Taylor Burk

1 week ago
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I was eager to edit this first photo as soon as I got back to my computer, I had already envisioned how I was going to edit it, the look, the colours, the mood, etc.. However over the years i’ve learned to slow down the editing process, to let the photos “marinate” on my hard drive for awhile so I don’t end up over editing an image because of excitement. Maybe you know the feeling, sometimes it takes forever to edit a single image, each time you go back to it wondering what the heck you were thinking and end up starting fresh again before finally coming out with something you’re happy with. I really enjoy the process but definitely have to be in a certain mindset and the right environment. Having the right software that works for you is a game changer as well, it’s all a learning process! *BTS images from a shoot for Capture One, refer to my previous post if you’d like to watch the video ✌🏻 📷: @chrisclarkcinema @kalumko