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Brothers Hemsworth ❤️❤️

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Jennifer at the Mockingjay Part 2 Premiere in London, England😍 I’m literally living for this look wow #jenniferlawrence #jlaw #mockingjaypart2 #hungergames #london #nataliedormer #francislawrence


Os irmãos Hemsworth, Chris e Liam! ❤️ _ #chrishemsworth #liamhemsworth #movie #cinema


Name something more iconic🖤 Miley Cyrus is that bitch!💕 @mileycyrus


Совсем недавно Майли Сайрус разорвала отношения с супругом Лиамом Хемсвортом, а сейчас стало известно, что исполнительница

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Miley explained the reason why she decided to drop EPs instead of one album and i think she's genius! These EPs will define different parts of her life and she feels more writing freedom right now because


Mentioned by @brosewavard on this weeks mini ep of The Hunger Games with @bossoctopus 🏹🎧 @necaofficial did a series of 3 action figures for the flick consisting of Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark

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Miley and Kaitlynn are over😱🤭 But don’t worry, they still being friends💕❤️ @mileycyrus @mileyxxcyrxs #miley #mileycryus #hannah #liamhemsworth #bangerz #malibu #señorita #music #tophits

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I just love her Rock style and her wet hair😍 You’re just mad cuz your hair is flat👑🌊🖤 @mileycyrus @mileyxxcyrxs #miley #mileycryus #hannah #liamhemsworth #bangerz #malibu #señorita


Miley Cyrus __ Kaitlynn Carter مایلی سایرس که پس از جدایی از همسرش لیام همسورث با کیتلین کارتر بلاگر ۳۰ ساله دیده میشد، پس از

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September 8th 2014: Miley arriving back at her hotel in New York.

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September 7th 2014: Miley arriving back at her hotel in New York.

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September 7th 2014: Miley leaving a photo studio in New York.


🚨Breaking news: Miley Cyrus e Kaitlynn Carter si sarebbero lasciate 💔 dopo poco più di un mese dall'inizio della loro relazione. Nel link in bio ti raccontiamo tutto della loro breve (ma intensa)


На одного счастливого Лиама Хемсворта в мире стало больше: Майли Сайрус рассталась со своей девушкой Кейтлин

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🥀 @alysseummm @alysseummm @alysseummm _ -С тебя подписка⬆️⬆️⬆️ _ #mileycyrus #liamhemsworth

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THE LAST SONG - WHEN I LOOK AT YOU❤❤❤ NAKAKAIYAK😭😭😭😭 #thelastsong #mileycryus #whenilookatyou #liamhemsworth


The Cyrus family ❤️ I'm so glad there were with Miley last night. As much as I loved the show, she seemed a little sad. Apparently her and Kaitlyn have broken up. She still rocked like a pro! P. S.


Do you think she’s a villain?🖤 - - If you repost Give credit please♥️ - - Tags: #thehungergames #catchingfire #mockingjay #parttwo #katnisseverdeen #jenniferlaurence #peetamellark #joshhutcherson


'𝓈 𝓅ℴ𝓈𝓉 ♡ - Wink 😉 - (April 25, 2018)


“Think I'm gonna miss these harbour lights, but it's time to let it go.” — Miley Cyrus, Slide Away 🖤 || 📸 @pinterest


БЫСТРЫЙ РОМАН:МАЙЛИ САЙРУС И КЕЙТЛИН КАРТЕР РАССТАЛИСЬ 💔 «Они всегда были друзьями и были рядом друг с другом,


È ufficiale: tra Miley Cyrus e Kaitlynn Carter è finita. Con la stessa rapidità con cui è iniziata, le strade delle due si sono divise. I fan danno a lei la colpa della fine del matrimonio e sperano

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—Familia Cyrus; Miley junto a su mamá Tish y su hermana Brandi y su hermano Trace en los iHeartRadio Music Festival 😍

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She Is a rockstar 🖤🖤 @mileycyrus

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—Miley cantando "Mother's Daughter" en los iHeartRadio Music Festival 😈

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—Nuevas fotos de Miley en el backstage de los iHeartRadio Music Festival 🤤

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—Nuevas fotos de Miley junto a la banda Def Leppard en los backstage de los iHeartRadio Music Festival 🤘🏻

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