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Have you ever experience the moment when someone or some customers smile excitedly after having your help or services? That is when they experience MIND BLOWN MOMENT. You thoughtfully address their needs

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From 1-10 which picture is the best❓Follow 👉 @republic.of.symmetry for more symmetry shots 💛 × 📸 1 | @thechrishau × 📸 2 | @trystane × 📸 3 | @alaccou × 📸 4 | @a_l_x_ender × 📸


: 清掃工場の設備。 ガラスケースに入ったアート作品の様でした : #広島市環境局中工場 #広島 #hiroshima #工場 #factory #lovers_amazing_group #広がり同盟 #建物


We have, as human beings, a storytelling problem. ⌦⌦⌦⌦⌦⌦⌦⌦⌦⌦⌦⌦⌦⌦⌦⌦⌦⌦ #blackandwhite #photooftheday #transfer_visions #tv_pointofview #tv_leadinglines #architecture


WANGJING SOHO TOWERS . Facade details. . Architect : Zaha Hadid (opened in September 2014). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . @arkiromantix @wickedflip @espacioenforma @architecture_view @architecture_minimal


OFICINA3D - Lançamentos Imobiliários. Desenvolvemos soluções em 3D para as melhores construtoras do país. Fale com a gente e potencialize suas vendas, oferecendo uma experiência real ao seu cliente. WhatsApp:


Casa AG 50🏡⚡💻 Escala Norte Arquitectura "La dirección de tus sueños..." Contacto: 📧Escalanorte.arquitectura@gmail.com 📱9991121987 #Arquitectura #diseño #casa #Fachada #facade #house

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Onboard the vessel~

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Daily moments of Generative Skins X3 Day-03 Data Trees-Folded Skin Hosted by @ingraft.info @nadlabofficial parametric design and environmental workshop in Cairo with a bunch of talented, curious students

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21st century meets 20th by inserting high-rises here and there... into what was elaborately planned composition. 💙💙💙 #architecture #architecture_finds #architecture_hunter #architecturelover

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Carbon House designed by @alexisdornier

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Warren and Wetmore, architects of Grand Central Station, designed the Beaux-Arts Casino and Steam Plant for Asbury Park in 1930. Perfect Indian Summer day. _________ ______-____________________________________

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Fun angles and architecture at Manchester New Square, a triple block newbuild located between Canal and Whitworth Streets. . #mcrnewsquare #newinmcr #manchestercitycentre . . . #manchester #construction


Obra Crisólogo Larralde | CL 2957 . . Estado: en obra🔝🔝🔝 Destino: Edificio de viviendas . . #architecture #arquitectura #archidaily #archdaily #arquitecto #architecturephotography #design #hormigon

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Transforming furniture refers to a broad category of products and home furnishings that have more than one practical function. This can range from something as simple as a sofa bed or an extension table

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The ceiling of the auditorium is covered with thousands of white aluminium strips. The acoustic quality if the room is excellent and its looks incredible. . Espace Niemeyer. French communist party headquarters

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Основная концепция таких зон, как лобби первого этажа и холл - пространство галерейного типа. ⠀ Разрабатывая


Kengo Kuma’s Bamboo Ring at the V&A as part of @L_D_F_official⠀ . ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ @Vamuseum ⠀ Photo: @lopespecl#kengokuma#LDF19#londondesignfestival#bamboo#sculpture#publicinstallation#publicspace#archidigest#londondesign#designstudio#architecturedose#archidaily


Pabellón lollapalooza | work by: @urzuasoler_arquitectos [ ] Send your work to @the_best_new_architects or tag #thebna #thebestnewarchitects ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••#arquitectura


One of the curved lines of this awesome piece of architecture by Niemeyer in Paris. This is the inside wall of the coupole visible from the outside of the building. . Espace Niemeyer. French communist


Dual Symmetry


Niemeyer mastered the curved line like no other architect. . Espace Niemeyer. French communist party headquarters by Oscar Ribeiro de Almeida Niemeyer Soares Filho, known as Oscar Niemeyer, Brazilian

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MOON objects and structures on the surface at the border of the dark side 21 Sept 2019 at 6.41am captured by Arav and malai ( location Penang Malaysia ) #solarsystemfacts #planets #astronomy #batuferringhibeach

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#AllofRenders Swipe left! Lake House 🖤 Renders by Pablo Dueto

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Explored the Royal Courts of Justice thanks to @openhouselondon yesterday. It was amazing having access to spaces that are generally closed to the public.


Do you agree. @archdayy Project means everything . Comment below your views and share it with your friends and tag them . . credits @archdayy . . . #sketchlikeanarchitect #thearchitecturestudentblog


Kutu Profil Detay Alçıpan Tavan Uygulama Son Görünüm #drywallwolf Drywall Ceiling Aplication Alçıpan #drywallwolf Plasterboard Aplication Kartonpiyer Uygulama @berzahdekorasyon #architecture_view

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Many times before yesterday I had walked pass this building and wondered what it would be like inside. The Freemasons Hall (United Grand Lodge of England, in fact, @unitedgrandlodgeofengland ) in Covent

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| h a v e a n i c e d a y |😊

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#panorama #painting of #thehague. Panorama #mesdag is one of the world’s largest #panoramas. It was completed in #1900 and is the only one that still remains in its original location. . . . . . #landscape_captures

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Open spaces , clear facade and the vertical timber louvers impart maximum exposure to the nature and surroundings. The Ramp revolving around the entire periphery of the Community Centre further extends

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Efficient planning, spacious balconies, monochromatic and bold colors, steel railing & toughened glass make this residential township functionally flexible while complementing the aesthetics. The township


This low-cost residential township in Kanpur stands out of the surroundings, dominating with the combination of neutral & vibrant colors. The planning, use of local materials, minimal elements and regular


This low-cost residential township in Kanpur stands out of the surroundings, dominating with the combination of neutral & vibrant colors. The planning, use of local materials, minimal elements and regular

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Low budget Mixed Use building for SRGP Corporation PVT LTD designed and visualized by us.

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Conceptual views of CBSE School in Mathura. The low budget school is 6 acres in area and is amongst the largest schools in the city. The design features the combination of Indo- saracenic architecture