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Hajime Sorayama I call myself entertainer rather than artist🖕


Something like this

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am not really happy for holding hands with this Spanish guy 😫 @javicalleja 🥴


Goes back to the last pre-summer day when my boy was born 🦵🦵👀🧠


#Repost @2gtokyo ・・・ [email protected] FUTURE MICKEY 1000% 発売に関しての詳細は、11/15にプロフィール記載のURLからご案内いたします。 We will announce the launch information on November 15th via the link in bio. #2gtokyo #MickeyMouse. #bearbrick #medicomtoy @medicom_toy


My daugther is now doing model job 🙄


#Repost @wronggallerytaipei ・・・ / ~2019å¹´12月份重頭戲展覽: 空山基 @ Wrong Gallery Taipei&Beijing ~ / 還記得2017å¹´5月份的那位日本噴畫大師~空山基嗎? / 他以「機械女郎」(SEXY ROBOT)系列作品聞名於世,擅長利用噴畫技法,以科幻元素表達女性肢體魅力。 / 猶記著當時老師本人抵台與大家見面,笑著號稱自己曾被<台灣媒體殺死兩次>的有趣應對也深深烙印在我們的回憶之中… / 2019年秋季時與精品品牌:Dior跨界結合藝術&時尚的新聞,至今也是讓人津津樂道… / 2019年即接倒數之際,我們靠邊走藝術空間臺北&北京團隊再次與老師合作,在日本藝廊NANZUKA的協助下,將為兩地粉絲們帶來老師的相關作品於店內展示,並販售藝廊開發限定商品,展覽將於臺北&北京兩地同步展出,有興趣的朋友請持續注意我們後續的活動公告喔!! / ------------------------------------------ [展覽資訊] <靠邊走藝術空間@臺北> 展覽名稱: 空山基的械慾論[email protected] Wrong Gallery Taipei 展覽日期: 2019/12/7(六)~2020/1/5(日) 展覽地點:靠邊走藝術空間(台北市忠孝東路2段68號) 2F / <靠邊走藝術空間@北京> 展覽名稱: 色•即是空山基@ Wrong Gallery Beijing 展覽日期: 2019/12/14(六)~2020/1/21(二) 展覽地點:北京市朝陽區工人體育場4號看台 靠邊走藝術空間 / #空山基 #Sorayama #wronggallery #nanzuka #wronggallery_taipei #wronggallery_beijing #械慾論 #色即是空山基


@nanzukaunderground new space in @parco_shibuya_official called #2gtokyo with @danielarsham @wwd_jp

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#Repost @domicile.tokyo ・・・ Madam Woo 1st Anniversary @hajimesorayamaofficial x @madamwoo_tokyo Special Pop Up Store Oct 26th (Sat) 18:30-20:30 at Domicile Tokyo Special Capsule Release + Meet & Greet with #HajimeSorayama


NANZUKA is pleased to announce the new concept gallery opening called #2GNanzuka in renewal @parco_shibuya_official on 22nd Nov ✨ #2Gtokyo is collaborative studio with @poggytheman and @medicom_toy⚡️ The grand opening exhibition is the collaboration show by @danielarsham and @hajimesorayamaofficial 💥 @nanzukaunderground @2gtokyo


She came back from @dior to me and travel to BKK ✌️😁 @nanzukaunderground @echoonenanzuka

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#Repost @centralembassy🦖 ・・・ Marvel at the world’s first-ever immersive art installation that harmonizes distinct uniqueness belonged to two Japanese-born artists: Hajime Sorayama, a superrealism illustrator, and AMKK, a conceptual florist duo. ‘Sorayama Space Park by AMKK at Central Embassy’ in celebration of Central Embassy's 5th anniversary invites you all to experience the artists’ collaborative interpretation of the Jurassic era when dinosaurs roamed, not the earth, but the land on the moon where space meets nature. 16 Oct ’19 - 17 Nov ’19 Level G, Central Embassy #SorayamaSpaceparkByAMKK #CentralEmbassy #CE5thAnniversary #LetLifeInspireYou #HajimeSorayama #AMKK #AzumaMakoto #EchoOneNanzuka #Nanzuka @taybarom @nanzukaunderground @siwilaistore @echoonenanzuka


Another opening today in BKK ✌️ #Repost @echoonenanzuka ・・・ 🚨🚨🚨Red alert🚨🚨🚨 'SORAYAMA SEXY ROBOT DIOR SCULPTURE' is arrived at @echoonenanzuka !!!!!!!!! We are pleased to welcome you all to an opening reception on 17th October 2019 from 6-8pm. See you guys soon! Don't miss your chance to meet Sensei @hajimesorayamaofficial 🎉🎉🎉 . Gallery Hours: Wed-Sun 11am - 6pm 9th floor, Siam motors building Bts national stadium's station #echoonenanzuka #nanzuka #aishonanzuka #hajimesorayama #sorayama #dior @kongkaroon @mr.patmo @nanzukaunderground

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#Repost @centralembassy ・・・ Sorayama’s Giant T-rex has arrived! Meet the 11-meter long and 3.74-meter tall aluminum Tyrannosaurus sculpture setting its feet on the spectacular moon surface landscape designed by AMKK at the outdoor yard embarking the global debut of ‘Sorayama Spacepark by AMKK at Central Embassy. 16 Oct ’19 - 17 Nov ’19 Level G, Central Embassy #SorayamaSpaceparkByAMKK #CentralEmbassy #CE5thAnniversary #LetLifeInspireYou #HajimeSorayama #AMKK #AzumaMakoto #EchoOneNanzuka #Nanzuka @azumamakoto @taybarom @siwilaistore

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#Repost @centralembassy ・・・ Unveiling the Soft Vinyl Edition, or Sofubi, of T-Rex Cyborgs as part of the Sorayama Space park by AMKK at Central Embassy. The original painting has now been recreated in this form for the first time in history. The limited-edition figures feature 25-inch long and 8 inches in height. Come take this piece of history home with you at SIWILAI Store on Level 5, Central Embassy. Sales begin at 6 PM on October 16th. #SorayamaSpaceparkByAMKK #CentralEmbassy #CE5thAnniversary #LetLifeInspireYou #HajimeSorayama #EchoOneNanzuka #Nanzuka #SiwilaiStore @taybarom @nanzukaunderground @siwilaistore @apportfolio


Congratulations @jean_jullien for your show at @nanzukaunderground 👋👍 it was fan night with my god mother @harumigals 😘

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#Repost @jeffreydeitchgallery ・・・ “Tokyo Pop Underground,” curated by @nanzukaunderground, explores the complex history of Japanese contemporary art from the 1960s to the present through the works of fourteen artists who emerged from pop and underground culture. 💥😜💥 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ The artists participating in “Tokyo Pop Underground” are: Makoto Azuma, Haroshi, Akiyoshi Mishima, Masato Mori, Tetsuya Nakamura, Yoshiro Nishi aka Yoshirotten, Toshio Saeki, Hajime Sorayama, Keiichi Tanaami, Makoto Taniguchi, Hiroki Tsukuda, Kazuki Umezawa, Harumi Yamaguchi and Yuichi Yokoyama. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ 〰️ 18 Wooster Street, New York 10013 | Open Tuesday - Saturday, 11AM-6PM __ Photos: Genevieve Hanson #tokyopopunderground #nanzuka #jeffreydeitch


Beauty in Malaga Spain 🇪🇸 now on view at @cacvelezmalaga curated by @routart_malaga @aliciagutierrezmarmol @nanzukaunderground


Experience the global debut of 'SORAYAMA Space Park by AMKK at Central Embassy,' the 3rd immersive installation brought to you by Central Embassy partnered with Nanzuka and EchoOne in the celebration of 5th Anniversary of Central Embassy. Travel beyond the universe and converge the life size scale Tyrannosaurus giant aluminum sculpture and botanical floral displays, collaborative art pieces by Japanese artists Hajime Sorayama and AMKK. 16 Oct ’19 - 17 Nov ’19 Central Embassy, Level G. #SorayamaSpaceparkByAMKK #CentralEmbassy #CE5thAnniversary #LetLifeInspireYou #HajimeSorayama #AMKK #EchoOneNanzuka #Nanzuka

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They are fake prints 🤬🖕 Pls don’t buy 🤮


Pink🖕 is not my work 👉 @haroshi


portrait of stupid old man 🤪


A very bad sign ...😅💦