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Maintaining my cool for this last retrograde of the year


It’s #nationalstressawarenessday so I needed some self care. @mindbody app gave me so many choices and then this happened... #namasteuphere #mindbodypartner


Trying to maintain a social life, work my butt off and make it look effortless, stay hydrated and caffeinated, and remember everyone’s names #whatissleep


Artist during the week. Yoga instructor on the weekends.


Coffee, script and sweatpants are just a few of my favorite things


Embrace change and be an advocate for yourself, no one can speak for you better than you can.⁠⠀ Thank you @MeliCarcache and @StephaniecCarcache for hosting me on your @WeAreMillennialWomen podcast. ⁠⠀ #MillennialWomenTalk #hispanicize @melicarcache @stephaniecarcache


I started going to therapy 6 years ago and it was the best thing I could have done for myself. Journaling has been a huge part of my growth and it’s my form of prayer and survival. Find what works for you and heal. #worldmentalhealthday #itsoknottobeokay @romangatsby

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Cut back to 1999 I was doing this same thing in my bedroom to the same song 🎶 @briamakeup @jeffforney @ashley901_ @theknockturnal

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What an honor it was to have a legend join me on such a significant day in my life. My quinceañera #ripjosejose 🙏🏼 @josejoseoficial @pelusa_3


Doing something out of your comfort zone is a lot easier when you have support. Taken after I taught my first yoga class #FriendsSupportingFriends#yoga @diggysimmons @chloexhalle @atkvision @unclepwater @yarashahidi


Visual evidence of me realizing I might have left the beans hirviendo.⁠

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What’s his type? Wilting flower? 🥀 Bright and bubbly? 🥰 Or smoldering temptress?👄 . . . . #favoritemovie #moulinrouge #moulinrougebroadway #nyfw @gucci @yarashahidi @moulinrougebway


My fashion week lewk ⚫️⚫️ I’m bringing stress and toxins to the surface and displaying them like back hickeys. 😝 But for real, this lessens my anxiety and I sleep better at night. 🙏🏼 #cuppingtherapy #selfcare #nyfw


When my sisters tell me they have the chisme ☕️ #spill


I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t hug my sisters and my mom when I’m feeling sad, or hug my friends when I’m just saying hello. Currently, immigrant detainees, including children are being deprived of basic human needs: running water, clean clothes, adequate food, beds, even something as simple as human touch. The detained children are not even allowed to be held, hugged, or receive any kind of physical contact from caretakers. This has the potential to create severe trauma. We all use hugs as a way to comfort, encourage, and heal. • Join me in the #OneVidaAtaTime HUG CHALLENGE to raise awareness and raise funds for http://www.immigrantfamiliestogether.com an organization which offers comprehensive support to asylum seekers once they are released: Housing, clothing, and a path to reunite with their loved ones. • Share a photo of you hugging someone. Tag #OneVidaAtaTimeHugChallenge; donate directly to https://bit.ly/2ZlEAjJ; challenge a friend to post and donate, and that’s it! Click the link in my bio and let’s #hugitout @irlandarubi @italiarenata

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My glam/ style team coming through! They tell me to sit still and just trust them and this 👏🏼is👏🏼why! #d23expo2019 @etienneortega @ruthie_davis @_aje_ @nataliesaidi @borgioni @levian_jewelry @ashley901_

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Thank you God! I was sitting on stage during our panel and I had a moment when just pure gratitude filled my heart. The little girl in me who had a dream to be an actress would have never imagined she would be a part of a universe. The “ish” universe tells stories that matter and strike a chord, all while trying to make you guys laugh along the way. It makes coming to work so rewarding. Swipe ➡️ to see the ish fam all together at D23! #d23expo2019 #grownish #blackish #mixedish @jordanbuhat @tikasumpter @traceeellisross @diggysimmons @trevorjackson5 @chloexhalle @mykalscorner @anthonyanderson @milesbrown @jeniferlewisforreal @yarashahidi @teenyanthony @arica.himmel @blackishabc @grownish @the_real_ewc @mixedishabc


Mood all day at D23. The “ish” universe is just getting started! #d23expo2019 #grownish @etienneortega @nataliesaidi @ashley901_ @grownish

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Her name is Delilah Rose and she’s a whole lotta woman! #tgif


Making armpit detoxing a lewk.. So in one of my recent posts, I noticed one of the comments pointed out a questionable lump next to my armpit. (Yes, I read my comments! I love you guys!) I went to the doctor, had it checked, and turns out it’s a swollen lymph node. It’s scary to get these things checked but it’s important to watch your body, listen to your body, and take action when needed. I’m trying this armpit detox to see if it helps with the swelling. My regular antiperspirant prevents sweating which I’m guessing is contributing to my swelling so why not give this a shot. Thank you @_laurenmorales for caring about my pits and telling me about this detox recipe- apple cider vinegar and Aztec clay mask. #detoxing #selfcare


Beloved Latinx family, I am proud and honored to be a signatory of the #QueridaFamilia solidarity letter to the Latinx community and our allies. Read the letter, share the love, and declare yourself an ally. http://bit.ly/queridafamilia ———————————— Me siento orgullosa y honrada de haber firmado la carta de solidaridad #QueridaFamilia dirigida para la comunidad Latinx y nuestros aliados. Lee la carta, comparte el amor y declárate un aliado. http://bit.ly/queridafamilia_espanol

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I am heartbroken and in tears for our families that are suffering right now. For all the children that are being affected. Now more than ever we have to stand up and act. I was given the opportunity to speak at the UnidosUS Conference this past weekend and in writing my speech and attending the conference I was inspired by our community. We are strong, we are passionate, we are resilient. Let us educate each other. Let us advocate for justice for all. Let us stay unidos. Click the link in my bio for information on how to help our gente in Mississippi.

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And that’s a (w)rap on season 2 of @grownish! We had some laughs and lots of naps 😂 Catch the summer finale tonight at 8pm on @freeform! @jordanbuhat @emilyarlook @diggysimmons @trevorjackson5 @chloexhalle @deoncole @lukasabbat @yarashahidi

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Next to me is 9yr old Andrew Franco who had his directorial debut with his short film at this years festival 😊 #futuredirector #youthcinemaproject #laliff @laliff_ @youthcinemaproject_

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This past weekend I was given the opportunity to emcee El Desayuno at LALIFF, a special breakfast celebrating the launch of the Latino Film Insitute (LFI) and the Youth Cinema Project. Thank you Edward James Olmos for creating a platform for LatinX content and to everyone on the board for having me. It took everything in me to not say “busti-que la! Es un bra!” 😂 It was truly a special weekend. #LALIFF #edwardjamesolmos #youthcinemaproject #didmyownmakeup @laliff_ @youthcinemaproject_

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Slam your body down and wind it all around! All new @grownish tonight at 8pm on @freeform! @chloexhalle @yarashahidi


Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! The love I have received does not go unnoticed. This birthday was the most perfect rejuvenating energy. Thank you all for making my birthday so special and reminding me I’m always surrounded by love. ❤️ @krahs


Sometimes I feel like I’m being pulled in different directions 😜#bts #glam @briamakeup @ashley901_


Grownish day means you’re halfway to the weekend. That’s some Wednesday motivation for you. New episode of @grownish tonight at 8pm on @freeform! @rebeccaminkoff @billieegene @kellzatlstylist @nataliesaidi @monicafinejewelry @kimwestlatex @altmjewelry @ajaneofficial


Taking my alarm clock out for a walk. #dogmomlife 🐶 ⏰ @romangatsby

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I love makeup, especially lashes and a bold lip, but when I’m not working I’m normally out with no makeup because I need to allow my skin to breathe to keep my complexion in good shape. I’ll never leave my house without my eyebrows done though! 😉 Watch me in Refinery 29’s Naked Truth series where I remove my makeup, break down my skincare routine, and talk about how my mom helped me appreciate the skin I’m in. Swipe up in my stories for the link 💋 @refinery29 @makeupbyjmonroy @ashley901_

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Is anyone else expanding in this heat?! 🥵🥵 #summerproblems

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ROLL CALL! 🗣 If you know then you know! Grab your friends and watch an all new @grownish tonight at 8pm on @freeform #grownish #throwback #bringitonallornothing @jordanbuhat @trevorjackson5 @yarashahidi