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Our Fall/Winter 2019 finale look, in the new issue of @voguechina. Shot by @studioakrans & styled by @danielapaudice ❤️


Did you know?! We’re launching denim, and I’m SO excited! Be the first to snag a pair when they hit stores. Each retailer will have a limited run, so if you missed the pre-order, be sure to call and put your name on the pre-order list ahead of time! Link in bio for a retailer near you, or email [email protected] for help. ❤️


GUYS, this is MY favorite thing! @oprah wearing custom #brandonmaxwell on her December favorite things issue! Any time I get to make something for Oprah is the best day of my life ❤️ @therealadamsays @oprahmagazine

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Fall/Winter 2019 third fitting, almost one year ago. In stores now, link in bio to shop ❤️ @rebeccashugart

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Fall/Winter 2019 second fitting, almost one year ago. In stores now, link in bio to shop ❤️ @rebeccashugart

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Fall/Winter 2019 first fitting, almost one year ago. In stores now, link in bio to shop ❤️ @rebeccashugart

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My top 9 favorite looks from the Fall/Winter 2019 collection! Brand new in stores now. Link in bio to shop! Tag me in your photos (and also invite me to the places you’re going to wear them, I need to get out of the house more)!!!! ❤️

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It’s almost Holiday Party season, and we’ve got you covered. Link in bio to shop the brand new collection ❤️

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IT’S ALL NEW AND IN STORES THIS MINUTE! Link in bio for a retailer near you ❤️


L💛VE! One of my very favorites, gorgeous @helenmirren wearing custom #brandonmaxwell to tonight’s New York City premiere of @goodliarmovie. Styled by @_leeharris_ ❤️ Photo by @gettyimages

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A gorgeous woman and a loyal friend who held my hand and taught me a lot about the fashion industry!!! Dynamite @joansmalls at tonight’s @mtvema wearing #brandonmaxwell Spring/Summer 2020, styled by the wondrous @ericjmcneal ❤️ Photo by @gettyimages


One of my favorites! Gorgeous @reesewitherspoon wearing #brandonmaxwell Spring/Summer 2020 for tonight’s London screening of @themorningshow. Styled by @petraflannery ❤️ Photo by @rexfeatures

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When you spend the day zipping up every dress, fluffing every hair, and just generally running around like a maniac, and then in a flash everyone just walks out the door for pictures looking really pretty and leaves you in the dust and starts yelling that we’re late and it’s time to go but you’re sweaty and have no time to dress yourself.......you just grab your wine and smile. As designers our first and only job is to make sure the women we dress are happy, and if we look like a total mess in the process, well, who cares, no one’s looking at us! Except in this case my family will be looking at these pictures like basically forever Lololol. 🤷🏻‍♂️😄 #storyofmylife #bigbrother @calliedawnphotography


Beautiful @dakotajohnson wearing the finale look from our SS 20 runway show to tonight’s @theacademy Governor’s Awards in Los Angeles. Styled by @kateyoung ❤️


Thank you so incredibly much to @fginyc for giving me the Fashion Star Award tonight! In the beginning of my career I was given the rising star award, and to my surprise and amazement, it was given to me by my now colleague and friend @ninagarcia. That was a defining moment in my career that I’ll never forget. Many years later, in the most beautiful full circle moment, she came to give me this award tonight. I’m eternally grateful to Nina for her love, leadership, and friendship. To know her is to know greatness, and to be in her orbit is one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given in this industry and life. Thank you, Nina, from the bottom of my heart. This has been a year I’ll certainly never forget, and I’m so thankful to each one of you for going on this journey and loving me through. To every young person out there following me; keep going, don’t take no for an answer, believe fully and wholly in yourself, and rise rise rise. ❤️


Beautiful @lauraharrier wearing #brandonmaxwell SS 20 jersey bandeau and wrap skirt to last night’s #instyleawards! Styled by @daniellegoldberg ❤️ @instylemagazine

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Beauty in motion! @officialjld wearing #brandonmaxwell SS 20 metallic raffia cocktail dress to last night’s #instyleawards where she was given the Icon award! Styled by @cristinaehrlich & @kevinmichaelericson ❤️ Repost @instylemagazine


Stunning @officialjld wearing #brandonmaxwell SS 20 metallic raffia cocktail dress to last night’s #instyleawards where she was given the Icon award! Styled by @cristinaehrlich & @kevinmichaelericson ❤️ @instylemagazine

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TRY NOT TO CRY My Step Dad’s first look at my little sister 10.19.19

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23 years ago a little angel was born weighing less than 2 pounds and possessing a fighting spirit like no other. Every single day for 23 years after, she has been nothing but pure love and joy. She loves her family fiercely, and her siblings’ heart’s melt every time she smiles. Since she was a little girl she dreamed of true love, and she waited patiently for her perfect cowboy to come along. Last night she married him. He loves her well and treats her the way any brother would dream for his sister to be treated. Most of all, they have entered in to a union filled with love, respect, and admiration for each other and the families that surround them. I was proud, along with my sister Kady and my Brother Ben, to stand beside them as they entered in to their future. We will love them through it, every step of the way. There are few experiences in this world more special than making your baby sister’s wedding dress, and I’m so glad we were able to have that moment together, a memory that will last forever. She was the coolest customer, two fittings, no changes, and all smiles. All she asked for was lace, pockets, cowboy boots, and a really long veil. The entire process was as easy, quiet, and warm as her soul. Thank you to the sweet women on my team who made this experience so special for her and treated her like their own sister, we are very grateful for your love and dedication. Here’s to Mr. and Mrs. Lafleur! ❤️ @tlafleur1 @queenbwoolley_lafleur

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Time to smile, because the wait is over! The Fall collection is in stores now. Discover the details of each look, the runway show experience from the footage to the playlist, and shop at a retailer online or near you, via link in bio. ❤️ Photos: @kevintachman


DEC 5 x 9:30 x @bravotv


27 days, 8 flights, 7 cities, 4 boats, 2 day long drives, 1 collection finished, and countless meals and drinks later, we’re almost home. My life has allowed me to see places, experience things, and meet people I never thought imaginable as a young person. So much has changed, and yet so little has. Of all the extraordinary moments over the last 6 weeks, this one stands out the most. Just 30 minutes alone on the beach with the one being in the world I’m actually truly responsible for. A tiny little reminder amongst the craziness that you can work hard your whole life to try to achieve things that you think will give you external value, or you can throw the ball on the beach and make something or someone else happy, and that will be just enough. Thanks to every single person that made this fashion week and all the experiences surrounding it so special, for taking the time and throwing the ball for me and giving me excitement and joy and love when I needed the distraction. It’s meant a lot. Maybe metaphors aren’t my thing, but as they say in life, if you don’t try you’ll never know! Onward to the next collection and the future. 💕 #loveyoustella


Britney was wearing a crop top and standing on a ledge in her photo, two things I’m too scared to do, but close enough 🤷🏻‍♂️ Anyways, AU REVOIR PARIS! You were fun ❤️ @britneyspears

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I’ve been to Paris more times than I can count, & as much as I try, I can’t recall of a time I wasn’t here for work. I have so many great memories in this city, when I was young & had a full head of hair, & I was working with the most wonderful people. My fondest recollection of them all was a week in September many moons ago when I was here with @nicolaformichetti working on his debut show for @muglerofficial (one of the happiest times in my life,) & @wonderfulboy came in to town for work. It was his first time in Paris & we spent all of our time off running around the city photographing each other, just two kids from the country who had super big dreams, just really excited that we were here at all fulfilling them. There was the night he stayed in my fancy hotel room & in my tiredness from work I ordered room service in my sleep, only to wake up & take a single bite before passing back out again, which he thought was so decadent & ridiculous, & he reminds me of often. And there was this moment on film when I was taking his picture in front of the Eiffel Tower & someone stole my passport out of my backpack. We spent that whole day tracing my steps & I cried on a corner because he decided to stop & get a lemon tart in the middle of my search, which I thought was so selfish, & remind him of often. But the greatest memory of them all was leaving that trip & heading home feeling like I really had my person in this crazy world. We had met each other the first week of college & we dreamed every day of this life. Many years later, we were both here working, & we had each other again. When I was too tired to eat, he was there, when I lost something important, he was there, and I felt safe. Ten years later he still is and I still do. We’re back here together this week, my first time to be here just to explore and have fun. Yes, I have less hair. No, I no longer wear a size 30 jean, but I’m fulfilled in a different way than I was then, and for that I’m super grateful. I never really understood why people call Paris the city of love until I wrote this caption and realized that I found it here. Wow, this has been a whirlwind of a convo. Appreciate you listening, MERCI! ❤️

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ME waking up in London feeling like a new person after the jet lag has finally worn off! Link in bio to shop the look ❤️ @irinashayk RG: @xbeautyandfashionx

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Aaaaaand just like that, we’re back! And during my favorite time of year to watch TV! I had probably the most fun I’ve ever had at work filming this new season, it was filled with laughs and excitement, and I’m beyond excited for you guys to see it. Brand new @projectrunwaybravo coming soon! ❤️

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Spring 2020 fittings with Grace Elizabeth. These little joyous moments are why I’ve always loved fashion, and they’re the moments that sustain me when I’m feeling down. Watching a woman step in to a look that’s been on a hanger for months and bringing it to life is a rush that will never not make my heart smile. Link in bio to shop the look now ❤️ @lovegrace_e @moki_mo

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Each season like two weeks before the fashion show I have this moment where I start to ask myself, “Should I make this more serious? Should I do a little bit less?” This season in particular I wanted to just celebrate the life I’ve been given with the people who have given it to me, and that included flashing lights, burgers, sippy cups, smoke, country music, and confetti, all the things I love. So, obviously I ignored the inner voices in my head. I think every fashion designer probably goes through this, but I also always have a moment right before the lights go down and the show starts where I close my eyes and breathe deeply and tell myself that if everything goes wrong and my career is over in 7 minutes to at least try to just enjoy the 7 minutes while I have them. I think my family and best friends can sense my nervousness and because of that, they holler and clap and make noises that I can hear backstage that they know will give me joy and happiness. I’m super grateful for that. This season, the lights went up, and they were louder than ever. Because this year has been a ride, we’ve all been through a lot, and they too just needed a few minutes to have fun and live in the moment of it all. I think fashion and luxury are less about clothes and beauty than they are about creating moments to feel really good when you need it most. This moment caught on film, with dancing by one of my college best friends @sashwillica, will forever define that feeling for me and encapsulates in 27 seconds all the things I was trying to say with this collection and this moment in my life. @nymag named it one of the top 5 most entertaining moments of fashion week, and it will be my reminder come February to not shy away from who I am as a person and who the people are that made me. You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy, and I’m proud of that! ❤️ #texasforever

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Spring 2020 fittings with Grace Elizabeth. These little joyous moments are why I’ve always loved fashion, and they’re the moments that sustain me when I’m feeling down. Watching a woman step in to a dress that’s been on a hanger for months and bringing it to life is a rush that will never not make my heart smile. Link in bio to shop the dress now ❤️ @lovegrace_e @moki_mo


I have it on good authority that she’s even more beautiful on the inside, and that’s hard to do! A true joy to work with. @mandymooremm @televisionacad @cristinaehrlich @kevinmichaelericson @photobyjennajones ❤️💕❤️


Heaven. @mandymooremm @televisionacad @cristinaehrlich @kevinmichaelericson @photobyjennajones ❤️💕❤️


At tonight’s 71st Annual Emmy Awards, Best Acteess nominee @mandymooremm wears custom #brandonmaxwell. Styled by @cristinaehrlich, @kevinmichaelericson. ❤️💕

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Flashback to last year’s Emmy Awards! Working with the wonderful @thandienewton was such a beautiful experience, as she is one of the kindest and most easygoing people I’ve ever met! She decided on this dress quickly after our last Spring show and debuted it on the red carpet just a few days later with just one fitting in between! I was staying at a friend’s house while watching the awards last year and I was eating a large bowl of spaghetti on her cream couch when Thandie won, I screamed very loudly in excitement and dropped my pasta and now that couch has an Emmy winning stain. Looking forward to tomorrow’s awards! ❤️

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Flashback to our second Emmy Awards! We were so lucky this year to work with the kindest @kerrywashington who was 9 months pregnant at the time! I have a very distinct memory of fitting Kerry in this dress in California during a very busy work day for her, and leaving the fitting with such a special feeling of how calm she was and how special she made me feel. I remember watching this red carpet with my family and it was my birthday and she so kindly wished me happy birthday! Looking forward to tomorrow’s Awards! ❤️

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Flashback to our first Emmy Awards in 2015! Our first runway show had just taken place the week before and @ladygaga chose this dress for her first Emmy’s. This was one of the most exciting days of my life. Looking forward to tomorrow’s awards! ❤️


Sweet gorgeous @mandymooremm last night in Los Angeles receiving her nomination certificate for tomorrow’s Emmy Awards where she is nominated for Best Actress! Wearing our pre-fall satin and velvet combo bustier cocktail dress. styled by @cristinaehrlich & @kevinmichaelericson. 📸: @gettyimages @gabrielbolsen! Shop the look at www.brandonmaxwell.com/retailers 🖤

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Walking off the plane after a week of vacation like.......😍 @emilydidonato


Today I am 35 years old. Thank you to all my sweet friends and people from afar who have wished me well. Once upon a time this day would have really scared me. Always telling myself I would do this or that by this time, 35 used to be the benchmark age by which I judged all things, the scary number that served as an impending deadline for achieving all accomplishments that I deemed necessary to give my life real perceived value. What you start to learn somewhere around 30 is that all the things you thought mattered in your twenties don’t really matter any more, and you have at least some perspective to realize that life is not a race to some imaginary big bang finish line, it’s just little preparation after little preparation that amounts to being conditioned enough to make it to the bigger and more real finish line, which is a full life lived well through love, struggle, humility, and growth. 34 is the year that I know for sure changed my life. Not because of some great accomplishment or success, but because life gave me no other option but to really live, keep going, and to learn from it. I woke up this morning feeling very grateful for the people in my life who really matter, for their health and happiness, and for all the times over this year that have brightly illuminated the idea that any success you dream of as a child is empty without their arms wrapped around you. I could definitely be in better shape, have more material things, have a more certain future, all the things I thought mattered at 35 years old when I was growing up. But I have my health, love in abundance, and a job that still fills my heart with sheer and utter joy. Most of all I’m alive, literally and metaphorically, and through love and community I’ve sustained through the dark and the light. All of this is to say a great deal of thanks to you for your love and support in keeping me there, and to wish the same for you. Love always. ❤️


Spring is all about statement tops and denim! Shop the new collection via link in bio 💕 📸: @sonnyphotos @emm_arruda


Brightly colored separates, piques, and jerseys, oh yes. Link in bio to shop the new collection 💕 📸: @sonnyphotos


All jeans, all the time! Link in bio to shop the new collection 💕 📸: @sonnyphotos


SS20 Fitting Photos, The Accessories 📸: @moki_mo


SS20 Fitting Photos, The Accessories 📸: @moki_mo @kennethjaylane


SS20 Fitting Photos, The Accessories 📸: @moki_mo

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It’s been a week and I’m still dreaming of it. Shop the collection now via link in bio 💕 @lovegrace_e repost via @inscloud.o ❤️


It’s been a week and I’m still dreaming of it. The men’s collection is now available to shop, via link in bio. 💕 @luckybsmith @jamescturlington @salomon.diaz @noahlbrown @kohei_326 @charlieknepper

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It’s been a week and I’m still dreaming of it. Shop the collection now via link in bio 💕 @chane_husselmann repost via @inscloud.o ❤️


Fittings Day 3, just me, losing my mind. 📸: @moki_mo


Fittings day 2, Brandon, Carlyne & Karly 📸: @moki_mo @karlyloyce