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Wünsche euch einen schönen Mittwoch 🤗 Ich bin momentan total am Serie suchten, war schon lange nicht mehr so vertieft in eine 😂 Ist aber auch die perfekte Jahreszeit dazu 🙆🏽‍♀️ Was


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Found these pants in the boys section thanks to @haleyscornerr 😝 obsessed with just a simple turtle neck and some mom jeans 👍🏽🐷 Also found this cute little turtle neck for only 3.99 — thanks


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Been working HARD this week trying to finish the eBook for you guys! Thanks to everyone who subscribed and if you didn’t, WHY NOT🤔 for those of you who did, you will be receiving an email with the


Some people have more elasticity in their skin.📌🔙 loose skin is not something To fear 🙊🛐 if I would have had some I would Simply have had it removed because It's nothing To be ashamed of


~Sois plus fort(e) que ta plus forte excuse ! Ce n’est pas en dormant sur le ventre qu’il deviendra plat ! Le plus dur, ce n’est pas de faire du sport mais de lever ses fesses du canapé ! On

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Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you're going to live your life. . . . . #transformationfitnation #selfmotivation #bodytransformation #personaltrainer


Трибьют по моему детству "красное на черном" #АлисА . . . . . #classicphysique #armsproduction #nuttration #bodytransformation #bulk #bodybuilding #biceps #shirtless


Big Birthday Today 😁 Hello 28 years of life, Today is a strange one, going into my birthday feeling more healthy more confident, and just living a better life in general feels great. The picture is


To make changes to your health, physique and lifestyle, you may just need a little nudge in the right direction with some nutritional and exercise advice 🙌🤜🤛 #thursday #thursdaymotivation #fitnessmotivation


Good golly what a difference. . On the left was me 7-10 years ago. I had just started putting on weight again (a constant up and down battle for me until recent years). I was SICK and getting sicker


Day 4 went well 💯 Morning fasted cardio ✅ Abs and mobility ✅ Chest and triceps ✅ Diet 💯 #transformationchallenge #bodytransformation #cutting #mensphysique #shafit #fitness #fit #coach


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It’s so easy to love someone when things are perfect and everything are wonderful. But to love someone when things are difficult, when they are being not perfect, when they are messing up, flaws are


Buongiorno ragazzi 😴 Oggi non mi sarei alzata per nulla al mondo, infatti ho rimandato la sveglia fino all'ultimo secondo possibile 😂 quale occasione per provare i nuovi Porridge prozis, se non


Here’s a 2 1/2 months transformation (left) 2700 calories moderate workout 4-5 times a week. (right) 4500+ calories workout 9-10 times a week at the gym including double days and hiit/cardio. #determination


Najhoršie je to obdobie keď prestaneš žrať a začnes dietovať a vyzerás jak uplné hovno a foťák sa nechce s tebou kamošiť🤣🤣🤣 a v tedy treba siahnuť po starších fotkách🤣🤣🤣


An solchen kalten Tagen vermisst man echt die warmen Sommerabende und vor allem die Sommerurlaube 🙃🔥 #mensphysique #bodybuilding #bodytransformation #bodybuilder #fitx #fitxdortmund #fitxiserlohn


Stupid hand veins lol I hate them (Thanks, Mom) 🙈 Chest and cardio ✅ #weights #gym #veins #cardio #bodybuilder #chestday #sweat #fitness #fitspo #bodytransformation #wcw


This is a late post for me but a super busy night it was. Today was an eat day and I am for some reason just craving the veggies lately. So I did pork chops with grilled onions and green beans and broccoli


"I don't have time" Probably a good 70% of you struggle to reach your fitness goals because you keep telling yourself that statement. Sorry, but it's time for me to burst your bubble 📌 Yes. We all


MORNING SHAPE 24 octobre 2o16 Merci #googlephoto de me rappeler qu'il y a 4 ans, je faisais à peine 56 kilos... À cette époque là, je sortais d'une grosse dépression, suivie d'une rupture et un


#Thinspirationthursday Kate did it and lost 4 stone💫 I’m sure some of you can relate to her story, so read her amazing inspiring journey. https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/9923491/mums-weight-loss-without-exercise-eats-chocolate/


Bonjour bonjour Aller dur dur de quitter sa couette mais il va falloir 😒 Vivement ce soir 😂😂 #instaregimeuse #instaregime #yazio #yaziofrance #repriseenmain #reequilibragealimentaire #defi #defatafit

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Jangan lupa sarapan pagi Makan dan minum yg bergizi Biar kuat menghadapi hari Semoga kita smua slalu dimudahkan rezeki . . Loc: @foxharrislite.mib Difotoin @ramdhaniyudha_


Weiterbildung für unsere neuen Instruktoren und Lehrlinge, basierend auf den Grundlagen der Biokinematik. Was ist der Grund für Funktionsverlust im Bewegungsapparat und wie trainieren wir ihn wieder

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Today’s theme was #spooky and it was timed perfectly as the hubs and I decided to do some pumpkin carving tonight before bed! Hope everyone had a great day 3! I didn’t work out today and took it as

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Compound exercises are exercises that work multiple muscle groups at the same time. For example, a squat is a compound exercise that works the quadriceps, glutes, and calves. • The benefits of compound


OTC FLEX (Functional Lifting EXperience) Sessions are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced members and infuses weight lifting movements with a high intensity tempo, to get the most out of


Me going to the beach: I don’t want to swim so I don’t need swimwear or a towel or anything Me at the beach immediately changing my mind: where did the social construct that bikinis are fine to wear


#ootd heute mit Kuschelpulli und Jeans. Ich werde gar nicht richtig wach. Schon blöd, dass es morgens einfach noch so dunkel ist. Hilft auch nicht. Nach der Arbeit geht's noch zur Reha. Habt einen schönen


Jeden dzień na raz – to wystarczy. Nie oglądaj się za siebie i nie martw się przeszłością, ponieważ jej już nie ma. I nie niepokój się o przyszłość, bo ta jeszcze nie nadeszła. Żyj teraźniejszością


This could be said for so many areas of peoples lives. We all have those friends, family members or work colleagues who are always so quick to judge others. A different approach doesn’t have to mean


• Minimizza i tempi di allenamento • Incrementa la perdita di peso Dedicati 20 minuti per il tuo benessere ⚡️ Fit and Go Parco De Medici The Village Roma #emstraining #fit #fitness #fitandgoparcodemedici


OTC FLEX (Functional Lifting EXperience) Sessions are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced members and infuses weight lifting movements with a high intensity tempo, to get the most out of


• Minimizza i tempi di allenamento • Incrementa la perdita di peso Dedicati 20 minuti per il tuo benessere ⚡️ Fit and Go Parco De Medici The Village Roma #emstraining #fit #fitness #fitandgoparcodemedici

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You can see the excitement written on my face. Btw I had to say a quick prayer prior to starting to help ensure I die this set. 😂 did some isometric holds and yes it is at an angle so it's hard to

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"Everybody so focused on how they got it out the mud, coming from the bottom... I got it straight from my father's footsteps, so what you think I'm trying to show my son and the standards of a man I want


🚨THIS IS A WONDERFUL TRANSFORMATION BODY!😍. -YOU CAN DO IT TOO!👊 - So, I have some details to share you... What takes most diets 2-3 Months, THE 3 WEEK DIET ACHIEVES IN ONLY 21 ✔Decreased cellulite


Manchmal frage ich mich wirklich,, Warum sind manche Menschen so begrenzt in ihrem Denken🤦‍♂️,,. Es ist mir so egal ob du 60 kg wiegst oder ob du 130 kg wiegst🤷‍♂️. Für mich zählt


A shame you have to leave • I really enjoyed training with you Kaisa or Anna.... pick which dam name you wanna use 🤣 • Watching your strength improve was fantastic, along with your mental strength...


🚨Pounds of body fat vanished from her thighs success! Amazing!😍 Would you like get success with it? Visit the link in my bio: @pounds.down and get some details about it - 💓It is not easy, but

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Dia Miércoles: Pecho 💯🔥 Press inclinado 10reps 70%rpm (controladas) , 10reps 40% rpm (bombeadas ) #PuroPolloAma #MensPhysique @musclenation 👕 @bhnsupplements 💊 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #leg


OTC FLEX (Functional Lifting EXperience) Sessions are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced members and infuses weight lifting movements with a high intensity tempo, to get the most out of


Ich möchte euch mit diesem Post ja nicht an To-Do’s wie Check-ups beim Arzt erinnern 😊, aber ist unsere Gesundheit nicht etwas vom Wertvollsten was wir haben? 💝 Geht es uns gesundheitlich plötzlich


🍔Burn a Big Mac🍔 . Just using a Big Mac here because it can be a common indulgence. This can be applicable for anything with the same number of calories (albeit most other things will be healthier) . How


🏰🥰 ‘ My first photo shoot back in September captured by the one and only @bri_magner 😭😘💕 such a talented QUEEN💓 luhhh you boo. ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ #anastasiabeverlyhills


Are you Looking for an exercise that improves your life and also reduces some fat? Cardio is best exercise for fat burn and improves your daily life !!🏃‍♀🏃‍♂ -------------- #Stayfit #Buygenuine #Supplements #Fitness #Gym #Fit #Muscle #Workout #Training #BodyBuilder #FitnessAddict #Exercise #GymLife #Healthy #Abs #BodyTransformation #Nutrition #Train #Diet #Physique #HealthyLifestyle #BodyBuilding #BodyBuildingLifestyle #BodyBuildingLife #BodyBuildingDiet  #Cardio

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Please come and join for more information or registration please contact “Your best partner to get fit” | Elite Private Gym Jalan Hayam Wuruk No 137 Denpasar Timur Telpon/Whatsapp : 081238121289 Kantor/CS


Summer ☀️ is here and it’s officially shorts weather! (Of course you can’t tell in this pic because of the catouflage) Feel your best this summer by smashing your gym goals #teamboss #personaltraining


Sziasztok! 🌞Hajnali főzöcske👩‍🍳🏋️‍♀️ - roston csirkemell spenóttal light mozzarellával - kínai csirkemell ( csirkemell filé + vörös hagyma + káposzta + kukorica 🌽+ szója


What role in your life plays sport? 🤔 - Playing sports helps reduce body fat and control your body weight!🥳 - Moreover, sports allow you to gain the satisfaction of developing your health and energy

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Practicando poses hace muchos kilos atrás.... Jajajajajajaja sin duda ahora me veo más cambiado #poderoso #chavacruz_oficial #chavacruz #bodytransformation #bodybuildersinger #bodybuilding #bodybuilder


I know you can’t tell because of the catouflage but it’s always cool when you find pockets you forgot you had #fitness #gym #womensfitness #fitchicks #womenwholift #bodytransformation #motivation


: : WOW 🤩 Wednesday!!!! Before tonight is over I want to share a lil shum shumm!!! : : I was hesitant about posting this picture, because I’m in my underwear, but it’s reality. It’s me. My flaws

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180кг Дропсет до отказа! 🖤_______🖤_______🖤_______🖤_______🖤_______🖤 #bodybuildinglifestyle #fitnessmotivation #bodybuildingnation #bodybuildingcom #motivation #workout


For any hard worker out there who wants to improve their overall health and wellbeing, i'm giving you guys two FREE P.T sessions! You want to reach your goals i'll be sure to get you to that very last