética teníamos que compartir este milagro de la naturaleza una zebra moteada. .-. #horse #horses #horseofinstagram #pony #ponies #poniesofinstagram #miniaturehorse #mini #fedeponis


Beautiful day here, so all the girls get to have some nakey time. Indie thinks if she walks away she will miss out on something. #Wobbles #GottaMeddle #Indie #Queen #Girlie #Horse #Horses #HorseLover


Be still my ❤. 😭😍

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Even though grids are so time consuming to set up, it’s definitely worth the hassle! Here is Cashman’s first successful grid + queen Ren 🥰


My good friend and farrier, David Woods, has a haircut like mine. We were comparing notes. 😊 #pudgethedwarfminihorse #minpony #minihorse #dearfhorse #dwarfpony #dwarf #littlehorse #miniaturehorsesofinstagram


This morning we had a lovely low energy training session. Few words were spoken and Hope relaxed very quickly as you can see. I asked very little of her today and it was lovely to just enjoy her company


Wow!! This is amazing💥⚡ How many horses can you see? 😃🦄 Share with someone who knows 💙 . 🐴 Follow 🐴 Follow 🐴 Follow . 📷 for credit . ❤️For great horses, because YOU deserve

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@p.a.equine_photography came out yesterday and shot some gorgeous pictures of me and the pony! Can only show a few since IG has the limit, but I’m very happy with them! • • • • • #equinephotography


Someone is getting more comfortable wearing the bit! We even long lined with it in (lines still attached to the halter though). We have also added in lots of changes of directions and circles while long


Question for anyone interested. What are some things you would like to know/were wondering about having a miniature horse as a service animal or just a house horse in general? Leave your questions below


Shady Spring afternoons 🌞🌸@peacockpastures From L-R Bubbles, Mo, Curly, Larry, PJ and Gizmo


#goodnight Honey Check out these other pages: @charlieminitherapyhorse @flirty.the.mini.service.horse @bbkingservicehorse @panaceaequines This page is not sponsored or paid for in any way by any of

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I am absolutely loving these pictures that @eve_arr93 sent me of the minis and her "helper" 😍💕🥰 I can't get over how cute he is and how well behaved our minis are 🙏🏻 #msminis #msminihorses


When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us. ~Helen Keller • • • #closeddoors #opendoors

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Smoke has finally learned to woah without me even touching her. The second video is a way you can start to train them to stand. Training your horse to woah or stand is one of the most important things

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Checkout this amazing mini!!!! Soaring over 63cm like a pro! 🤩

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Today is a hard day on the family. Momma Ruby was laid to rest. 6 months ago, she blessed me with Baby Kai. 6 months later we laid her next to Lexi and said our goodbyes. I've learned that feak accidents


Мы с тобой точно не знаем, куда держим путь. Да и какая разница, если идём мы вместе... ⠀ Ты не отвечаешь ни на один

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Heading back to work with Penny Rose. Penny & Honey get to play at the farm while we work for about an hour. 🐴🐶 Check out these other pages: @charlieminitherapyhorse @flirty.the.mini.service.horse @bbkingservicehorse


At what age did you first learn to ride? ❤️🏇❤️ 😃🦄 Share with someone who thinks so 💙 . 🐴 Follow 🐴 Follow 🐴 Follow . 📷 for credit . ❤️For great horses, because YOU