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Old school one of my pops I dug up. #Polaroid #pinkjacket #eastwoodlivin


Body womping in Hawaii. Waves are getting big !! @moviemort #eastwoodlivin


Sick 10 stair this guy was dominating. #londonskatecrew #eastwoodlivin


Miss the old days. My dog Sam at 10 weeks old. #mansbestfriend #eastwoodlivin


Tiger in my yard drinking coffee this morning. WTF? Halloween isn't over yet @moviemort #eastwoodlivin


Old school one of my pops I dug up. #Polaroid #pinkjacket #eastwoodlivin


Old school one of my pops I dug up. #Polaroid #pinkjacket #eastwoodlivin


Oldschool one of my pops i dug out #Polaroid #PinkJacket #eastwoodlivin


Old school one of my pops I dug up...#polaroid #pinkjacket #eastwoodlivin


Credits to @scotteastwood “Old school one of my pops I dug up. #polaroid #pinkjacket #eastwoodlivin .” #clinteastwood


Old school one of my pops I dug up. #Polaroid #pinkjacket #eastwoodlivin


Scott got a little dirt on his hands, got off-grid, found some solace in the wilds of Utah. Connecting, reconnecting, or maybe, just getting deep in nature, something we can all do, if we make the effort,

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Day one down, Scott and his team launched #madehere into the public sphere, offering the world a look at their made in the US, made at home, shirts, hats, socks and boxers. Scott stuck to the basics,


When her mother fell and broke her ankle, Instagram user @catshovel was worried that her mother facing a long and difficult recovery, would feel down and get frustrated with being laid up for awhile.


A timely and timeless message from @scotteastwood, be kind and think before you speak. This one never gets old or goes out style, please remember to choose words, carefully, treat everyone with respect


He gave it his ball! Scott oiled up his throwing arm, and threw the first pitch, starting the game, because this guy enjoys a good baseball game. He played it smart, repping for his brand, wearing #madehere


Say it ain't sew! Scott took the opportunity to share another one of his many skills, taking to the sewing machine to showcase a little of his domestic side. You're never too old to pick up a new skill,


His vision is clear; clothes made for America, by Americans, building a brand that celebrates quality over quantity, crafting a product that people can wear over and over again. In the true spirit of


He's a joker, but not a smoker, Scott got a little silly, posing with a portrait of a donkey, there was certainly a jackass in the room! His self-depracating sense of humour, and funny faces, make us

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GQ, Man! He's got it goin on, Scott did a shoot for GQ Italia and as per usual, did not disappoint. He's still got it, that x-factor, the wow, that sets hearts racing, a handsome heartbreaker, who gets


Scott showcased his supreme sense of humour, giving everyone a reason to laugh, though honestly, his face on a woman? he managed to convey beauty with a sense of play, and mustache aside, he doesn't look


Just in case you forgot, he's got a few chicks up his sleeve. Scott was living the dream, cuddling with a pair of cute chicks, silkies who looked pretty relaxed in their new surroundings. Scott, looks

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Fan favourite, he's a little cranky in the morning, and the cold morning chill may not put a smile on his face, but somehow, he's still sexy. He's sexy...and he knows it, we know it, everyone knows it,


Wow, does that beach look incredible, so much sand, water and sexy. Scott got a little exercise in, his big schedule rarely allows for time to hit the beach, so when he does, he makes sure to squeeze

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Scott, recently took a moment to stop and share, a sweet birthday card, that his mother had given him. He sat in his car and opened it up, so we could all see the personal message that his mother had


In the name of love, Scott, himself, has always stressed the importance of practicing kindness, spreading positivity, and standing up for what is right. Behind the scenes, beyond the celebrity, he's his


Made Here, Scott's continuing to make his mark on the world, in a big way. Pursuing a vision and bringing it to life, takes hard work, persistence and a knowledge of the target market, the people you


He's got a project coming up, secret's almost out, and it will be a big one. He's been taking his time, doing it right, putting in the hours, because any job worth doing, is worth doing right. Behind


Scott reminded us, once again, why he hits the gym, almost daily, showing off a little skin and and a killer grin. He's always happy when he's being rocked by the waves, on a boat, on a surf board, getting


Scott looks like he's in serious thought, pondering something deep that's diverting his attention from his phone. What could it be? What's grinding his gears? Perhaps it's connected to his upcoming brand


Can we say hot and sexy? Scott had to bend a bit for this one. We're not sure who or what has captured his attention, but clearly, he's checking something out. Scott posed for the Treats Magazine Party


Scott reminded us all, on the day after the big day, that Father's Day, can be any day and everyday (as can Mother's Day), sharing a picture of the man the world calls 'Mr. Clint Eastwood' but to Scott,


Workin on those night moves, Scott was clearly not looking to wow anyone with his attire, rather blend in and appear unassuming and average. He tried, but it's difficult to master, when you're a model


He isn't all rainbows and hearts, but sometimes, even Scott wears his heart on his sleeve. What's the occasion? We're not sure, but this sweet pic of Scott, stretched out, relaxed on a bed, is too good

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Ice, Ice, baby, Scott was feeling the fire, as the camera snapped pic after pic. He got serious about climate change, at the premiere for the movie, Ice on Fire, putting on his big, belt buckle, for this

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Shades of grey, not all 50, but there's a few shades in that sweater. Scott didn't want to steal the spotlight or attract all the attention, and grey is great for blending in and chilling out. Don't


Make His Day, and it is, his day! Clint Eastwood, no doubt, is taking it in stride, doing it his way, his birthday, that is. The King of Cool, turned 89 today, but this legend never gets older, just wiser

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Apparently, he's a fan of airplane food, and he can't say no to a noodle. Scott's sucking that noodle up, enjoying a hot bowl of soup, up in the air. Noodles are kind of his thing, fun to eat, incredible


Cactus Cute, Scott got up close and personal with some prickles, though, he's certainly maintaining healthy boundaries, with his prickly partner; a wise decision, the cactus has spine and doesn't fool


Who could say no to that face? Scott gave his best imitation of a lost puppy dog, lonely and in need of a little tender TLC. Maybe he's hungry and feeling away from home, in his chic hotel room. Perhaps


If you didn't already know, he likes it hot, it's why Cabo is always calling his name and he's got a permanent golden tan, that never seems to fade. That being said, sometimes he ventures out in the cold,


Scott knows he's got the sexiest of smolders, for some reason, we don't see enough of it. Maybe, he's just such a smiley guy, and smoldering, doesn't come naturally, to him. Or it's possible, he's forgotten


Ooh, nice coat, and fine man, he's rocking a sleek, soft to the touch, suede jacket. He knows he can't go wrong with a white tee and he's not taking any chances, Mille Miglia 2019 is a big deal. Scott


Check her out! there are few men who could look away, when a sleek, cherry red, Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 is in the vicinity. Scott must've been bursting with pride when his father opened the door and


Gotta have the shades, he likes them stylish and big, nothing subtle about those sunglasses, but, hey, they provide maximum protection for those pretty eyes and that's what matters most. He doesn't need


Making a movie? But what's it all about? Scott spent some time in sunny L.A., bringing on J North Productions to get some film-time in. He's got a secret, he's not sharing, building anticipation, piquing

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Isn't she lovely? He's got some secret projects up his sleeve, and this project looks adorable. Scott got a little paternal, she wanted to drive the tractor, and of course he obliged, who could say no


He may melt hearts with a sexy smolder and piercing blue eyes, but he's got a soft side, underneath that hot, macho exterior. Scott came home to discover he had a feathered friend who'd somehow managed


Don't stop the conversation on account of him, Scott, must have felt the chill, the way he's dashing across the sand. He's in good, running form, having hit the water, to indulge in a little water action.


In case you forgot for a millisecond, how handsome he is, well, here's a reminder. The man can take a fine picture, when he wants to. He's golden in that white tee, brooding at the camera, with a hint


Can't help smiling at this one, let's all take life a little less seriously and remember to laugh. We don't know what brought on his fit of laughter and we don't need to know, he's happy and he knows


Taking the leap, Scott looks like he's seriously questioning his own sanity, as he prepares to take Action Man to a whole new level and dive into thin air. It's on every adrenaline junkie's must-do list,


Can we get a little closer? Scott's looking a little less than impressed, why? He's got the looks, blue eyes that look incredible in any light, striking features, a pretty sweet life, what more can he


Happy Easter!! @scotteastwood fans!! Father and son, and it's a beautiful thing. Scott sat down with Dad, for a little father-son bonding time, and his pride is unmistakable. Two of a kind, a bond that


Scott Eastwood, looks like a cool guy to have a beer with. @leucadiacustomknives actually did just that, enjoying a cold one with Scott, after Scott got a crash course in knife making 101; proving, what


Scott's since lost some of that thick head of hair, dropped the beard and can now pass for clean shaven. He's a man who likes change, and your appearance, is any easy and relatively painless way, to spice


@scotteastwood has a sexy smolder, begging you to test the waters, push a few buttons, and enjoy the view. We know his sweet smile, sparkling eyes, boyish qualities. He's a man with no shortage of incredible


He may strike fear in the heart of bad dudes, but, he's got birds eating out of his hand. A simple gesture, yet it says so much, a man better known for his quick draw, fast hands, and good aim; he sparred


His younger self would be so happy to see that Scott is still the same handsome, boyish, backwards-cap wearing, surfer dude; he's just gotten better with age. So much the same, that heart-melting smile


Roll it up, he hasn't had the opportunity to, recently, but he definitely likes them rolled tight, his sleeves, that is. He's ready to go, looking refreshingly energized, in blue, he's clean cut, with


Wet tee-shirt Wednesday? An oldie, but a goodie, surfing will always be a sport that makes his heart race, puts a smile on his face, tests his physical prowess and invites him to venture out beyond the


Sit down for this one, combining two of his favourite things, white shirts and a classy pair of shades, Scott looks ready for a day spent outside. A sight in white, he's got that subtle smolder going,


He's looking mighty fine, a cowboy learning his trade, Scott, dug his heels in and tackled the how-to's of becoming a cowboy; so he could master the role, for a new, yet to be released, George Strait