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(follow or visit @nascimento.hm for more like this ). . . Vocês curtem implosões?


This is my producer @jasperharris very politely telling me that we need to stop watching TikToks with Vine energy and get back in the booth 🤪 Best believe I ran there because we’re making my best

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The Figaro Chain Crossbody Bag || c/o @jessepanya

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I am amazed at the amount of accessible hikes around Seattle. It’s one of the main reasons I live in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you want a grueling mulit-day trek or a short hike to an amazing viewpoint,


#糺の森の光の祭 】 ・ 写真は3年くらい前のやつ。今年もやってるのかぁ、行きたいなぁ。 ・ #旅人の交換日記#下鴨神社#京都#糺の森#糺ノ森#teamlab


Lots of lines | Grey day

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[Werbung/Ad] Long before I started photography, I saw a documentary on TV about the famous Jungfraujoch in Switzerland. Since that I always wanted to visit this place and see it with my own eyes. Together


My last waterfall workshop has finished at Kando 3.0! ============================ Taken with iPhone XS Max Long exposure setting in native camera app ============================ @SonyAlpha #BeAlpha


Another take from the Bixby Bridge with @ericpayton. After taking some wide shots, I switched to portrait orientation to grab a few as the milk stood up. Eric and I were super lucky this night to get

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Books From Boxes. Today some photos for all book lovers and friends of libraries: The National Library of Finland is located on the Senate Square next to the cathedral. This part of the library was built