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Helloo! Let the pony per week posting begin 😍! Starting with the potato 🥔! Is he your favorite? #browniethemini #ponyperweek ____ #potato #horsx #horsesplanet #pferdeblummee #equestrianphotography


✨100K followers✨What?!! How did we get here?? I’ll tell you how•We started with our happy, little barn that a few thousand followers loved to hear our stories•Then, lightening hit this past

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🐴 + 🥕 = ❤️

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I always thought I was going to be a small animal vet but, during my equine rotation in vet school, a part of me really considered becoming an equine vet. I LOVED my equine rotations (especially taking


Horses and a heart❤️🏇 Isn't this cute?❤️ 😃🦄 Share with someone who thinks so 💙 . 🐴 Follow @horsecharmz 🐴 Follow @horsecharmz 🐴 Follow @horsecharmz . 📷 @dm for credit . ❤️For


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Prof. Dr. Jordy has some wise words for horse humans/animal trainers 🤓: - Trainer - What day is it? Student - Wednesday Trainer - What day is it? Student - The 5th Trainer - What day is it? Student


Time well spent always at the barn with my two favourite ones ❤️😭😍 #aspen #mare #miniaturehorse #mini #toddler #grayson #lovethem

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Autumn Equinox this weekend🦄🌗⚡️#unicornadventures

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Picked up the mini mare we are leasing. Boy is she adorable and oh so sweet. Her name is Sparky and it fits her very well. ❤️ #minihorse #miniaturehorse #ottb #offthetrackthoroughbred #thoroughbred


Zeus, meet Marshmallow. Marshmallow, meet Zeus. #puddinpiesplace #miniaturehorse


Help support our animal assisted therapy teams serve rural Texas by participating in North Texas Giving Day this Thursday, the biggest giving day in Texas! Thanks for considering us for your giving😊

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Kotah gave everyone a scare on Sunday 😱 I was unrugging him in his paddock while he was eating breakfast something spooked him and he bolted (it was extremely windy) instead of stopping before the


Horses and a heart❤️🏇 Isn't this cute?❤️ 😃🦄 Share with someone who thinks so 💙 . 🐴 Follow 🐴 Follow 🐴 Follow . 📷 for credit . ❤️For great horses, because YOU deserve


Beautiful morning in the Highlands ❄️⛄️ #notspringatall #southernhighlands

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At first we thought it was just a fluke, but Larry is absolutely infatuated with Scooter! He waits until he’s in his stall for the night and has to run in quick after him, only to hitch a ride on his

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I want to cry 😭 i had so much time and work into keeping her tail clean and healthy just for her to be a brat and step on it and pull almost all of it out...😫 I’m being a lot more cautious and

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#throwback to june when it was warm and i got to jump every week! i really miss summer but it’s been nice having some time off after a busy summer while my moms focus on school for a little while :) - #minihorsesofinstagram

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I had such an awesome weekend from my last 4-h show to a nice trail ride. Moments like those are what I live for and I could not have asked for a better way to end my last 4-H Show as a 4-Her and I could


i’ve been riding a lot more lately while the minis have been on a break🤩 hopefully the minis will get back into work fairly soon!❤️


Boomer 🖤🥰💫#minihorse


I didn’t know how much I loved miniature horses till a week ago 😍🐎 - #horse #miniaturehorse #mini #416 #6ix #greenlaneanimalhospital #cute #equine #sassygirl #instahorse #instagood #instaequine

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More stuff from the lil workout yesterday! 🥴 ~ QOTD; Favorite Horsey Instagram User? - [TAGS] #horse #horses #equine #equestrian #foxhunt #foxhunting #hunter #hunterjumper #horsesofinstagram #horsebackriding

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I just don’t know what to say!!! I only have been working with her for a hour and she already rolled like 6 times but this was the only one that was in view!!! I am absolutely amazed by this mini!!❤️❤️❤️


BREED OBJECTIVE: To produce the smallest possible perfect horse ⭐️ GENERAL IMPRESSION: The American Miniature Horse is a beautiful, small well balanced horse that if all reference to size were eliminated,

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Someone asked recently for photos of my little herd. Here they are! Rox, Tanner, Maddie, Levi, Idaho And Tessarito. I cant seem to stop adding on! I miss Eddie. Gone from this body but still with me


Ich schmeiß mich weg 😂😂🤣😂🤣 wie hübsch sie doch ist 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #miniaturehorse #mini #minaturepferd #minifohlen #miniaturehorseofinstagram #fohlen #fohlen2019💜 #americanshetlandpony


Had the pleasure today of meeting the gorgeous Briar and her lovely human Natasha. She was the perfect little poser, with the character that only a miniature can possess! I'd be lying if I said she didn't


Tequila 💞 - - Hun er noget specielt hende her🥰 - - #miniature #horse #love #elsker #fun #sun #laydown #miniaturehorse #my #soulmate #️


Where it all started. 💫 • • Have you ever started one journey, thinking it’s exactly where you’re meant to be, only to realize that it was a stepping stone, for something much greater? Maybe

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Toen ik klein was hield ik al van jullie maar nu nog veeeeeeel meer! 🥰 ——————————————————————————— Zondag heb ik met @byhorseropes afgesproken

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The amazing Martha the mini. Reposted from @randrranchminis (@get_regrann) - Here she comes and there she goes....•sound• . . . . . . . #miniaturehorse #miniaturehorses #miniaturehorsesofinstagram

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Sødeste Pepper 😍 - - I dag havde jeg Pepper for første gang, han var bare så sød ❤️ Glæder mig virkelig til at lære ham bedre at kende og lave en masse tricks osv med ham 😍 - #meandmyhorsey

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Idag mötte vi får på jobbet och blev rejält skrämda av kossorna som kom springandes i full fart mot staketet och undrade vad vi var för ena konstiga typer 🙈. #blivandebesökshäst #miljöträning

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I’m back home from State fair!♥️ it was such a fun time and experience with all these awesome ladies! I set some goals for myself of things that I have been struggling with and wanted to accomplish,


Would you all look at this wraps?! They are both up and in place this morning! Way to go little Herald!! #rallycranch #heraldthewondercolt #wrapsup #4moredays #miniaturehorse #miniaturehorsesofinstagram


☀️Zonnetje☀️ Drachtig zwijn inplaats van drachtig paard🙈😅. #horses #minipaard #minihorse minipaarden #nmprs #amha #amhr #bmp #appaloosa #mini #minihorses #miniaturehorse #miniaturehorses

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Which pics is your favourite? 🤗🤗🐎💯 1, 2, 3 or 4...... #beautifulcreatures @sevis_lieblingsbilder Tag a friend to see this👆and help grow the community 🐎 🐎 🐎 Follow👇👇👇 @susanhorsesfanpage @susanhorsesfanpage


What should one call this🤔🤔 Laziness or..... Let's give a Caption to this guys👆👆👆 #beautifulcreatures @sandragrafie Tag a friend to see this👆and help grow the community 🐎 🐎 🐎 Follow👇👇👇 @susanhorsesfanpage @susanhorsesfanpage


Who loves to share affection 🤗🤗🐎🐎♥️♥️ #beautifulcreatures @clarawichmannfotografie @dancinghorses_ Tag a friend to see this👆and help grow the community 🐎 🐎 🐎 Follow👇👇👇 @susanhorsesfanpage @susanhorsesfanpage


As if I wasn't already outnumbered by the girls....we recently added another tutu loving girl to the family. Meet Sweetie.⁠⠀ She's a 5 year old miniature horse, and my little sisters have already


Before working out, my horse gets acupressure, back on track wraps, and magnetic therapy. Before I workout, I get.... nada.


Chewbacca encountered a new friend yesterday on our walk. #minihorselife #miniaturehorse #minihorselife


Standing next to one of her whips. A #Honda #fit Check out these other pages: @charlieminitherapyhorse @flirty.the.mini.service.horse @bbkingservicehorse @panaceaequines This page is not sponsored

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Responding more to clicking as “put your head down”- but not complaining! A year ago we had ZERO clue how the word “head” or the word “down” could be fit in the same sentence! ~ QOTD; Favorite


Two feet move your body , four feet move your sool 💞 _____________________________________________________________ Hoi 🙋🏼‍♀️ vandaag ben ik met @xxparisaaa_ naar het bos geweest 🥰 het