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one of the first films I fell in love with - for sky and Janelle film: LOL (2012) ac: mine @stelenawithinaudios - [#lolmovie #loledit #lol #mileycyrus #mileycyrusedit #douglasboothedit #douglasbooth

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My favorite couple both on & off screen Ac: vitalized (sc)

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19. Fav ship irl - Liam and Miley 🥰 #audreyscelebs

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Im actually really sad because they were so cute together...😢💔 They decided to spilt up after 7 months of marriage. #thelastsong #mileycyrus #liamhemsworth #mileyandliam #mileyandliambreakup #mileyhemsworth

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🚨⚠️💔LIAM Y MILEY SE SEPARAN💔⚠️🚨 Según la representante de @mileycyrus la joven pareja se separa después de 8 meses de matrimonio... Además, circulan en Twitter fotos de Miley besándose


@mileycyrus & @liamhemsworth have SPLIT, less than a year after they married 💔 Miley has also been spotted kissing @brodyjenner's ex-wife 👀 Link in bio for full story #mileycyrus #liamhemsworth


ECLIPSES OPEN NEW DOORS BY SLAMMING OTHERS SHUT 🚪 clearly these eclipses were brutal for our favorite odd couple. liam is a capricorn, and even though we don’t know his birth time, we know that he


Foram necessárias quatro noites somente para gravar essa cena. . Fonte: http://m.imdb.com/title/tt1294226/trivia?ref_=m_tt_trv_trv . . . . . #filme #filmes #series #curiosidades #fato #cinema #cinefilo


She's so beautiful, in and out. Love u with all of my heart, ok? @mileycyrus


People magazine reports that @mileycyrus and @kaitlynn have split after a month of being together. The two remain friends and appreciate the time they had together

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😂😂 This is sooo funny, I found lot of these kinda various clips on the internet made for @liamhemsworth 😍 but this one was the best🤣🤣. But sorry ladies, @mileycyrus 's place can't be replaced

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I must say @lilly is really cute n funny 😂 and got a good taste regarding men....seriously, it's true Liam Hemsworth is 🤤😚 but @liamhemsworth could only be genuinely OK & happy if he gets back

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My cover of “slide away” by @mileycyrus ❤️ This song is so beautiful and I love the music video! I actually tried to recreate her makeup from the music video lol! Enjoy😊

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Once upon a time it was paradise... Show some love if u dig this acoustic cover! 🥰 Song: Slide Away Artist: @mileycyrus


Don't forget to stream "Don't Call Me Angel". The song is really a masterpiece with this 3 perfect girls. Link in bio!

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@mileycyrus just started following @roses_are_rosie after she has shown support for 'Slide Away'. People are already going crazy over the interaction and hoping for a future Blackpink x Miley collaboration.


#LiamHemsworth is having a tough time gettin over #MileyCyrus ... __________________________ Miley and Liam had been together for a decade, even though their marriage only lasted for about eight months. __________________________ According


Me diz como você consegue dormir tão tranquilamente enquanto mente pra si mesmo? Me diz como você consegue continuar suportando toda essa farsa e jogo sujo? Como você não enxerga o quão idiotas


Move on, we're not seventeen I'm not who I used to be 😭🌊💔 #mileyandliam #slideaway

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She is my sweet sweet angel😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Когда настоящая любовь😍 #майлисайрус #лиамхемсворт #mileycryus #miley #mileyliam #mileyandliam


This is seriously ridiculous 😡. Just because @liamhemsworth hasn't said anything it doesn't mean these BS fans will keep on throwing mud on him by making things dirty by their own. Don't forget he


The music video for @arianagrande, @mileycyrus & @lanadelrey's song #DontCallMeAngel dropped today and fans think there are a lot of references to @liamhemsworth. Click the link in bio to see the shade

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So the end came to the wonderful pair of Liam Hemsworth & Miley Cyrus.😢 It is a pity that everything ended so, but you need not to be upset, because life goes on for everyone. You will find out the

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I'm sooooo in love with @liamhemsworth 's cutest smile❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😍 #new pics of Liam with some friends at a restaurant in Byron Bay, Australia 🇦🇺 #liamhemsworth #teamliamhemsworth

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This my reaction while listening to @mileycyrus new song called Slide Away --> Full video in my Bio #slideaway

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"I want my house in the hills. Don't want the whiskey and pills. I don't give up easily, but I don't think I'm down. So won't you slide away? Back to the ocean, I'll go back to the city lights. So won't

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Cutie @liamhemsworth ❤😘 with his brother @chrishemsworth and sister-in-law @elsapatakyconfidential & with some few more friends gone on a trip to MakepeaceIsland, Australia. The only sad thing thing


Link in my Bio!! Go and click and slide it to 25 before submitting ur vote. Today is special coz every vote will be counted as double!!! ❤😍 do leave a comment if u can after voting😊 #liamhemsworth


Slide Away music video is OUT NOW! Link in bio. Thanks for this amazing video @mileycyrus

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#new @liamhemsworth with his few friends in Byron Bay today.... It feels so good to see him smile again after quiet a some time now😘 Liam smile adorably at the end of this clip 😍 Thanks a lot to


“Once upon a time, it was paradise Once upon a time, I was paralyzed” This edit is for @mileycyrus new song #slideaway and I made an album. Enjoy!🥰• • • 💫dt: @mileycyrus @dazedmp4 @thetalentrace


Miley and Kaitlynn appear to be taking things to the next level, only weeks after were first spotted kissing in Italy! Check the link below for more info :👇 https://www.trendnewsreport.com/post/miley-cyrus-kaitlynn-carter-spottedmoving-in-together-in-hidden-hills-area-of-la . . . . . #mileycryus

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After chosing to slide away from @liamhemsworth , @mileycyrus has reportedly moved in together with rumored girlfriend @kaitlynn and stepped into a new chapter of love! . . . 📷 - @kaitlynn . . . #mileycryus

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Please vote for this beautiful and talented man @liamhemsworth & don't forget to slide the cursor to 25 before submitting ur vote. Link in Bio!!! ❤ #liamhemsworth #liamsexual #teamliamhemsworth #hollywood

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"Won't you slide away back to the ocean, and I'll go back to the city lights." i cried so hard omg 😭 - (give credit if you repost)

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I've been so busy recently and my throat is so sore so here's an old singing video I never posted Miley cyrus~ wrecking ball #love #mileycyrus #miley #hannahmontana #wreckingball #mileyandliam #pianoversion