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Click link in profile to hear the full episode! @taranajaneen is a good friend and one of my favorite people on earth. She has been working at the intersection of racial justice and gender equity for nearly three decades and she started the “Me Too” Movement in 2006. In 2017, when the #metoo hashtag went viral, Tarana emerged as a global leader in the evolving conversation around sexual violence. In this episode we talk about how her theory of “empowerment through empathy” is changing the way the world thinks and talks about sexual violence, consent, and social justice. AND, we also talk/cry/laugh about falling in love, running as fast as we can from love, and the perils of sharing a bathroom sink with the guys we love.

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cgkinney65 avatar
4 days ago
What a wonderful podcast. Thank you.
exbmxgirl avatar
4 days ago
@brenebrown I LOVE the format of this podcast. You have a great sense of humor and are a fantastic teacher. Please continue this! We, as people, need this so bad!
poetic_justice80 avatar
4 days ago
@brenebrown I am enjoying your podcast and believe your voice is essential for such as time as this. I'd love for you to have Dr. joy Degury on your podcast🤗🙏
sara.steele.artist avatar
4 days ago
Two things (well, really more) jumped out
jess.ayers avatar
4 days ago
Thank you for this episode! I was a little hesitant when I saw the 90 minute run time, but I didn't want it to end. This was truly inspirational. Thank you for both for your work.
mskategibson avatar
4 days ago
This podcast literally stopped me in my tracks, at multiple points. ❤️ you both.
mrskschmidt avatar
3 days ago
This episode was everything I needed to hear, and literally stopped me in my tracks and gave me goosebumps as the points hit home. I’m the Clincial Services Supervisor for a non-profit serving domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, and we have been completely in the thick of things as our calls for help have spiked due to the current pandemic climate. Thank you @taranajaneen and @brenebrown for hitting the empowerment through empathy point home, and continuing to make these difficult topics more accessible for widespread conversations. You two were everything I needed in this podcast! 💕
msdaus avatar
3 days ago
What are your favorite quotes from this podcast?
cel_m avatar
3 days ago
@brenebrown I LOVED this episode!! Thank you for taking on this podcast project, I cannot wait to hear what else you have to share! Thank you got embracing your own vulnerability and encouraging the rest of us to do the same! 💜
southelondon avatar
3 days ago
Thank you both. Sometimes FFT's happen when you can breathe easier because someone else found the words to express what you thought was just inside yourself. @taranajaneen Selma has always captured my heart and broke it at the same time; it's just Alabama's way. Big love to you from your home state❤️
hollywoodcakes.emc avatar
2 days ago
sherrellemakeup avatar
2 days ago
veelcsw_therapista avatar
2 days ago
♥️ So many things I wish I could tell you Brene..... this was amazing.... I have been patiently waiting for your voice on this podcast. You have been a mentor and educator to me without evening knowing. Thank you. Who knows maybe one day I will tell you my story...... ❤️♥️
mariahsoleway avatar
2 days ago
Thank you for making a podcast! Your books are always my go to for grounding me when the world feels big and overwhelming ❤️
rebeccaholopter avatar
2 days ago
This was incredible!!! Thank you for these real and vulnerable conversations 🙏🏻
relationshep34 avatar
2 days ago
Phenomenal work, B!
hannahdidmyhair avatar
1 day ago
This conversation 🙌 I listened as I stood in line to enter Trader Joe’s and made so many audible, yet subconscious, confirmations of the truths I was hearing that the couple standing 6+ feet from me interrupted my focus to inquire “what in the world is it you’re listening to?” Thank you. This conversation was such a gift to me in so many ways. ❤️
nicolledaisy avatar
1 day ago
@taranajaneen and @brenebrown I am listening to this podcast now and I am literally feeling as if I am opening up. I feel that finally someone is saying in the most passionate and thoughtful way what I have felt for years. This talk is powerful and empowering. I simply want to just thank you. I am going to encourage all people to listen to this and pray that people gain a deeper understanding of violence against women and how race plays a role in it. You are literally setting people free.
thesacredcircle333 avatar
1 day ago
Totally loved it! We need more women like you two!❤️
thesacredcircle333 avatar
1 day ago
Can someone please tell me the name of the audible book and author which Brene mentions at the beginning of the podcast? Thank you💕
faithlovefit avatar
1 day ago
@brenebrown @taranajaneen just finished listening to this and it was everything! Thank you very much for this much needed conversation!! ❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼
eatwithangelique avatar
10 hours ago
I didn’t think it would be a big deal but it was a BIG deal. I had a good hard cry listening just before I fell asleep. 🙏
beckyhc72 avatar
5 hours ago
Loving this podcast and you rocked 60 minutes - congrats!
lindaozzy avatar
4 hours ago
Great 60 Min.. episode !! Following you for years.. life changing ⭐️💛

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